Hosting an impromptu dinner party with friends? Take your entertaining skills to another level with our smart yet effortless party food platters. From salty baked feta boards to camembert toppers and a full-blown Swedish smörgåsbord, we've got your entertaining needs covered for your next get-together.


Afterwards, check out our no-oven effortless entertaining ideas and effortless entertaining recipes, or read our guide to throwing an effortless summer dinner party. Hosting friends for a World Cup match? We've got the ultimate guide to hosting the big match, as well as the best World Cup recipes to keep guests sated.

Party food platter ideas

Baked feta board

A block of salty feta, baked with sweet, sticky honey, is the centrepiece of this fun sharing board by Morgan McGlynn. Slather the smooth cheese on crackers and top with fudgy textured roast figs and crunchy almonds.

A baked block of feta on a board with figs, crackers, almonds and sliced cucumbers


The scale of this Scandinavian smörgåsbord by Morgan McGlynn borders almost on a buffet, perfect for feeding the masses. A mixture of hot and cold dishes, along with traditional cheese varieties such as brown Norwegian gjetost and jarlsberg, are a must.

A smörgåsbord with cheese, pickles and fish on a white table

Ultimate cheeseboard

This festive cheeseboard recipe from Morgan McGlynn's book The Modern Cheeseboard comes jam-packed with crowd-pleasing cheese, meat and fruit. The best thing is that it's really easy to prep.

A festive cheese board filled with figs, cheese, meats, bread and pickles

Quick and easy recipes

Baked camembert

Arguably the easiest way to entice friends is with a selection of baked camembert toppers: veggies will swoon over our camembert luxuriously topped with wild mushrooms and truffle oil, or opt for ultimate wintry comfort with toppings such as cranberry, port and thyme. Better yet, go one step further and serve your cheese on this appropriately themed camembert cheese platter.

Easy Baked Camembert Recipes

Homemade pâté

Another fuss-free way to impress is with homemade pâté: our veggie mushroom pâté is easy to whizz together, and packs depth of flavour thanks to a few sprigs of thyme, garlic and sherry. Or keep things classic with our French chicken liver pâté, best served with cornichons and plenty of fizz.

A glass pot of mushroom pate on a plate with crudites

More platter recipes

Summer deli board

Perfect for the warmer months, throw together our pick of charcuterie and veggies, served with a pot of oozing melted brie.

Charcuterie Board Recipe

Picnic platter

Picnic staples including cheese, chutney, pâté and salami are transformed into an easy, no-cook dinner party centrepiece.

A serving board loaded with bread, cheese, pickles, cured meat and veg, with a knife on a pink background

Crudités with chipotle aïoli

A great starter to bring out at dinner parties over the summer, using whichever crisp, fresh veg is available. It only takes 15 minutes to put together and serves six.

A wooden board on a grey stone background flled with vegetable crudités and a small pot of chipotle aïoli with red rippled through

Platters to buy

LSA International serve glass multi serving platter

A large glass serving platter

Serve your favourite cheese, meat, fruit and dips in this large glass multi-compartment platter.

Available from:
John Lewis, £75

FULLSPÄCKAD serving tray

A two tiered wooden serving tray

Ikea's tray is great for storing plates and glasses on one level, with snacks and appetisers on the other. It also features a sturdy handle for carrying.

Available from:
Ikea, £15

Elements marble/acacia round serve board

A marble/acacia round serving board

Serve appetisers, desserts or charcuterie on this sophisticated board, made from terrazzo stone and acacia wood. The marble section of the board is naturally cool, perfect for keeping cheese platters at the correct temperature.

Available from:
Typhoon, £25

Porcelain chip and dip serving dish

Available from John Lewis, £20

A porcelain chip and dip serving dish

This five-section chip and dip platter is the perfect serving solution for nachos. This porcelain dish is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, too.

Available from:
John Lewis, £20

Elements oval marble serve board

Available from Typhoon, £29

An oval marble serving board

Present cold and hot dishes on this oval-shaped serving board – the marble makes a beautiful backdrop for pictures.

Available from:
Typhoon, £29

Tarrazzo tapered serving board with handle

Available from John Lewis, £20

A mosaic-style serving board with handle

Add a touch of classic Italian style to your party platter with this tapered serving board made from terazzo marble.

Available from:
John Lewis, £20

Porcelain & acacia wood lazy susan

Available from John Lewis, £40

A porcelain lazy susan

Inject some foodie frisson when serving nibbles with this rotating lazy susan, including five bowls fit for snacks and dips.


Available from:
John Lewis, £40

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