Looking for healthy vegan meals and recipes? Our nourishing vegan ideas are quick and easy to make, from healthy vegan breakfasts to nutritious, plant-based dinners and dairy-free dinner ideas. For low-cost vegan meals, check out our budget vegan recipes.


We can all do with adding more whole plant foods in our diet. Vegan diets consist of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds which can provide a good array of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamins A, C & E, magnesium and fibre, which is important for a healthy digestive system. Research has also indicated that a vegan diet can help with both blood pressure and cholesterol due to it typically being high fibre and low in fat.

Fore more healthy inspiration, check out our guide on how to follow a plant-based diet, low-calorie vegetarian recipes, low-carb vegetarian recipes and healthy vegetarian recipes as well as our tempeh recipes.

Healthy vegan recipes

Tempeh stir-fry

A nutty sauce pairs perfectly with the tempeh. It tastes great with rice or noodles and makes a brilliant, healthy lunchbox meal.

Plate of tempeh stir-fry in focus with pan of it behind out of focus

Broccoli and peanut soba noodles

This recipe for broccoli and peanut soba noodles is really easy to make and ready in 20 minutes or less. The fresh greens are a great combination with the noodles while the roasted peanuts adds a crunchy texture to the dish.

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Soba Noodles with Broccoli and Peanuts in a Bowl

Spinach, chickpea and potato curry

Our gently spiced vegan curry packed with spinach, chickpeas and potato makes for a wholesome midweek meal for four.

Spinach, chickpea and potato curry in a skillet with some naan breads

Crispy baked tofu

This versatile, protein-rich ingredient is given the crisp factor with our foolproof method.

A baking try of crispy baked tofu with a dressing on the side

Vegan gumbo

Try this veg-packed gumbo, inspired by the classic Southern dish, for a vegan dish that’s as healthy as it is filling.

Vegan gumbo

Vegan aubergine curry

Cook aubergine pieces with fragrant spices and red lentils for a hearty yet healthy vegan curry that serves four.

Vegan Aubergine Curry in a Large Dish with Naan Bread

Moroccan veggie soup

Check out our easy Moroccan vegan soup recipe with lemons, chickpeas and plenty of spice. This light soup serves four and is ready in under an hour. Head this way for more soup ideas.

Moroccan Vegetable Soup Recipe

Vegan chilli tofu ramen

Nothing is more comforting than a warming bowl of ramen. This chilli tofu version is plant-based and packed with loads of fresh flavours. Why not check out our other favourite tofu recipes?

Vegan Ramen Recipe with Chilli and Tofu

Vegan quinoa and black bean chilli

Do you love chilli and want to try a meat free version? Check out this quick and easy vegan chilli recipe. Our quinoa and black bean chilli is high in protein, fibre and vegan – but still tastes impossibly creamy.

Easy Vegan Bean Chilli Recipe with Quinoa

Shredded veg miso soup

Shred ginger, leeks and carrots into this umami-rich soup and top up with quinoa and kale for a nourishing, light meal.

Vegan Miso Soup with Veggies Recipe

Vegan sweet potato soup

Check out this easy vegan soup recipe with sweet potato and groundnut. Packed with punchy chilli and smooth peanut butter this flavoursome soup is super creamy, and totally satisfying.

Sweet Potato Peanut Soup Recipe

Moroccan tagine

This recipe for Moroccan veg and chickpea tagine is vegan, low-fat and really easy to make. This makes enough for four, but the leftovers freeze well.

Moroccan Tagine Recipe With Veg and Chickpeas

Aubergine bhaji

Made with aubergines and packed full of spices, this vegan dish is ideal for a comforting vegan dinner.

Bhaji Recipe with Aubergine

Vegetable stew

Beans, tomato and spinach for when it’s cold outside: a recipe with a kick, perfect for meat-free Monday with the family.

Vegetable and bean stew in a pot with bread

Vegan chilli

This sweet and smoky chilli is the epitome of healthy comfort food, providing plenty of satisfying plant protein and fibre from the beans. The tomato sauce is rich in skin-healthy antioxidants and potassium, which is important for replenishing your salt balance after a workout. It also freezes well, perfect for busier days.

Vegan chilli recipe

Spelt and apple salad with crispy nuts and seeds

Pack plenty of crunch into this balanced vegan salad and sprinkle with a homemade nut and seed mix.

Apple Salad Recipe with Celery, Nuts and Seeds

Healthy tacos

Stuffed with smoky courgette, zesty black beans, pickled red onion and creamy avocado, these healthy tacos make a brilliant lighter dinner which the whole family can tuck into.

Taco Topped with Sliced Charred Courgette, Black Beans and Red Onion

Hummus, kale and coriander noodles

Check out this easy vegan salad recipe with crunchy kale, fiery ginger and topped with a creamy hummus and peanut butter dressing. Great for an easy midweek meal for two.

Easy Soba Noodle Recipe with Hummus and Kale served on a dark metal dish on a dark blue table

Saag aloo

An Indian classic of spiced potatoes and spinach, saag aloo comes flavoured with red chilli, cumin seeds, turmeric and fresh ginger.

Bowl of saag aloo next to a spoon

Vegan tempeh and pineapple kebabs

Delicious chunks of marinated tempeh work brilliantly with juicy pineapple in this easy alternative to the traditional BBQ skewer.

Pineapple Kebabs with Tempeh on a White Plate

Vegan fajita bowl with cauli rice

Our vegan fajita bowl manages to deliver on flavour despite being low in fat and 5:2 friendly. This simple, quick supper has just 4.4g fat and 0.7g of saturates, great for those watching their fat intake.

