Orzo, bean and tuna salad

Healthy lunch recipes

Get inspired for your next nutritious lunch with our easy to make recipes, from soups and salads, to noodles and wraps. They're all good for you, and totally delicious!

Looking for a healthy lunch idea? Whether you’re looking for a great veggie option, a healthy lunchbox idea or something that’s good for your gut, we’ve got you covered with our top healthy lunch picks. Eat healthily in the evening, too, with our healthy dinner ideas.


Get more healthy lunch inspiration with our collections of healthy soup recipes, low-calorie lunch recipes and healthy sandwiches.

What should I look for in a healthy lunch?

When you’re in the middle of a busy workday, you want something that can energise and fuel you through the rest of the afternoon, without weighing you down. For me, the best healthy lunch ideas are those that can be prepared ahead of time, offering something that I know will make me feel good, while also being so delicious that my mouth waters just a little bit at the thought of it.

Look for balanced options that offer clear sources of protein and fibre in particular, as these will keep you fuller for longer. Also, pay attention to how you feel after you eat. Some people prefer lighter options like soups and salads, while others need something heavier, like a stew or curry, to keep them satisfied. Both are healthy ways to go, as long as you’re choosing nourishing options.

Healthy lunch recipes

Healthy chicken lunch: harissa chicken and white bean bake

This vibrant recipe sees chicken thighs slathered with harissa and cooked in a rich tomato sauce with white beans and olives – a healthy, high-protein meal. Make it for dinner and pack up the leftovers for a delicious lunch the next day! Chicken thighs offer selenium, choline and folate (folic acid), while white beans provide a great source of plant protein, fibre, magnesium, B6 and iron.

Harissa Chicken Recipe

Healthy salad lunch: spelt and apple salad with crispy nuts and seeds

Pack plenty of crunch into this balanced vegetarian salad by sprinkling with a homemade nut and seed mix. This moreish lunch option is packed with healthy fats and fibre to fill you up without weighing you down. Spelt is a type of wheat that provides a great source of iron, protein and magnesium, while apples are rich in potassium, vitamin C and quercetin – a potent anti-inflammatory plant compound.

More of a meat person? Try our quinoa chicken salad.

Apple Salad Recipe with Celery, Nuts and Seeds

Courgette and chimichurri salad

Fresh green beans and courgettes are tossed in a zingy chimichurri dressing in this healthy summer salad garnished with salty feta – it’s a flavour-packed lunch.

Healthy soup: red lentil dahl soup with broccoli tarka

Our vegan red lentil dahl soup is low in calories and rich in plant protein – the perfect midweek winter warmer! Lentils offer a wonderful source of inexpensive plant protein, while broccoli provides a healthy dose of fibre, as well as an alphabet of micronutrients, from iron, potassium and calcium, to B vitamins, folate (folic acid) and sulforaphane.

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Vegan Red Lentil Dahl Recipe with Broccoli Tarka

High-protein lunch: turkey kheema matar

Put turkey on the menu with this kheema matar (mince and pea curry) dish. Not only does it provide 43.2g protein per portion, but turkey also contains tryptophan – an amino acid that’s required to create serotonin in the body. Serotonin helps regulate mood, and is also involved in the creation of the sleep hormone melatonin – making this a great choice for the days where you’re feeling a bit more tired and stressed.

Turkey Kheema Matar Recipe with Turkey

Healthy pasta lunch: orzo, bean and tuna salad

Turn storecupboard staples into this vibrant, nutritious orzo pasta salad with roasted red peppers and black olives. Tuna is a convenient source of lean protein, while olives provide heart-healthy fats, such as oleic acid. Make sure to cook your pasta ‘al dente’ (with bite), as this helps maintain more of the resistant starch – a type of fibre that’s good for your gut.

Orzo, bean and tuna salad

Healthy sandwich: smoked haddock and spinach rye toasts

This quick and easy dish makes a great savoury breakfast, or light but satisfying lunch. Rye bread is a good option for those watching their blood sugar levels thanks to its high fibre content. As it’s naturally lower in gluten, it can also be easier on the digestive system for anyone who might be sensitive. Topped with smoked haddock, eggs and spinach, you’ll also get a healthy 29.5g protein, plus iron and magnesium for just 273 calories.

