Baileys Chocolate Tiffin Recipe for Christmas

Best homemade food gifts for Christmas

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Try one of our simple and delicious edible Christmas gift ideas. From snowball chocolate truffles to homemade little candy canes, there is an easy treat for everyone's stocking this Christmas


Want to make your own Christmas gifts this year? Make our homemade food gifts for Christmas. Check out our edible Christmas gifts, from chocolate truffles and candy canes to Christmas fudge and homemade Irish cream (or check out our Irish cream taste test here to find out which one to buy). We also have some unique Christmas presents for your friends who love gin – homemade gin and even gin and tonic lollipops. You can put your homemade treats in a hamper to give to your family, or wrap individual ideas to take to your host.

If you’re making your own homemade edible gifts, then why not go one step further and make your own Christmas crafts? Here’s our step-by-step guide to create your own Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas gift tags.

Here are our ideas to create the perfect homemade Christmas gifts…



  • Our homemade Christmas gifts include festive spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and more

Chestnut truffles recipe

Jazz up your chocolate truffles this Christmas with these chocolate and chestnut truffles from Dan Doherty – a delicious twist on the classic truffle. They're nutty and indulgent. Take them along to a Christmas party for the host and you might be able to eat one yourself...

Gin recipe for Christmas with clementine and ginger

Instead of buying a bottle of fizz for your next party, why not make a bottle of clementine, ginger and bay gin? It couldn't be easier to make but it's a great original idea. The festive clementine flavour will get everyone into the Christmas spirit. If you're looking for gin cocktail recipes, we've got plenty here.

Christmas Gin Recipe With Clementine, Ginger And Bay on a snow covered table with pine cones and clementine segments

Miso caramels

These caramels will be loved by both children and adults. The mix of sweet and salty flavours is a fun twist on the classic caramel. Wrap them in greaseproof paper to give away as artisan-style Christmas gifts for friends and family, or eat them all yourself! We have plenty of caramel cakes and bakes to try here...

Sweet miso caramels

Homemade red grapefruit marmalade with Aperol

Want to impress your friends with edible gifts this Christmas? Make our boozy red grapefruit marmalade, a festive twist on this classic jam. Aperol lends a lovely bitter orange note to this soft-set, festive-looking marmalade. Discover our guide to preserving here.

Three jars of orange Aperol marmalade with ribbon round the top

Gin and tonic dip dabs

We've got the best present for friends who are fans of a gin and tonic. These homemade Christmas gin and tonic dip dabs, are a fun grown-up version of a childhood favourite. You can substitute any other flavouring for the gin and tonic – orange or lemon extract also work well. Check out our easy gin and tonic cake, too.

Gin and Tonic Dib Dabs

Chocolate cookie pizza

The ultimate edible Christmas gift! This chocolate chip cookie pizza is super easy to make and great fun to assemble with all the family. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, this is the perfect Christmas present for a crowd. Deliver in a pizza box for a bit of fun.

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza Recipe

Chilli-infused oil

Infused oils are best made in small amounts as they go off quicker. Keep this simple homemade version in a cool, dark place and use within a month or so, a perfect gift to give friends this Christmas.

Chilli-Infused Olive Oil Recipe

White chocolate fudge recipe with Baileys

Fudge is a sweet treat that keeps well. If you want to get ahead with gifts, it can be made in advance and keeps for a month. Don’t forget to leave a few pieces out for Father Christmas and his reindeers… Plus we've got an easy how-to video and it only requires 4 ingredients.

Baileys and White Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Chocolate tiffin recipe with Baileys

Looking for an easy edible gift to give friends over the festive season? Check out these indulgent chocolate tiffins with our favourite Christmas drink in solid chocolate form. You don’t have to include the edible glitter but it does give added bling. Try our other Baileys Irish cream recipes here, from Baileys cheesecake to Baileys fudge...

Baileys Chocolate Tiffin Recipe for Christmas

Christmas chutney recipe

A jar of chutney is the ideal edible present for hosts over the festive season. It can keep for ages, so your host can enjoy it at their leisure. Try making a big batch so that you can keep a few jars for yourself!

Christmas chutney

Pistachio and cherry cantuccini

Need an easy homemade Christmas gift for friends and family? Wrapped in a cellophane bag, these pistachio and cherry cantuccini keep well so can be made in advance. More pistachio recipes here.

