Looking for creative ways to add more protein to your diet? Do you want to try some new protein-rich foods? If so, you'll love our recipes below, then take a look at our list of high fibre foods.


Protein is an essential nutrient you can find in every single cell of the human body. It plays vital roles in growth, development and repair. While many of us may associate protein with boosting our energy and supporting muscle growth, the building blocks – amino acids – which make up protein actually help to produce key neurotransmitters or brain chemicals that are critical for supporting a balanced mood and preventing conditions such as depression and anxiety.

20 high-protein foods to try

1. Eggs

Eggs are a breakfast staple – they help you to feel fuller for longer so you don't reach for the mid-morning snacks. Try them in our vibrant spring greens shakshuka, packed with veggies.

Green shakshuka in a white pan

2. Chicken

Brighten up dinnertime with our healthy chicken and black bean stew, a punchy midweek meal that's as nutritious as it is delicious.

Chicken Thigh Stew Recipe with Jalapeño and Black Beans

3. Tofu

Tofu is a great plant-based protein source and is really versatile. Coat it in sesame seeds to add a satisfying crunch to this fiery kimchi and tofu traybake.

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Baked Tofu with Kimchi Sauce Recipe

4. Salmon

Spicy seasoning and rosemary sweet potato wedges bring our cajun salmon recipe to life. It packs in the protein at 39.5g per portion and makes for a quick and easy midweek meal for two.

Cajun salmon with rosemary sweet potato wedges

5. Oats

Oats have lots of health benefits and are super easy to prepare. Mix together the ingredients for this vegan overnight oats recipe in the evening, and you'll have a nutritious breakfast ready and waiting for you in the morning.

Vegan Overnight Oats Recipe

6. Beef

Beef up your protein intake by using brisket in our healthy chilli. It's joined by kidney beans and black beans to boost that protein count to more than 40g per portion.

A plate of beef brisket with rice and lime wedges

7. Tuna

Who says comfort food can't be healthy? This easy tuna pasta bake is full of good stuff – including a decent portion of protein – and is as hearty and filling as you could hope for.

Tuna melt pasta bake in an oval dish

8. Almonds

These nutty, subtly sweet bites add to the nutritious benefits of our banana and berry kefir smoothie. Full of plenty of good bacteria, this fruity drink makes a great on-the-go breakfast.

Kefir, banana, almond and frozen berry smoothie

9. Lamb

As well as being a great source of protein, lamb also carries plenty of important vitamins and minerals, like B12, zinc and iron. Put it to work in these healthy lamb koftas with kale salad.

Grilled Lamb Kofta Recipe

10. Tempeh

If you want to boost your protein intake with plant-based sources, tempeh is a great way to go. Our tempeh and pineapple skewers treat it to a tasty marinade of umeboshi paste, shaoxing wine, Chinese five-spice and chilli.

Pineapple Kebabs with Tempeh on a White Plate

11. Broccoli

Broccoli is a healthy source of fibre as well as protein, so whip up these broccoli and peanut soba noodles for a nutritious 20-minute meal one night this week.

Soba Noodles with Broccoli and Peanuts in a Bowl

12. Turkey

Not just for Christmas, turkey is a healthy source of protein. Use it to make this wholesome turkey ragu – it's much like a bolognese, only a little lighter.

Turkey ragu

13. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is different to regular yogurt because it's strained to remove the whey – this means it's lower in sugar than the standard stuff. Dairy-based, it's rich in protein and is especially great for vegetarian diets. Use it in our recipe for chickpea fritters with green chilli and cucumber salad.

Chickpea Fritters Recipe with Yogurt, Green Chilli and Cucumber Salad

14. Lentils

Often underrated, lentils are really affordable and full of nutritional benefits – including plant-based protein. This wholesome spiced squash, spinach and lentil soup is a great way to put them to work in a healthy meal.

Spiced squash and lentil soup

15. Peanuts

Good-quality peanut butter is made solely from ground peanuts, so is a handy way to add protein to smoothies. Try our peanut butter, banana and berry smoothie – perfect to whizz up and go.

A glass bottle of smoothie with two glasses in front of it

16. Prawns

Pep up your prawns with chorizo and chilli for a protein-packed dinner that has a real kick. Our easy prawn jambalaya recipe will show you how.

Easy Jambalaya Recipe with Prawns

17. Quinoa

A gluten-free grain and source of all nine amino acids, quinoa is high on the list of healthy protein-rich ingredients to include in a plant-based diet. In our vegan quinoa chilli, it's paired with black beans, chilli and smoked paprika for a satisfying supper.

Easy Vegan Chilli Recipe with Quinoa

18. Chickpeas

Like other legumes, chickpeas pack a nutritious punch, with protein, fibre and iron among their benefits. They make a great side to meat but can also form the basis of hearty vegetarian meals, like these Moroccan-style stuffed peppers.

Moroccan stuffed peppers

19. Kidney beans

Perhaps best known for their role in chilli con carne, kidney beans are actually very versatile sources of protein. Give them a whirl in this nutrient-packed three-bean casserole – it's vegetarian and super warming for chilly days.

Vegetable and bean stew in a pot with bread

20. Paneer

This mild Indian cheese packs in the protein – and it's easy to rustle up a homemade version. Use it in dishes like this mutter paneer, whose protein credentials are bolstered further with the addition of peas.

Mutter Paneer Recipe


Tracey Raye is the health editor for olive and BBC Good Food. Tracey, MSc, is a registered nutritionist, holding a master’s degree in personalised nutrition. She is passionate about harnessing the power of all things health and well-being – in a way that enhances, rather than limits our lives. She covers our nourishing recipes and collections, oversees our health strategy and stays adrift of the latest health and lifestyle trends in order to bring you the tools and inspiration you need to find what health means for you.


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Tracey Raye is the Health Editor for Olive and BBC Good Food. She oversees all health, nutrition and fitness related content across the brands, including the bi-annual Healthy Diet Plan, monthly Health Edit newsletter and health column in the magazine.

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