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Soba noodles with broccoli and peanuts in a bowl

20 high-protein vegan meals

Published: May 20, 2022 at 11:10 am

There are plenty of great sources of plant-based protein, including lentils, tofu and nuts. Put them to good use in these protein-rich vegan dishes, from mapo tofu to aubergine ragu with cauli rice, and broccoli and peanut soba noodles

Looking for high-protein vegan meals? Want to make the most out of plant-based protein? Check out our recipes below and then take a look at our guide on how to follow a plant-based diet, our other high-protein ideas and healthy vegan recipes.


One of the challenges when following a vegan diet is adequate protein intake, as protein is an important macronutrient that the body needs for repair, maintenance and energy. There's a wide variety of plant-based proteins that can be included in your diet, from beans and lentils, to tofu, nuts and seeds. Together with lots of wholegrains and vegetables, you'll be creating the perfectly balanced vegan meal.

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High-protein vegan meals

1. Mushroom bhaji

The perfect midweek vegan dinner, this bhaji comes packed with chestnut mushrooms, garlic, ginger and turmeric. Serve with warm, fluffy naans for mopping all that sauce up.

Mushroom bhaji

2. Crunchy veg and smoked tofu salad with sesame dressing

Try our vibrant salad recipe with crispy golden tofu and crunchy vegetables. This easy dish is vegan and high in protein.

Smoked Tofu Salad Recipe with Sesame Dressing and Veg

3. Miso soup with crispy smoked tofu

This gluten-free miso soup with crispy smoked tofu is a perfect midweek meal – it's warming, cleansing and easy to make.

Miso Soup with Crispy Tofu in a Bowl

Beans, tomatoes and spinach for when it's cold outside. This is a recipe with a kick, perfect for meat-free Monday with the family. It's hearty and high in protein, too.

Vegetable and bean stew in a pot with bread

5. Mapo tofu

This dish celebrates sichuan peppercorns – just add plenty of chiu chow chilli oil to really make it sing.

Mapo Tofu

This fresh recipe is fuss-free and ready in just 20 minutes. The roasted peanuts add a crunchy texture to the dish.

Soba noodles with broccoli and peanuts in a bowl

7. Creamy lentils with spinach and thyme

Perfectly suited to those who want a light 5:2-friendly meal, this healthy vegan lentil dish is high in protein but low in fat.

Creamy Lentils Recipe With Spinach And Thyme

8. Broccoli, new potato and radish salad

A long-stemmed broccoli, new potato and radish salad that's vegan, easy to make and ready in just 20 minutes – ideal for a midweek meal.

Tenderstem, new potato and radish salad

9. Chinese-style purple sprouting broccoli with tofu

This purple sprouting broccoli with tofu recipe is easy to make and vegan, with a good kick of chilli.

Chinese-style purple sprouting broccoli with tofu

10. Roast broccoli with lentils and preserved lemon

A combination of roast broccoli with lentils and preserved lemon makes for an easy midweek meal for one. It's vegetarian and ready in under an hour but still delivers big, punchy flavours.

Roast broccoli with lentils and preserved lemon

11. Cauliflower rice with aubergine ragoût

This recipe for cauliflower rice with aubergine ragoût is great for a light meal. By blitzing cauliflower in a food processor, you get the consistency and texture of rice without the carbs. It’s quicker to cook, too.

cauliflower rice with aubergine ragu

Pot of chilli and bowl topped with avocado

13. Vegan stir-fry 

This low-calorie cumin tofu stir-fry is inspired by the cuisine of Xi’an in central China. Expect bold and punchy flavours, especially from the cumin and chilli.

A white plate with a tofu stir-fry on it, topped with coriander

14.  Vegan moussaka bowls 

Ready in just 15 minutes, these vegan moussaka bowls contain the flavours and textures of a slow-cooked dish, without the wait.

Vegan Moussaka Recipe

15. Vegan doner with homemade pittas and garlic 'mayo' 

This vibrant, easy vegan doner kebab is made using seitan. Serve with creamy garlic mayonnaise, using tofu and warm homemade pittas.

Vegan Kebab Recipe with Tofu Mayonnaise

16. Vegan chickpea curry 

This vegan curry is flavoured with ginger, chilli, garam masala, cumin and turmeric, and makes a vibrant midweek meal, ready in less than 30 minutes.

Bowl of chickpea curry with naan

17. Tofu tacos 

Tofu doesn't have to be boring with this recipe for cajun-spiced tofu tacos. They're vegan, low calorie and only need 30 minutes of cooking time.

Cajun Tofu Tacos topped with Sour Cream, Shredded Cabbage and Salsa

18. Shiitake seitan burger with kimchi mayo

Don’t be daunted by the long ingredients list or prep time for this vegan burger: it’s actually a simple process and the results are delicious – this recipe uses added chunky shiitake mushrooms to replicate the texture of mince and to give an umami boost.

Burger next to a corona

19. Vegan meatballs 

Lentils are a great way to make a meal vegetarian. Swap these for your usual meatballs and your family will hardly notice the difference. Plus, they're low cal and ready in just 40 minutes – perfect for midweek.

Lentil ‘Meatballs’ With Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe

20. Tofu piccata 

Swap chicken for sautéed tofu in this clever vegan twist on a classic, served with a white wine sauce and long-stemmed broccoli.

Tofu picatta

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