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Best healthy low-fat recipes

Published: February 18, 2022 at 12:06 pm
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We've pulled together some of our best low-fat recipes. From chicken curry to vegan bolognese, they're ideal for midweek healthy eating

Looking for low-fat recipes? We have plenty of healthy meals that have less than 10g fat, many of them are nearly fat-free with less than 5g fat. We also have plenty of low-calorie meal ideas as well as healthy carb recipes.


Low fat doesn't mean losing flavour or health benefits. Low-fat diets are typically higher in protein, vegetables and fibre which can improve overall quality of nutrients in the diet by providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals. A low-fat diet is typically higher in polyunsaturated fats too which can help support heart health.

Cutting out saturated fats can lower your cholesterol, so we've found the best low-fat recipes to help. From fragrant broths to hearty tuna steaks and healthy curry recipes, try our meals for healthy dinner recipes on a low-fat diet.

We also have some low-fat breakfast recipes in this article, and more low-calorie breakfast ideas.

Best healthy low-fat meals

Miso tofu soup

A nourishing, low-fat dish that’s ready on the table in just 15 minutes – give this miso soup with silken tofu a go for a speedy midweek dinner.

Two white bowls filled with noodles, green vegetable and eggs with a bright orange yolk

Healthy one-pan chicken and rice

This chicken one-pan features big, punchy flavours while staying low in fat, offering you a simple and healthy dinner that everyone will enjoy.

A large pan of brown rice topped with golden chicken breasts and scattered with sliced spring onions, on a blue linen background with a wooden spoon

For a weeknight dinner that’s low in fat but bursting with sweet and salty flavours, try our healthy turkey stir-fry with sauerkraut.

A silver wok filled with fried rice with broccoli and mushrooms

Vegan gumbo

Not only is this vegan gumbo low in fat, it’s also high in fibre, making a super-healthy dish which serves up to six.

Vegan gumbo

Chicken pasta salad

Throw together this quick and easy pasta salad using leftover chicken, tomatoes and greens for a low-fat and protein-packed lunch or midweek dinner.

Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

Mushroom bolognese

Check out our vegan bolognese, with just 6g fat per portion. This version of a family favourite uses mushrooms and plenty of veg, making it a healthy meal that everyone will love. We have more vegetarian recipes here.

Vegan Bolognese Recipe

Griddled chicken with mustardy lentil salad

This vibrant chicken salad, with crunchy green beans, seasonal mangetout and lentils, is low in fat. Plus, it's super simple and ready in 30 minutes – the perfect way to start the week.

Chicken Salad Recipe with Lentils

Vegan fajita bowl with cauliflower rice

Our vegan fajita bowl with cauli rice is quick and easy to make, vegan and 5:2 diet friendly but really delivers on flavour. Do you love Mexican food? Check out our best ever Mexican-inspired recipes.

Vegan Fajita Bowl with Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Chicken saag

A healthy chicken recipe with fewer than 4g fat, this nourishing chicken saag proves that you can eat healthily without having to miss out on your favourite foods, and it can be on the table in under an hour. Find our best ever chicken curry recipes here.

Chicken Saag Recipe

Tuscan pork steaks

This recipe for Tuscan pork steaks ticks all the boxes. It's low fat (under 5g per portion), sugar and salt, and is high in protein. Plus, it's packed with flavour. Check out more pork recipes here.

Tuscan Pork Chops Recipe

Freekeh risotto with spring greens

This recipe is extremely low fat, with fewer than 3g per portion. Freekeh is made from cracked, roasted green wheat and works well for risotto as the grains keep their bite when cooked. The spring greens add goodness and keep this dish feeling fresh. Here are more great risotto recipes, all ready in under 45 minutes.


Wild rice and mushroom risotto with roast garlic

This recipe for wild rice and mushroom risotto with roast garlic is vegetarian, low in salt and sugar – but still packed with flavour. It's also low in fat, with under 8g per portion.

Wild rice & mushroom risotto with roast garlic

Sweet potato linguine with Puy lentil ragù

Sweet potato linguine is more robust than courgetti, so can withstand a bit more cooking. Served with a warming vegan bolognese-style ragù, this gluten-free main is perfect for colder months, and very low fat. We've got lots more vegan recipes here.

Sweet Potato Noodles With Vegetarian Bolognese Recipe

Lemon chicken and kale stew with couscous

This recipe for lemon chicken and kale stew with couscous is a really easy midweek meal. It is low fat with under 5g per portion and ready in less than 30 minutes.

Stew Recipe with Lemon Chicken, Kale and Couscous

Sumac roast cauliflower and chicken salad with mint yogurt

Ready in under 30 minutes, this minty chicken and citrus roast cauliflower dish makes a speedy gluten-free meal for two. Using fat-free yogurt keeps the fat content down, with just over 5g per portion. We've got lots more cauliflower recipes where this came from.

Sumac Roast Cauliflower Recipe with Sumac And Easy Chicken Salad

Lentil 'meatballs' with fresh tomato sauce

Lentils are a great way to make a meal vegetarian. Swap these for your usual meatballs and your family will hardly notice the difference. Plus, they're very low in fat – fewer than 4g per portion.

Lentil ‘Meatballs’ With Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe

Chicken dhansak

This is our healthy version of chicken dhansak, with only 5g fat per portion. It's easy to make, ready in under an hour, high in protein and seriously filling. Put the takeaway menu down – this will taste better!

Chicken Dhansak Recipe

Spicy prawn linguine

This spicy prawn linguine has a rich tomato sauce and spicy chilli kick. It's low in fat with just over 4g per portion. Check out our best ever linguine recipes here.

Spicy Prawn Linguine Recipe

Thai burgers with salsa and sweet potato wedges

These fragrant pork burgers are flavoured with Thai curry paste and coriander, then served up with a spicy chilli and mango salsa. Because there's no bun, they're healthier and lower in fat with under 5g per portion. Why not serve homemade sweet potato wedges on the side?

Thai Pork Burgers with Sweet Potato Wedges Recipe

Seared tuna and radicchio salad

This recipe for seared tuna and radicchio salad is gluten free and low fat with just over 5g per portion. Ready in less than 20 minutes, it's an easy dinner recipe.

Seared Tuna Recipe With Radicchio Salad

Fiery chickpea and harissa soup

A fast-to-make and easy spicy soup made with chickpeas. Ready in just 20 minutes, this low-fat recipe has under 6g per portion.

Fiery chickpea and harissa soup

Prawn and black rice salad

Black rice has a higher nutritional value than white rice, and the same amount of fibre as brown. Try it in our flavoursome prawn and black rice salad, low in fat with only 5.4g per portion.

Black Rice Salad Recipe

Moroccan veg and chickpea tagine

This recipe for Moroccan-style veg and chickpea tagine is vegan, low in fat with under 4g per portion and really easy to make. It makes enough for four, but the leftovers freeze well.

Moroccan Tagine Recipe With Veg and Chickpeas

Szechuan prawn noodles

These hot and spicy Chinese-style noodles only take 15 minutes to whip up so they'd make a great quick and easy midweek meal if you're stuck for time or craving some healthy fast food. These noodles are low in fat with under 7g per portion.

Szechuan prawn noodles

Creamy lentils with spinach and thyme

Perfectly suited to those who want a light 5:2 friendly meal, this healthy vegan lentil dish is high in protein but low in fat with under 9g per portion.

Creamy Lentils Recipe With Spinach And Thyme

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