Best ever individual puddings

Make entertaining easy by giving each guest their very own personal mini pud, taking away the stress of serving. We've chosen our top 31 individual desserts to meet your dinner party needs. Try our tropical pina colada tarts, a super-speedy 20 minute tiramisu or our gooey chocolate and pear puddings

We’ve got some individual puddings that are perfect for dinner parties. This collection has some great family favourites, including recipes for individual strawberry trifles in glasses, salted caramel chocolate fondants, tiramisu and mini cinnamon gooseberry crumbles in ramekins.


We’ve added a tropical twist to our collection with our dairy-free coconut, mango and turmeric fool, and our mini passion fruit puddings.

Fancy an ice cream dessert out in the spring sunshine? We’ve got plenty of those too, such as our raspberry and rosewater kulfi with toasted almond sprinkles.

Poached pears with pedro ximénez and chocolate sauce

A fancy dessert idea that makes the most of Williams pears, smooth dark chocolate sauce and pedro ximénez sherry. And it only takes 25 minutes to make!

Four poached pears with pedro ximénez and chocolate sauce

Vegan eton mess

Treat vegan friends over the summer months to our quick and easy eton mess. Who’d have thought aquafaba (the liquid found in a tin of chickpeas) could make such glossy, chewy meringue? Pair it with coconut yogurt and lots of berries for a great vegan mess.

Vegan Eton Mess Recipe

Calvados and apple granité

This surprisingly punchy dessert doubles up as a palate cleanser and a post-dinner pick-me-up after a heavy French meal.

Apple Granita Recipe with Calvados (Calvados and Apple Granite)

Vanilla yogurt cheesecake pots with flapjack crumble and raspberries

Toasted oats and juicy raspberries add extra crunch and sweetness to these mini cheesecake pots.

Vanilla Yogurt Cheesecake Recipe with Flapjack Crumble and Raspberries

Panna cotta with cherry and ginger sauce

Learn how to get the perfect set for the ultimate melt-in-the-mouth Italian dessert.

Panna Cotta Dessert Recipe with Cherry Sauce

S’mores chocolate and salted caramel pots

Here the classic US campfire snack of toasted marshmallow and chocolate squished between two biscuits is reworked to create an elegant layered dessert.

Chocolate Pot Recipe with Salted Caramel

Mulled wine winter puddings

Looking for individual festive desserts that are easy to make? Check out our mini winter puddings with mulled wine – perfect for feeding your hungry guests.

Easy Warm Winter Puddings with Mulled Wine

Layered mint chocolate mousse pots

Want to serve individual desserts to your guests? Try our creamy chocolate and peppermint pots for an impressive way to finish your dinner party.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe with Peppermint

Affogato chocolate mousse

Check out this quick and easy chocolate mousse recipe with espresso. If you’re hosting a dinner party and looking for an indulgent yet easy dessert that can easily be made ahead, try these gluten free creamy puds – ready in 15 minutes.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe with Affogato

Salted caramel chocolate pot

These salted caramel chocolate pots from Verden restaurant are absolutely delicious and are deceivingly easy to make. You can serve them in Kilner jars, glasses or ramekins, or whatever you have at home. They make a great dinner party dessert. For more caramel recipes, click here.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pot Recipe

Dairy-free coconut, mango and turmeric fool

This recipe makes the lightest, most delicate and lovely little puddings! The coconut and mango combination is really refreshing and you don’t even notice it’s dairy-free because of the creaminess of the coconut cream. Also the addition of turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, adds a zingy flavour to the dessert. These are best served as individual desserts in glasses.

turmeric fool - superfood 2017

Coconut panna cotta with mango salsa

This classic italian dessert of cream gently set with gelatine is given a tropical twist by infusing the cream with coconut and topping with a zingy mango and passionfruit salsa.

Rhubarb and custard slice

We’ve taken a classic flavour combination and given it a modern twist with this recipe for rhubarb and custard slices. These work well as individual desserts for dinner parties. For more rhubarb recipes, click here.

Rhubarb and custard slice recipe

Ginger ice cream bombes

These smooth ice cream puds are topped with seasonal crystalized ginger. Festive and sweet, they’re a quick and easy way to up your pudding game, providing individual desserts for dinner parties. Discover more ginger recipes here.

