Best-ever quick and easy party canapés

For the easiest ever party snacks try one of our five-minute canapé recipes. These recipes use ready-made ingredients so there's absolutely no cooking involved!

Looking for quick and easy canapés recipes? Party season is here and we’re helping you to create cold canapés in five minutes. 


We set ourselves the challenge of coming up with cold canapés recipes that you could put together in minutes without having to do more than open a few packets (and do a minimal bit of chopping).

These five simple canapés will satisfy the fussiest of guests.

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Fig and manchego bites

Carb-dodgers will love these fruity canapés. Rather than use bread as a base the fig keeps things low calorie and healthy.

To make these easy canapés, cut ripe figs into slices making sure they are thick enough to act as a platform to hold the toppings. Add a slice of salty manchego, a piece of toasted walnut and a drizzle of runny honey.

Mini pâté and pepper toasts

To make your canapés more simple you can buy bags of ready-made mini crostini which saves a lot of time wrangling with the toaster. Any pâté would work here, we used chicken liver pate but just choose your favourite – you could even make this vegetarian with a mushroom or pepper pâté.

To make this easy canapé, spread crostini with chicken liver pate. Drain a jar of caper berries and choose the smallest ones. Cut Peppardew peppers into small pieces then top the pate with a caper berry and a little slice of pepperdew pepper.

Pear and parma wraps

Sweet pear and creamy, salty roquefort are a classic match. You want pears that are ripe but still firm, mushy ones won’t do here. You only need a small piece of parma ham to wrap so when buying bear in mind that one slice should do you for 3 canapés.

To make this simple canapé, cut a pear into slim wedges. Add a slice of roquefort to each pear slice then wrap everything in a piece of parma ham.

Salmon and cucumber rounds

Salmon is a classic Christmas ingredient, and works well in a quick canapé recipe. We like to use hot smoked salmon because it flakes into perfect bite-size chunks. Most supermarkets do a fresh tartare sauce and it’s worth seeking one out as it will give a homemade quality to these canapés.

To make these simple canapés, cut a cucumber into thickish rounds. Top each with ½ teaspoon of bought tartare sauce. Add a couple of chunky flakes of hot smoked salmon and a sprig of dill.

Mini deli skewers

Italian deli ingredients make brilliant quick party nibbles and this recipe combines all of our favourites. Bocconcini or mini mozzarella balls are widely available now and perfectly bite-sized but you could also cut large firm mozzarella into cubes. Stuffed olives give an extra bump of flavour.

To make this quick canapé, wrap a mini mozzarella in a small basil leaf and push onto a cocktail stick. Add a piece of sun blush tomato and a stuffed olive.

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