Bacon and Egg Muffins Recipe

Easy savoury muffin recipes

Bake a batch of muffins for an energising breakfast or on-the-go snack. Our selection includes spiced cornbread, Marmite and cheesy varieties

Looking for savoury muffin recipes? After the best cheese muffins? Try our ideas below, then check out more of our muffin recipes, including classic blueberry muffins and banana flavours.


Savoury muffin recipes

Bacon and egg muffins

In need of a weekend brunch treat? These satisfying bacon, egg and chive muffins are like an Full English breakfast in one. Enjoy them warm from the oven, spread with butter, ketchup or brown sauce.

Courgette muffins

A super-simple savoury muffin recipe, made with grated courgette and cheddar. These easy vegetable muffins make a delicious afternoon snack for kids and adults alike.

Mexican corn muffins

Whip up a simple, healthy breakfast with these cheesy corn and polenta muffins. They’re packed with spicy jalapeños, spring onions and mature cheddar. Make them in less than an hour and serve with a cooling lime yogurt.

Gruyère, spring onion and Marmite muffins

Salty, savoury and oh-so moreish, these cheesy muffins make a next-level snack. Marmite brings umami, whilst spring onions provide a burst of freshness.

Cornbread muffins

Keep it simple with a batch of these southern-style muffins. Cheddar, onion and chilli give them plenty of flavour and a little kick, too. Serve them alongside a warming soup, hearty chilli or backyard BBQ.

Marmite and cheddar muffins

Another great recipe for Marmite-lovers – these are light, fluffy and super-easy to make. Whip them up in half an hour for a delicious lunchbox or picnic snack.