Easy spicy cocktail recipes

Easy spicy cocktail recipes

Add some heat to your cocktail menu with our favourite spicy cocktail recipes. These fiery drinks are easy to make and filled with punchy flavours, perfect for party season

Make the most of summer and punchy chilli flavours with our spicy cocktail recipes. Whether you’re looking for a spicy margarita or a smooth bloody mary, we have something that’ll treat your tastebuds.


Take your party up a notch with these fiery drinks ideas, perfect for barbecue season. Try our recipes below or browse our spicy chicken recipes for mains that pack a punch and our easy brunch cocktail recipes for more tempting tipples.

Easy spicy cocktail recipes

Ultimate bloody mary

Our recipe for this classic cocktail combines vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, port and sherry with a few dashes of Tabasco to turn up the heat. Garnish with a celery stick and some tomatoes and olives to serve.

Try our Spanish bloody mary twist by swapping vodka for amontillado sherry. It makes a lower-ABV, super-savoury take on this brunch classic. Garnish with a gilda – a classic pinxto snack.

Guava and chilli sour

Recreate this Indo-Chinese recipe from Soho’s chic Kolkata-inspired café, Fatt Pundit. A sophisticated sour, this tipple makes the most of fresh guava, tequila and a chilli powdered-rim. If you’re looking for sharp, fruity flavours with a touch of sweetness and a little heat, look no further.

Mezcal paloma

Check out this quick and easy summer cocktail recipe with mezcal, zesty limes and sweet yet slightly bitter grapefruit juice. A paloma is usually made with tequila but using mezcal instead adds a lovely smoky edge. The citrus-chilli salted rim is the perfect final flourish.

Cucumber and jalapeño margarita

Our genius margarita jug cocktail infuses tequila with the warmth of jalapeño chilli and balances this with cooling cucumber. Serve in glasses with a citrus and chilli salt rim for an irresistible final touch.

Sunny side

This sunset-coloured cocktail comes from Milk Beach, a restaurant that serves Australian-inspired dishes in London’s Queen’s Park. You’ll need chilli-infused rum to create this tropical, moreish tipple. Simply mix all your ingredients together and serve over ice with a slice of chilli.

Mezcal, pineapple and jalapeño smash

The smoky notes of the mezcal work wonderfully with the grilled pineapple and gentle heat from the chilli in this spicy drink. It’s simple to mix up and can easily be made into a jug cocktail for a crowd.

Spicy margarita

Margaritas pair beautifully with spicy flavours, so try adding a dash of hot sauce to our classic cocktail recipe. Make a chilli salt for the glass rim by mixing together ½ tsp of mild chilli powder, 1 tsp of sea salt flakes and the zest of ½ a lime.