Ginger ice cream bombs

Buttermilk and sage panna cotta with black pepper honeycomb

This recipe for buttermilk and sage panna cotta with black pepper honeycomb from Rachel Karasik may sound odd but it really, really works.

Buttermilk and sage panna cotta

Black forest cheesecake bombs

These black forest cheesecake bombs are a real showstopper as individual desserts for dinner parties. Make ahead and stash these in the freezer – they’ll keep nicely for a month or so. Find more ice cream recipes here.


Lime and blueberry crumble creams

This easy dessert recipe calls for very little hands-on action. All of the elements can be made a day ahead, then layered up in glasses up to an hour before serving.

Lime and Blueberry Individual Dessert Recipe

Mini passion fruit puddings

These cute but sophisticated mini puddings are the epitome of sweet and sour. They’re quick and easy to make and can even be done in the microwave!  For more fruity pudding recipe ideas, click here.

Passion fruit pudding

Chocolate mousse with orange shortbreads

Make these ahead and you won’t be fussing just before you serve dinner. This makes enough for 4, so save 2 for later – they will keep for a couple of days. Buy the shortbreads if you prefer. Find more of our best ever chocolate recipes here.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe with Orange Shortbreads

Strawberry trifles

The easiest, quickest trifle recipe: made with Madeira cake and strawberries. Topped with custard and cream, these individual pots make a good weekend pudding. See our best ever strawberry recipes here.

Individual Trifle Recipes with Strawberries

Piña colada tarts

Add a Caribbean twist to your baking with pineapple, coconut and rum flavours of piña colada. Use ready-baked tarts if you want to make this dessert even easier. Take a look at our best ever sweet tarts recipes here.

Pina Colada Dessert Recipe

Buckwheat tarts with rice pudding and blackberries

This buckwheat tarts with rice pudding and blackberries recipe is from Olia Hercules and makes a great gluten-free dessert.


Salted caramel chocolate fondants

Our most indulgent, most beautiful chocolate fondant yet… just look at it ooze! You can buy the salted caramel sauce for a quick fix. For more chocolate pudding recipes, click here.

Salted caramel chocolate pudding

Cinnamon gooseberry crumbles

This recipe for cinnamon and gooseberry crumbles is really easy to follow but they make great individual puds. Make a batch and freeze these mini dessert pots for when you need a sweet hit. Find more crumble recipes here.


20 minute tiramisu

Topped with crumbled amaretti and grated chocolate, this delicious make-ahead dessert takes only 20 minutes to assemble. See more great Italian dessert recipes here.

Easy Individual Tiramisu Recipe

White chocolate and raspberry pots

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best and you only need five ingredients to make these creamy white chocolate and raspberry puddings. Make them up to a day ahead for a dinner party. Love raspberries? Try one of our other recipes.

White Chocolate Pots Recipe with Raspberries

Rhubarb and ginger fool

Rhubarb and ginger are a delicious combination – try them in this creamy fool. Rhubarb is in season from February until May, but you may be able to find it a couple of months either side.

Rhubarb and Ginger Fool Recipe

Persian peach mess with brown sugar almonds

This Persian peach mess with brown sugar almonds is a great twist on a classic British Eton mess. Different brands of rosewater vary enormously in strength, so add a little at a time and taste as you go, until you’re happy with the flavour. It’s best served as individual desserts in glasses. We’ve got more peach recipe ideas here.

persian eton mess

Pear and chocolate puddings 

The best chocolate puddings are the ones that you don’t have to share. We love these individual little pots of chocolate sponge and pear. Just add cream to serve and let your family and friends dive in.

Pear and Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Raspberry and rosewater kulfi with toasted almond sprinkles

Kulfi is an Indian ice cream made by evaporating whole milk until it’s really rich and almost caramelised. The beauty of enriching the milk like this is that you don’t need an ice-cream maker to churn and break up ice crystals, so it’s an easy pudding to make. This is traditionally made in conical metal kulfi moulds, which are hard to find in the UK, but you can use tall dariole moulds instead. These make perfect individual desserts for dinner parties.

Raspberry and rosewater kulfi

Sweet lemon and passion fruit verrines

A verrine is a small glass layered with various fillings and can be sweet or savoury. This version is tangy, sweet and crunchy. For more citrus flavours, see our lemon dessert and lemon cake recipes.

Lemon and Passion Fruit Verrines Recipe