Vegan Fajita Bowl with Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Buddha bowls with shredded sprouts

Buddha bowls are generous portions of good-for-you ingredients piled into a bowl as a healthy but filling salad. They're balanced in grains, protein, veggies and carbs, so choose what you fancy and get filling. Think of this as a savoury smoothie bowl: it's all about the toppings.

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Thai green tofu curry

Looking for a quick and easy vegan curry? Our Thai green curry with smoked tofu and veg is delicious and ready in 25 minutes. Tofu is not only a great source of vegan protein, but provides magnesium, zinc and calcium. It also contains natural plant compounds called isoflavones, which function as phytoestrogens in the body, offering a variety of health benefits.

Vegan Thai Green Curry Recipe

Aubergine teriyaki bowls

Our 30-minute vibrant vegan recipe is packed with fresh flavours of crunchy radishes, fiery ginger and zesty lime.

Teriyaki Aubergine Bowls with Radishes and Chopsticks

Mushroom bhaji

The perfect midweek vegan dinner, this bhaji comes packed with chestnut mushrooms, garlic, ginger and turmeric. Serve with warm, fluffy naans for mopping all that sauce up.

Mushroom bhaji

Crunchy veg and smoked tofu salad with sesame dressing

Try our vibrant salad recipe with crispy golden tofu and crunchy vegetables. This easy dish is vegan and high in protein.

Smoked Tofu Salad Recipe with Sesame Dressing and Veg

Miso soup with crispy smoked tofu

This gluten-free miso soup with crispy smoked tofu is a perfect midweek meal. It's warming, cleansing and easy to make.

Miso Soup with Crispy Tofu in a Bowl

Mapo tofu

This dish celebrates sichuan peppercorns, just add plenty of chiu chow chilli oil to really make it sing.

Large pan of mapo tofu next to a bowl of rice

Creamy lentils with spinach and thyme

Perfectly suited to those who want a light 5:2-friendly meal, this healthy vegan lentil dish is high in protein but low in fat.

Creamy Lentils Recipe With Spinach And Thyme

Tenderstem broccoli, new potato and radish salad

A long-stemmed broccoli, new potato and radish salad that's vegan, easy to make and ready in just 20 minutes, ideal for a midweek meal.

Tenderstem, new potato and radish salad

Vegan risotto

Fennel, courgette, peas and parsley make for a wonderfully green risotto, flavoured with a little nutritional yeast in place of parmesan.

Vegan Courgette and Pea Risotto in a White Bowl

Chinese-style purple sprouting broccoli with tofu

This purple sprouting broccoli with tofu recipe is easy to make and vegan, with a good kick of chilli.

Chinese-style purple sprouting broccoli with tofu

Wholewheat spaghetti with long-stemmed broccoli, chilli and lemon

This vegan recipe for wholewheat spaghetti with long-stemmed broccoli, chilli and lemon is quick and easy – perfect for a midweek supper.

Wholewheat Vegan Spaghetti Recipe with Broccoli, Chilli and Lemon

Roast broccoli with lentils and preserved lemon

A combination of roast broccoli with lentils and preserved lemon makes for an easy midweek meal for one. It's vegetarian and ready in under an hour but still delivers big, punchy flavours.

Roast broccoli with lentils and preserved lemon

Red lentil dahl soup with broccoli tarka

Our vegan red lentil dahl soup is low in calories and rich in plant protein – the perfect midweek winter warmer! Lentils offer a wonderful source of inexpensive plant protein, while broccoli provides a healthy dose of fibre, as well as an alphabet of micronutrients, from iron, potassium and calcium, to B vitamins, folate (folic acid) and sulforaphane.

Vegan Red Lentil Dahl Recipe with Broccoli Tarka

Sweet potato linguine with vegan puy lentil ragu

Sweet potato linguine is more robust than courgetti, so can withstand a bit more cooking. Served with a warming vegan bolognese-style ragu, this gluten-free main is perfect for the start of the cooler months.

Sweet potato linguine with puy lentil ragù

Quick grain bowls

If you're in need of a speedy lunch box recipe that can be prepared in minutes, look no further than these easy grain bowls. Whether you're looking for something vegan, vegetarian or even fishy, we have some great options. Grains offer a fibre-rich base, which is great for lunch as the wholegrains provide a healthy energy boost to sustain you until dinnertime. Each recipe provides a balanced source of healthy fats, protein and fibre to keep you satisfied.

Four bowls of grains on a dark background

Roast sweet potato, chipotle and orange soup with paprika seeds

Make this low-calorie soup for a nourishing vegan lunch, where vibrant sweet potatoes meet punchy chipotle, zingy orange and a sprinkling of paprika seeds.

Two bowls filled with orange soup topped with seeds

Vegan buddha bowl

Get some nutritional balance into your day with this bright and colourful bowl of goodness. It's vegan and low in calories, too.

Colourful salad in a buddha bowl

Roasted courgette, chickpea and lemon salad

Check out this quick and easy vegan salad recipe with roasted courgettes and crunchy chickpeas tossed in punchy harissa. It's ready in 20 minutes and low in calories, too.

Roasted Courgette Salad with Chickpeas on a White Plate

Vegan stir-fry

Try Hetty McKinnon's healthier take on a classic stir fry for a dinner that's easy to rustle up yet offers bold, punchy flavours thanks to cumin and chilli.

Vegan Mushroom Stir Fry Recipe

Tofu piccata

Nadine Brown's speedy vegan dish makes the most of tofu and long-stemmed broccoli, offering fresh and zesty flavours which vegans and meat-eaters alike will enjoy.

A fried tofu and broccoli dish

Sunblush tomato and olive vegan paella

Filled with rich Mediterranean morsels, this plant-based paella has bags of flavour and will impress the whole family.

A large pot of vegan paella with sun blush tomatoes, olives, peppers and courgettes

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