Looking for fresh cherry recipes? Want the best cherry desserts? Try our ideas below then check out our strawberry recipes. Also watch our video on how to destone cherries with chopsticks. Plus, read our glossary entry on what is kirsch to find out more about this cherry liqueur.


We have plenty of sweet, juicy recipes using cherries. We enjoy adding their tart flavour to pies, trifle, blondies, crumble and cakes. Not to mention, the tangy notes of pickled cherries work wonderfully in salads and with cured meats.

Want expert advice for growing your own crop? Learn how to grow your own cherries from our friends at Gardeners’ World.

Try our cherry recipes then check out our other seasonal ingredient ideas, including our raspberry recipes, carrot recipes and nectarine recipes.

Why we love cherries?

Cherries are small, deep red stone fruits which are sweet and slightly tart in flavour. They have a short season from June to July, making them a prized addition to sweet and savoury recipes. However, they can preserved or pickled to enjoy all year round. No cherry pitter, no problem. Put a small metal piping nozzle on a board, press the cherry on top slowly and the pip will pop out of the top.

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Health benefits of cherries

Cherries are known for their protective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They're also high in polyphenols – natural plant compounds which may be beneficial for managing blood sugar levels. It's believed that cherry juice may also help with recovery after exercise.

Easy cherry recipes

Empire biscuits

Make these crumbly shortbread-style biscuits for an afternoon treat. Raspberry jam acts as a sharp contrast to the sweet icing.

Empire biscuits with jam in the middle and icing on a wire rack

Summer pudding

This quintessential British pud makes the most of seasonal berries. Enjoy cut into thick wedges, with plenty of whipped cream on the side.

A whole summer pudding with one slice taken out of it

Chocolate and cherry fondants

Dark chocolate and a quick homemade cherry jam come together in this rich dessert that can be made ahead and cooked from frozen. Serve for a dinner party with whipped cream for extra indulgence.

Enjoy your favourite fruits all year round with our easy jam recipes.

A wooden table topped with plates of chocolate fondant with a dark red cherry syrup

Cherry bakewell blondies

Cherries help take these blondies to the next level with the classic flavours and ingredients of a bakewell tart. Cut into squares and pack for a picnic, or enjoy for afternoon tea.

If you like white chocolate, then you'll love our wonderful white chocolate recipes.

Cherry Bakewell Blondies Recipe

Cherry clafoutis

Cherries are macerated in kirsch or brandy in this baked French dessert that’s dusted with icing sugar and served warm straight from the dish. When cherries are in season, this is a fabulous way to enjoy them.

Can't get enough of French cooking? Add new dishes to your repertoire with our favourite French recipes.

A large cherry clafoutis in a round dish with a spoon

Cherry labneh summer pudding

Cherries simmered with orange zest, homemade labneh, sweet brioche and pomegranate sauce on top... this is our ultimate summer pudding.

We have lots more summer desserts for you to get stuck into.

A round cherry pudding with sauce being spooned over the top

Pickled cherry, gorgonzola and rocket salad

Pickled cherries provide plenty of of tangy, summery flavours – a great way to savour this summer fruit right through to autumn.

For more fresh and crunchy recipes like this, have a look at our top summer salads.

A white oval platter on pink mottled stone, topped with rocket leaves and cherries

Cherry pie

You can use fresh or frozen cherries to make this classic pie – combine with kirsch-soaked cherries from a jar to take the filling to the next level. Don't forget the vanilla ice cream or large dollop of whipped cream.

We also have a zesty lemon meringue pie to take your fancy.

Cherry Pie Recipe

Cherry ice cream

Sweet, juicy cherries and vanilla custard ice cream, perfect for cooling off on a warm day. Seriously simple to prepare and no need for an ice cream maker. How can you resist?

Check out more of our impressive ice cream ideas.

Cherry ripple ice cream

Sour cherry trifle with almonds

Dazzle your guests with the perfect Christmas day dessert – layers of vanilla-flecked custard cream, sherry-soaked sponge, toasted almonds and irresistible sour cherries.

A cherry trifle in a large glass trifle bowl with fairy lights in the background

Cherry jam and almond galettes

Check out our almond galettes with whole black cherries and cherry jam for extra sweetness. These mini tarts are made easy with ready-made puff pastry and a simple homemade almond frangipane. They're guaranteed to delight your lunch or dinner party guests.

Almond Frangipane Recipe with Cherries

Bakewell traybake

We love bakewell tart in all forms. Here, we've added juicy cherries and topped with crunchy desiccated coconut. The individual slices are perfect with an afternoon cuppa.

Try more afternoon tea treats.

Cherry Bakewell Recipe with Coconut

Black cherry granita

Try our black cherry granita, it's a perfect summer palate cleanser. This recipe is super quick and easy to make, and it's great for a big crowd.

If granita is your thing, we also have a fabulous limoncello recipe to try.

Black Cherry Granita Recipe

Cherry and pistachio bakewell galette

Our love for bakewell continues, here with a rustic galette that's even easier to make than a classic tart. Pistachios add a vivid green colour and richness to the traditional almond and cherry filling.

Next up, our lemon and pistachio bakewell tart.

