Find our best ever fruity cocktail recipes, perfect for any occasion. Whizz up a frozen strawberry daiquiri for a quick summer serve, or try a wintry spiced pear cocktail for cooler months. These versatile drinks are great for entertaining.


Recreate even more of your favourite cocktails at home with our easy cocktail recipes and keep guests happy with our easy party food recipes.

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Easy fruit cocktail recipes

Piña colada

Transport yourself to the tropics with our perfect piña colada recipe. This creamy rum cocktail is made with coconut cream and sharp pineapple juice to create a perfectly balanced drink that'll remind you of your favourite summer holiday.

Piña colada cocktail in a glass, with pineapple wedge garnish

Woo woo

This cocktail balances the sweetness of peach and cranberry with tart, zingy lime, making a simple and delicious tipple.

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Two pink cocktails in tall glasses garnished with a slice of lime

Purple rain

This purple rain drink is a simple but eye-catching cocktail that you can make using just five ingredients from your home bar.

Three different shaped cocktail glasses filled with a purple drink, ice cubes and lime wedges on a blue background

Earl grey and marmalade cooler

If you’re looking for alcohol-free drinks, tea is your friend. Here, the smokiness of earl grey adds depth to this bright and citrussy mocktail.

Earl grey and marmalade cooler in a tall glass with cubes of ice and slices of ginger

Paloma cocktail

The margarita's softer, breezier cousin – this tequila-based cocktail makes a great sip for the summer months, starring refreshing grapefruit.

Two peach-coloured cocktails in short glasses with salted rims and a wedge of grapefruit

Raspberry daiquiri

A classic with a twist, this bright-red concoction uses fresh raspberries, lots of lime juice and white rum. A fruity, refreshing cocktail, perfect for a smooth summer serve to impress your guests.

Raspberry Daiquiri Recipe


This tiki tipple uses a rum base, both white and dark, shaken up with lime, pineapple juice and bitters to make a punchy retro cocktail. Garnish with cherries, orange or a pineapple wedge for a kitsch feel.

Three tall zombie cocktails with fruit in the background

Banana daiquiri

Transport yourself to a sunny beach with this tropical cocktail packed with fresh banana, white rum, lime juice and Cointreau.

A banana daiquiri cocktail with fresh banana on the side

Frozen sherry cobbler

We’ve made a sherry cobbler even more refreshing and summery by creating this frozen version, perfect for a hot day.

Frozen sherry cobbler cocktail in a tumbler glass with a slice of orange

Pineapple and shichimi margarita

A fruity cocktail with a spicy kick, try this margarita with juicy, tangy pineapple and shichimi.

A Pineapple and shichimi margarita with a red flaked rim in a coupe glass

Lychee martini

Silky, fruity and tart, this light and tropical cocktail from London bar Humble Chicken makes for an elegant aperitif.

a pale pink liquid being poured into a martini glass from a copper cocktail shaker

Mai tai

This totally tropical cocktail is a heady mix of two types of rum, orange curacao, almond syrup and lime juice. Perfect with a pineapple wedge.

Two mai tai cocktails topped with fresh mint

Sunny side

This sunset-coloured cocktail comes from Milk Beach, a restaurant that serves Australian-inspired dishes. You'll need chilli-infused rum and sweet mango puree for this recipe.

An orange-coloured cocktail

Passion fruit caipirinha

This simple Brazilian cocktail is ideal for warm summer evenings. Passion fruit and lime pair perfectly with cachaca, Brazil's most popular spirit.

Passion Fruit Caipirinha Recipe

Frozen strawberry daiquiri

Whizz up this vibrant red cocktail in a flash, perfect for party season. Blend together fresh, sweet strawberries, white rum, lime and plenty of ice for an instant cooling tipple.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

Passion fruit martini

Add both sharpness and sweetness to your next martini with fresh passion fruit and lime juice. Vanilla vodka, if you have it, works well in this recipe.

Passionfruit Martini Cocktail Recipe


This recipe for a classic Bramble gin cocktail is a great one to have in your repertoire. A drizzle of blackberry liqueur is the final fruity touch for this late-summer cocktail.

A bramble gin cocktail served in a short glass next to a few blackberries

Seabreeze cocktail

You'll need cranberry vodka, two types of sherry and grapefruit juice for this refreshing cocktail from Manzi's seafood restaurant in Soho.

A tall cocktail with a twist of orange on top

Winter-spiced pear cocktail

This pear cocktail is light, but the warming spices of star anise and cinnamon, and the silky texture you get from the egg white, make it a great seasonal alternative.

Spiced Pear Cocktail Recipe

Pineapple whisky sour

Like a whisky sour, but with the added tropical tang and sweetness of pineapple juice. Adding a little fruit makes this whisky cocktail light and refreshing.

Pineapple Whisky Sour Recipe

Cosmo margarita

Cosmopolitan meets margarita in this fragrant and sophisticated cocktail, made with floral hibiscus tea, tequila and triple sec for an added dose of citrus flavour.

Cosmo Margarita Recipe

Kir royale

A classic celebratory cocktail, this one contains champagne, cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) and a solitary blackberry to garnish.

Three kir royale cocktails with blackberries in the background

Blood orange margarita

Blood oranges add a beautiful ruby red hue to a pitcher of margaritas. Remember to add a large pinch of hot chilli powder to really make your cocktail sing.

Blood Orange Margarita Recipe

Pink lemonade cocktail

Mix up this crowd-pleasing vodka cocktail in minutes with a dash of bright pink raspberry liqueur and a squeeze of lemon juice to balance the sweetness. Find more pink cocktail recipes here.


Sloe sazerac

A seriously punchy whisky cocktail perfect for slow sipping during the winter months. This simple sloe gin and whisky cocktail will warm you up from the inside out.

Sloe Sazerac in a glass

Apricot bellini

Blitz up fresh apricots in this summery version of a classic Italian cocktail. It's ideal for tasting to a special occasion and turning a simple glass of prosecco into something next level.

Bellini Cocktail Recipe with Apricots

Pomegranate and vodka cocktails

Friday night has never looked so good with these easy-to-make pomegranate and vodka cocktails. Whip these up for friends and enjoy the fresh flavour of the pomegranate, with the sharp twist of lime zest.

Three glasses of pomegranate and vodka cocktails

Cherry margarita

An easy cocktail recipe to have up your sleeve, this margarita requires just three ingredients with maraschino liqueur adding a fruity edge.

Cherry margarita in a glass

Blood orange campari cocktails

Campari is an Italian herbal liqueur, most famous for its bitter taste, beautiful red colour, and the role it plays in the classic negroni. The sweet orange juice in this cocktail balances the slightly bitter taste of Campari to make a refreshing apéritif.

Three glasses filled with a campari blood orange cocktail

Cheeky rita

A cheeky cocktail recipe from one of our favourite bars, Loves Company. Refreshing pineapple and lime juice are spruced up with Herradura tequila and herby thyme.


Bourbon and apple fizz

Apple and whiskey are a great flavour match. Turn them into an innovative cocktail with a little help from Angostura bitters.

An apple cocktail in a tall glass


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