Pistachio and cherry cantuccini

Homemade sriracha recipe

If you’re friends with people who can handle heat, a bottle of homemade sriracha would go down a treat. Buy some empty bottles and fill with hot sauce for a spicy gift for the festive season.

Homemade sriracha

Homemade stollen bars with sour cherry

Jazz up your stollen this Christmas with our easy bars. The ingredients list may look lengthy but it’s all about building up the textures and flavours to make this the most moreish bar ever – way better than regular stollen. Check out our best cherry recipes here.

Sour cherry stollen bars dusted with icing sugar and lined up in rows

Muscovado fudge

Try our super crumbly fudge recipe with muscovado sugar. This impressive recipe may take a little effort but makes for an easy gift to give your foodie friends and family for Christmas.

Muscovado Fudge Recipe

Cherry and pistachio triangles

Need an easy sweet treat at your festive party? Check out our simple cherry and pistachio triangles, they're ready in just 15 minutes. Make them ahead of time so it's one less thing to worry about during this busy time. More party food for the festive season here.

Christmas cookies

Looking for a foodie festive activity to do with children? Our spiced Christmas biscuits make perfect edible decorations to hang from your tree or mantle. You can leave them out for Santa or wrap them up as a gift, the possibilities are endless!

Spiced Christmas biscuits

Blackberry whisky

Looking for homemade festive treats to take to a Christmas party? We've got the the perfect homemade gift for whisky lovers. The subtle spiciness of blackberries is a great match for whisky. Use an affordable blended scotch, which you can tweak by adding in whole, toasted spices (such as cardamom) to infuse.

Blackberry Whisky Recipe

Cashew nut brittle

Why not make a hamper full of edible treats for friends this year? This salted cashew nut brittle will be fun to make, but your friends will love eating it even more. It's really simple to make, too!

Salted cashew nut brittle

Homemade chocolate truffles recipe

Homemade chocolate truffles are an easy and original gift. You can add whatever flavours you fancy and have as much fun with them as you like. Try popping them in a box lined with greaseproof paper to give away to your family. More chocolate recipes here.

Chocolate honeycomb recipe 

Need inspiration for easy edible gifts? Ready in 20 minutes, our quick and fun honeycomb recipe is dipped in dark, milk and white chocolate, the perfect Christmas treat for someone with a sweet tooth. Discover more of our best Christmas baking recipe here.

Chocolate-Dipped Honeycomb Recipe

Cranberry and ginger tiffin

Make this simple, indulgent tiffin to treat someone you love this Christmas. You can swap the white chocolate for dark or milk – go for the recipient’s favourite. The cranberry and ginger flavours really lift the buttery biscuit. Ready in only 30 minutes. We've got plenty more ginger recipes here too.

Cranberry and Ginger Tiffin Recipe

Peanut butter truffles with pretzels

These truffles are rich, nutty and very chocolatey. Covered in pretzels, they've got a crunchy outside and smooth centre. Make a big batch and give them out to lots of different friends this Christmas, you'll be everyone's favourite!

Peanut butter pretzel truffles

Dark chocolate florentines

Florentines are sweet, nutty and easy to make. Try dipping them in different types of chocolate to mix it up a bit. Place in a box lined with greaseproof paper for a fancy yet fun homemade Christmas present for friends and family to enjoy with a comforting cup of tea over the festive season.

Dark Chocolate Florentines Recipe

Easy candy cane recipe

Only at Christmas time do candy canes make an appearance. Whether you’re hanging them on the tree, giving them away to friends or making them for family members, they’re a fun gift to make. Check out more of our edible gift ideas here.

Easy Candy Cane Recipe

Spiced maple cashew bark

Not only is this bark fun to make, but it’s delicious to eat. Buy some cellophane bags, fill them with chocolate bark and tie them with some ribbon as a grown up gift over the festive period. Plus, you can add different nuts depending on what you like! We've even got an easy how-to video too.

Chocolate Bark Recipe with Cashews

Ginger shortbreads

During the festive period, it’s important to rest and recuperate. These ginger shortbreads are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or mug of mulled wine. Warm and spicy in flavour, your friends with love them too.

Shortbread Recipe for Ginger Shortbread Cookies

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