Bakewell Tart with Cherries and Pistachio galette cut up into triangles and served on round white plates on a rustic white table

Black forest trifle

This easy idea for trifle uses ready-made brownies and cornflake cakes, with cherries and blueberries. Topped with custard, cream and chocolate – what's not to love? An ideal dessert for a summer dinner party.

If you're feeding a crowd, have a look at our individual dessert ideas.

Cherry crunch trifle

Fresh cherry and coconut lamingtons

Lamingtons, originally from Australia, make a delicious teatime treat. Mini cakes, decorated in cherry jam and desiccated coconut, topped with a fresh cherry.

Get your apron on and be inspired by our best ever cake recipes.

Cherry and Coconut Lamingtons Recipe

Goat's curd, pickled cherry and pecan toasts

This recipe for goat's curd, pickled cherry and pecan toasts makes a great, simple veggie snack or light lunch for a hot day.

We've got plenty more toast topper ideas to keep you going.

Cherry Toasts With Goat's Curd

Black forest brownies

Black forest brownies combine two of our favourite sweet treats. This brownie/black forest gâteau mash-up is boozy, cherry-studded, chocolatey heaven. Add a big dollop of kirsch-spiked cream, if you like.

Get baking with our best brownie ideas.

Black Forest Brownies Recipe

Chocolate-dipped meringue with cherries and boozy cream

Take ready-made meringues, dunk in melted chocolate and top with fresh cherries and you've got yourself a quick, easy and indulgent dessert.

You'll also love this speedy Eton mess.

Choc-Dipped Meringues with Cherries

Upside-down cherry cake

This recipe for upside-down cherry rose cake with clotted cream is truly the taste of summer. It looks impressive, too, so friends and family are sure to enjoy it.

For another fragrant dessert, try our chocolate gâteau with raspberry and rose.

Cherry Cake Recipe with Clotted Cream

Cherry nanaimo bars

These chocolate, cherry and custard bars are divine. Mahlab, a popular Middle Eastern spice, adds hints of rose and vanilla. Perfect for afternoon tea.

For more seasonal recipes by Gurdeep Loyal, check out these asparagus and ricotta salata tartlets.

Chocolate and custard bars stacked in a pile

Cherry crumbles

These individual pots of cherry deliciousness couldn't be simpler to make – the perfect baking project with kids. Flaked almonds add a nice crunch, too.

We have all the classic crumble recipes, and some new versions for you to enjoy.

Cherry almond crumbles

Cherry blondie tart

Ready-made pastry keeps this white chocolate tart super easy, but it's still special enough to serve as part of a garden party spread.

Next, try our raspberry and white chocolate blondies.

Cherry blondie tart

Sour cherry stollen bars

This ingredients list may look lengthy but it’s all about building up the textures and flavours to make the moreish bar. Cherry jam and dried sour cherries add fruitiness.

Christmas Stollen Recipe

Pickled cherries

Make these dark and juicy pickled cherries to serve with charcuterie, salads or roast pork. The flavour is tangy but still slightly sweet.

Pickled Cherries in a kilner jar served on a wooden board with ham and bread

Black forest cheesecake

This dark, indulgent chocolate cheesecake swirled with cherries in kirsch is a great showstopper for any occasion. Making the chocolate collar is really worth the effort for an extra special touch.

If you prefer something fresh and zesty, give our lime cheesecake a go.

Black Forest Easy Cheesecake Recipe

Sour cherry cakes with soft cheese frosting

A seasonal favourite - the soft cheese frosting contrasts beautifully with the tartness of the tinned cherries. Serve as part of a garden party or picnic spread.

For a grown-up treat, we also have some delightful black forest cupcakes.

Sour cherry cakes with cream cheese frosting

Upside-down cherry torte

When summer berry season is in full swing, make the most of it with this show-stopping cherry torte. Delicious and easy to make, this dessert is great for entertaining.

Host the ultimate dinner party with our effortless summer entertaining ideas.

Upside-down cherry torte

Sugar-crusted cherry pies

Morello cherries in jars or tins make a great store cupboard ingredient so you can knock up these individual sweet pies at a moment's notice. The sugar topping gives a crunchy finish to the pastry.

We're big fans of pie, we also love citrus-spiked key lime pie.

Cherry Pie Recipe

Chocolate, chestnut and cherry roulade

This beautiful Christmas dessert uses the classic combination of chocolate and cherry but with a festive twist of a light chestnut cream.

If you're looking for Christmas ideas, have a look at our classic yule log.

A teal board topped with a chocolate roulade. The roulade is filled with cream and whole cherries

Baileys chocolate tiffin with cherries

Check out these indulgent chocolate tiffins with our favourite Christmas drink. Jarred maraschino cherries add a fruity sweetness, while edible glitter provides added bling.

Be inspired by all our recipes using Baileys.

Baileys Chocolate Tiffin Recipe for Christmas

White forest trifle

This trifle is an easy and stylish Christmas dessert to make during the festive season, or all year round. Ready in only 30 minutes, our white forest trifle will become a favourite in no time.


From classic English trifle to more adventurous combinations, we have plenty more trifle recipes to enjoy.

Chocolate Trifle Dessert Recipe

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