A white cheesecake topped with red strawberries and whole strawberries on a white plate

10 upgrades on strawberries and cream

If you can't get enough of this classic British combo, then make one of our summery desserts or bakes to enjoy as part of a garden party spread this weekend – including eton mess traybake, fluffy donuts, and much more

You could eat a bowl of strawberries and cream… Or you could try these indulgent but easy desserts that take strawberries and cream to the next level. Check out our fun twists, or find more of our strawberry recipes here…



In a donut

Strawberry and cream donuts

Try these surprisingly easy and incredibly moreish donuts, stuffed with strawberry jam and glazed with a white chocolate ganache.

Cream Donut Recipe with Strawberry Jam


In a traybake

Eton mess traybake

A simple yet classic sponge cake topped with all the best bits of a traditional British dessert – perfect for a summery treat.

Eton Mess Tray Bake Recipe


In a trifle

Neapolitan trifle

This technicolour trip back in time is a masterful assembly job, featuring chunks of chocolate swiss roll laced with cassis and sherry, strawberry jelly, fresh summer berries, readymade custard, cream and the obligatory hundreds and thousands.

Fruit Trifle Recipe


In a tart

Strawberry tart

Assemble your strawberries in this neat tart from Noble Rot in Bloomsbury, London. It’s easy to make but looks really impressive – great for summer entertaining.

Strawberry Tart Recipe


In a cheesecake

Eton mess cheesecake

We’ve combined two classic British summertime favourites into one seriously indulgent dessert. This fresh and creamy Eton mess cheesecake is the perfect pudding to impress your friends and family over summer.

Eton Mess Cheesecake Recipe


In a sandwich (an ice cream one!)

Strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwiches

These strawberry shortcake ice-cream sandwiches are an easy yet impressive summer treat. If you’re planning on making these a day or so ahead, just dunk the sides of the sandwiches into the freeze-dried strawberries before serving.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe


In a cake

Strawberry dream cake

Put strawberries and cream in a summery layer cake for an impressive dinner party dessert. This recipe is made with vanilla sponge, filled with strawberry mascarpone cream with Italian meringue frosting. More impressive cake recipes here…

Strawberry Layer Cake Recipe


In an éclair

Strawberry and cream éclairs

These light and airy strawberry éclairs are a fantastic summery twist on the classic chocolate variety. They’re a little effort to make, but look stunning – they’ll be a hit with adults and kids alike.

Strawberry Eclair Recipe


In a lolly

Strawberry and cream lollies

Strawberries and cream frozen together make the best iced lollies. Roast the berries, mix with condensed milk and freeze. Make plenty, everyone will love them.

Strawberry And Cream Lollies Recipe


In an Eton mess

Eton mess

The most quintessential strawberry and cream combo is this classic English dessert, as it really makes the most out of succulent, sweet British strawberries that are in season. Strawberries, meringues and cream make a heavenly combination. Use ready made meringues to make this dessert really simple.

Eton Mess Recipe