Looking for healthy recipes with that comfort factor? Want meals that will nourish and satisfy those cravings? Check out our recipes below, and then have a look at our healthy dinner ideas, healthy slow cooker recipes and healthy one-pot recipes.


Make the most of your favorite comfort foods but putting a healthier twist on them so you can get the extra fibre, vitamins and minerals without the extra calories. Whether vegan or not, they all contains adequate protein, such as meat or beans, which will ensure a great level of fullness as well as the comfort.

Our 13 favourite healthy comfort food recipes

1. Chicken noodle soup

Fry shredded chicken in miso and gochujang, and add to this nutritious broth for a gut-friendly meal.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe with Miso and Chilli

2. Easy baked bolognese sauce

Our all-in-one baked bolognese is simple and low in calories, requires very little preparation time, and tastes amazing! A great way to sneak in extra veggies, and perfect for feeding the whole family. Any leftovers can easily be frozen. Now try our healthy spaghetti bolognese.

Baked bolognese sauce

3. Vegan chilli non carne

This sweet-and-smoky chilli is the epitome of healthy comfort food, providing plenty of satisfying plant protein and fibre from the beans. The tomato sauce is rich in skin-healthy antioxidants and potassium – important for replenishing your salt balance after a workout. It also freezes well, perfect for busier days.

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Vegan chilli recipe

4. Tomato soup

This filling tomato soup really packs a punch, thanks to all that chipotle. Add plenty of fresh ginger for even more warmth.

Tomato, chipotle and rice soup

5. Pork shoulder casserole

Check out our melt-in-the-mouth pork shoulder casserole with mixed beans. This slow cooker recipe is an easy one-pot to feed a crowd.

Slow-cooked pork casserole in a pot

6. Tuna pasta bake

A classic, made even better with the addition of dried chilli flakes and rosemary.

Tuna melt pasta bake in an oval dish

7. Vegetarian shepherd's pie

This recipe for spiced lentil shepherd's pie is a great veggie version of a classic. It's ready in an hour and is enough to feed the whole family.

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie Recipe With Spiced Lentils

8. Chilli con carne

Our most popular chilli con carne recipe ever, made Tex-Mex-style with aged minced beef, chipotle powder, red wine, dark chocolate and semi-dried tomatoes. Tomatoes offer a skin-healthy dose of the antioxidant lycopene, while the addition of cocoa provides depth of flavour and gut-healthy polyphenols.

Easy Chilli Con Carne Recipe

9. Chicken saag

Packed with fresh red chillies, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cloves and spinach – this recipe proves you can eat your favourite takeaway dishes without compromising on flavour or nutrition. Low in fat and rich in protein, this comforting dish makes for a great Friday night dinner or tasty packed lunch.

Healthy Curry Chicken Saag in a Casserole Dish

10. Tuscan bean and barley stew

This recipe is a perfect one to have on hand for a quick midweek meal. It's hearty, nourishing and ready in just 30 minutes. You can use any leafy greens for this, just whatever you have around.

Bean and pearl barley stew in a white pot

11. Creamy lamb curry

This creamy lamb and tomato curry recipe is a great one to have on hand midweek. It may take a little time but it's worth it and it's really easy. Big flavours for minimal effort.

Creamy lamb and tomato curry

12. Coconut chicken noodle soup

This slurp-able bowl of comforting noodles was inspired by classic Thai red curry. The freshness of the DIY curry paste really sings in this soup, and will help ward off any winter blues.

A bowl of chicken soup in a red-tinged broth with lime on the side

13. Thai green tofu curry

Looking for a quick and easy vegan curry recipe? Try our Thai green curry with smoked tofu and plenty of crunchy veg, ready in 25 minutes and low in calories.

Thai green tofu curry

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