Cold brew coffee

Best coffee recipes

Cappuccino, espresso, mocha? Whatever your preference, you will love our easy but impressive coffee recipes for cakes, desserts and coffee drinks (check out our espresso martini!)

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Looking for coffee recipes? Want to make the perfect coffee? Try our ideas below, then check out expert barista Celeste Wong’s guides for how to make coffee at home, including how to use a moka pot, how to use an Aeropress and how to make pour-over coffee. Ramp things up with a coffee cocktail recipe.


Coffee recipes

How to make iced coffee

Iced coffee is a brilliant way of keeping cool and getting your caffeine fix. Learn how to make your own with our simple recipe (you can add a splash of your favourite liqueur to make it boozy if you like!).

Iced Coffee Recipe

Cold brew coffee

To make this recipe, you need to buy a piece of kit or cobble together your own kit using a funnel, some good quality filters such as Chemex or a cloth filter, a very fine sieve like a chinois and a glass jug. Buy freshly roasted beans if you can, and because you need coarsely ground coffee it’s best to grind your own. Filtered water will also help give a better flavour, or reverse-osmosis filtered water if you can find and afford it! If you are using a dripper, refer to the instructions, otherwise the instructions below are a rough guide.

Cold brew coffee

Irish coffee affogato

Affogato is the ultimate cheat’s pud. Adding a slug of any spirit or liqueur you fancy makes it even more grown-up.

Irish coffee affogato

Iced hazelnut chai latte

This Indian-inspired latte uses darjeeling tea, black pepper, cinnamon and hazelnut milk to create a wonderfully nutty and aromatic complexity.

Iced hazelnut chai

Espresso martini

We love espresso martinis! One of the coolest cocktails around, this punchy little number blends hot espresso and vodka for ultimate effect.

Best Espresso Martini Recipe

Coffee syrup

Turn your love of coffee into a rich evening treat with this syrupy concoction including brown sugar, strong black coffee and vanilla extract.

A bottle of homemade coffee syrup

Café liégeois from littlefrench

Sumptuous regional French cookery takes centre stage at this intimate neighbourhood restaurant in Bristol. The coffee cuts through the rich ice cream in this simple recipe and the crunchy bits of ice are wonderfully refreshing.

Coffee Ice Cream Recipe (Café Liégeois)

Irish coffee cake

We’ve ramped up a classic coffee cake with a splash of Irish whiskey and Guinness. Plus, it’s topped with luxurious coffee flavoured cream for an extra decadent cake recipe. Discover our most decadent sweet recipes here.

Irish Coffee Cake Recipe

Coffee, chocolate and walnut cake

The combination of coffee and walnut is a classic but the addition of chocolate adds another layer of flavour to this beautiful cake, ready in just one hour.

Coffee and Walnut Cake Recipe with Chocolate

Affogato chocolate mousse

Check out this quick and easy chocolate mousse recipe with espresso. If you’re hosting a dinner party and looking for an indulgent yet easy dessert that can easily be made ahead, try these gluten free creamy puds – ready in 15 minutes.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe with Affogato

No-churn Vietnamese coffee ice cream

Coffee, cardamom and cinnamon add a flavour packed edge to this quick ice cream idea. You only need 15 minutes to prepare before freezing – an easy pick-me-up for summer entertaining. Check out more of our best ice cream recipes here.

Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

Coffee cake with pecan brittle

Classic coffee cake is one of our all-time favourite afternoon treats. In this recipe, we’ve given it a modern twist to include deliciously crunchy pecan brittle.

Espresso pancakes

We love a shot of espresso and we have used a double espresso shot in these pancakes to give them a more grown-up and the hazelnuts provide a great bit of texture. Perfect any time of year.

Coffee loaf cake with mocha fudge frosting

If your daily coffee shop treat is always a mocha, you’ll just love this coffee cake. It has a really indulgent icing made with dark chocolate and coffee – yumm!

Chocolate marquise with coffee crème anglaise and cocoa nib praline

This decadent chocolate marquise is filled with praline and served with coffee crème anglaise. Cocoa nibs have a rich, bitter chocolatey aroma, look out for them at health food shops.

Coffee and walnut cupcakes

Coffee and walnut cake is a teatime favourite. With this recipe, we’ve given it a modern makeover by giving it the cupcake treatment. Pipe the icing sky-high for maximum cake drama.

Vanilla panna cotta with espresso swirl

Panna cotta is an Italian pudding of cream which has been softly set with gelatine. This version has a delicious espresso coffee swirl in the middle for an extra touch and a bit of a buzz.

Coffee and walnut swiss roll

A swiss roll is always fun to make and this grown-up version of the classic recipe is just so delicious with its coffee, walnut and creamy mascarpone filling.


Gingerbread and espresso martini

This velvety smooth, gingerbread cocktail is the perfect warmer for chilly days – or as a cheeky, alcoholic alternative to pudding. Mix one up in a matter of minutes at home.