Smoked haddock and spinach rye toasts

Healthy wraps: chipotle chicken lunch wrap

Wraps are the perfect quick and convenient option to take with you for a speedy workday lunch. These spicy chicken wraps are high in protein and low in calories and fat. Soured cream adds calcium, while fresh coriander provides a healthy dose of antioxidants – important for immune system, brain and skin health.

Easy Chicken Wrap Recipe

Grilled chicken wrap

Grilled chicken wraps, featuring a deliciously nutty pesto and cherry tomatoes, make for a quick and low-calorie lunch.

Chicken wraps with greens and cherry tomatoes

Healthy lunch box: 4 quick & easy grain bowls

If you’re in need of a speedy lunch box recipe that can be prepared in minutes, look no further than these easy grain bowls. Whether you’re looking for something vegan, vegetarian or even fishy, we have some great options. Grains offer a fibre-rich base, which is great for lunch as the wholegrains provide a healthy energy boost to sustain you until dinnertime. Each recipe provides a balanced source of healthy fats, protein and fibre to keep you satisfied.

Want even more options? Check out our healthy lunch box ideas for work.

Four bowls of grains on a dark background

Healthy vegetarian lunch: broccoli and roasted red pepper frittata

This broccoli and roasted red pepper frittata makes for a quick and nutritious midweek meal that’s delicious served hot or cold. It’s on the table in just 20 minutes, plus it’s low in calories and 5:2-diet-friendly. Eggs are a convenient and inexpensive source of protein and healthy fats, while the mix of fresh vegetables provides fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Broccoli and roasted red pepper frittata

Vegetable slice

Sweet potato, red peppers and red lentils combine to make this winning veg-packed frittata, a nourishing dinner that serves up to six.

Healthy vegan lunch: vegan chilli non carne

Is it possible to resist this sweet and smoky chilli NON carne? This recipe is the epitome of healthy comfort food, providing plenty of satisfying plant protein and fibre from the kidney and black beans. The luscious, smoky tomato sauce is rich in skin-healthy antioxidants and potassium – important for replenishing your salt balance after a workout. This recipe freezes well, so it’s a great one to keep on hand for an easy, healthy meal on busier days.

Vegan Chilli Recipe

Low-fat lunch: freekeh risotto with spring greens

Freekeh is made from cracked, roasted green wheat and offers a unique nuttiness and bite to this simple risotto. This is a great way to use up your greens for a special lunch when working from home. Asparagus is particularly high in insoluble fibre which supports healthy bowel movements, while fat-free quark adds creaminess and protein without the added calories.

Freekeh risotto with spring greens

Low-calorie lunch: zero (konjac) noodles with poached miso ginger chicken broth

Would you believe that this lunch is just 147 calories per portion, but still offers a healthy 25.6g protein? Konjac noodles, also referred to as ‘zero’ or ‘shirataki’ noodles, are made from glucomannan – a type of fibre that comes from the root of the konjac plant. As these noodles are very low in calories and digestible carbohydrates, they’re a great way to add bulk to a low-calorie dish. Glucomannan can also absorb up to 50 times its weight in water, making it a popular choice for weight loss.

Two bowls of zero noodles in a chicken broth with a pair of chopsticks on top

Low-salt lunch: grilled hake with smoky chickpeas, preserved lemon and kale

Simply grilled hake, with a side of lemony paprika chickpeas. This dish is naturally gluten-free and provides just 0.5g salt per serving. It also offers 41.3g protein and almost 9g soluble and insoluble fibres from the chickpeas and kale, which will keep you full until dinnertime!

If you’re not a fish person, why not try our delicious avocado fusilli pasta for a low-salt vegan option?

Grilled hake with smoky chickpeas, preserved lemon and kale

Gut-friendly lunch: miso chickpeas and avocado on toast

Liven up a storecupboard staple with this super-simple dish. Chickpeas are high in fibre, especially a soluble fibre called raffinose, which is broken down by beneficial gut bacteria to support regular bowel movements. Avocado offers a bunch of healthy nutrients, such as magnesium, zinc and potassium, to support digestion.

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Avocado on Toast Recipe with Chickpeas and Miso


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