Want to know how to use up carrots? Try our best carrot recipes to make the most of this budget-friendly veg.


Growing your own carrots is simple, so use up a glut with our favourite carrot cake recipes (including a vegan carrot cake), along with easy guides to making the perfect roasted carrots and glazed carrots.

You may have noticed root veg tastes sweeter in the winter months – that's because of the starch. During the growing season carrots – as well as veg such as turnips, parsnips and swedes – store up energy in the form of starches, and as the temperature drops, it converts into sugars.

We have some great ideas for cooking with carrots, from carrot and coriander soup, to fragrant Sri Lankan curry, vegetarian burgers, carrot cake and salads.

Want expert advice for growing your own crop? Learn how to grow your own carrots from our friends at Gardeners’ World.

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Why we love carrots

Carrots are affordable, versatile and good for you, it's no wonder they're one of our favourite ingredients. Grate them into salads, sandwiches and burgers. Add their sweetness to cakes, biscuits and even porridge. They work well in curries with earthy spices, like coriander and turmeric. Roasting them brings out their natural sugars, you could enhance this by coating them in honey or orange juice before popping them in the oven.

The health benefits of carrots

Carrots are a good source of fibre, which means they support a healthy gut. They provide vitamin C and dietary carotenoids. These are converted to vitamin A in the body and used to give eye health a boost.

Easy carrot recipes

Middle Eastern roast carrot salad with herby carrot top yogurt

This recipe not only uses roast carrots but also their herby green tops, so nothing is wasted. Serve this easy recipe as an impressive side dish at your next family dinner.

Middle Eastern Carrot Salad with Herb Yogurt

Turmeric-fried veggie rice

Carrot ribbons help make our turmeric-fried rice extra vibrant. This colourful recipe is packed with punchy flavour and super simple to make. Plus, it comes in under 300 calories per serving.

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe with Turmeric

Beetroot and carrot salad

This vibrant salad of beetroot, freekeh and spring onion is packed with colour and texture – it makes for an impressive starter or side dish and is really simple to put together.

A plate of beetroot and golden freekeh topped with sliced spring onion on a grey background

Classic vegan carrot cake

This frosted carrot cake is entirely plant-based and uses a surprising (vegan) ingredient that guarantees a moist sponge every time. Find more vegan baking ideas here.

Vegan carrot cake topped with walnuts on a white cake stand

Carrot cake loaf

Make this carrot cake loaf extra-special with brown butter soft cheese frosting, if you like, or simply leave it off if you’re short on time.

Carrot cake loaf topped with icing

Carrot and coriander soup

Ground and fresh coriander take this carrot soup to the next level. Top with our ras el hanout croutons for a jazzed-up lunch or supper.

Carrot and coriander soup in a bowl with spicy flatbread croutons

Carrot salad with chickpeas and lemon

Zesty and full of contrasting textures and fresh ingredients, our easy recipe for carrot salad with chickpeas and lemon is ready in just 15 minutes.

Carrot Salad Recipe with Chickpeas served on an oval white serving plate

Carrot, halloumi and dill balls

Rarely do you see carrots fried, but here Sabrina Ghayour has combined them with halloumi to make these crispy little balls – perfect with drinks at a party or as part of a feast. Discover more of our easy canapé recipes here.

Halloumi Balls Recipe with Carrots

Gochujang roasted root veg

Carrots are roasted in a gochujang dressing alongside parsnips and swede, making a punchy side dish that’s super easy to prepare.

A tray of Gochujang-roasted root veg with a black kitchen cloth

Sri Lankan carrot curry

Try our vibrant carrot curry with Sri Lankan spices. This vegan recipe is easy to make and ready in under an hour, plus it's low calorie too. More vegetarian curry ideas here.

Sri Lankan Curry Recipe with Carrot

Thai carrot and lemongrass soup

Thai cuisine uses fragrant flavours to create warming and comforting dishes. We've incorporated them into this aromatic carrot soup, which has plenty of zing from the ginger and lemongrass.

Thai Carrot Soup Recipe with Lemongrass

Carrot cake with muscovado

Everyone loves the spiced flavour of carrot cake. Here, we’ve added muscovado sugar for a richer flavour, golden sultanas and pecans for texture and a shot of syrup to sweeten the frosting.

Carrot Cake Recipe with Muscovado Sugar

Barbecued carrot, ricotta and toasted pecans

If you've never grilled a carrot before, now is the time. This epic BBQ recipe, packed with contrasting textures and flavours, will show you how.

BBQ Carrot Side Dish Recipe

Carrot and cardamom pilaf

Our vegetarian carrot pilaf with cardamom is an easy way to feed the family and is packed full of flavour. Plus, it's under 500 calories. Try our low calorie vegetarian ideas here.

Carrot Rice Recipe with Cardamom

Roast carrot and spelt salad with dukkah and preserved lemon dressing

Roasted carrots bring crunchy freshness to this easy salad, while the dukkah gives a delightful nutty flavour. A great vegetarian meal.

Roasted Carrot Salad With Spelt, Dukkah and Preserved Lemon Dressing

Carrot top pesto and roast carrots

Use the whole carrot in this zero-waste veggie dish, roasting the root and blitzing the carrot tops into a pesto.

carrot top pesto roasted carrots

Carrot and orange soup

That's one seriously orange soup! Carrots are the heroes in this dish, which only has five other ingredients. Blitz them all together to make a vibrant, low-calorie lunch.

Orange and carrot soup

Carrot cake cheesecake

Love carrot cake? Love cheesecake? We've combined these well-loved classic puds so you never have to choose. This carrot-based number is packed with plenty of spice, orange zest and crunchy pecans.

Carrot Cake Cheesecake Recipe

Carrot marmalade

Check out this super easy recipe for delicious carrot marmalade. Try it on scones with a dollop of cream, or it’s also good drizzled over labneh on crostini. For a tarter marmalade, add extra lemon.

Carrot Marmalade Recipe

Potato and carrot rosti

This easy vegetarian rosti is made with grated carrot and topped with a fried egg. Quick, filling and meat-free, it goes well with a leafy green salad.

Potato and carrot rosti

Quick carrot and walnut bread

The carrots help give this multi-purpose healthy bread a really moist texture, along with walnuts and yogurt. Spread with cream cheese for extra indulgence.

Quick Bread Recipe For Carrot and Walnut Bread

Roast carrots with crisp chickpeas and tahini

We love roasted carrots, and these ones, served with chickpeas and a tahini sauce, are the best. Any leftovers make a great packed lunch.

Roast Carrots with Chickpeas and Tahini

Carrot falafels

Use up your carrots to give these delightful falafel balls a lighter taste and texture. What's more, they're low in calories and full of flavour.

Vegan Falafel Recipe with Carrot

Vietnamese carrot salad

A healthy carrot salad gets the Asian treatment. The zingy lime, chilli and ginger dressing gives crunchy veg a massive lift. Serve as a side with chicken or pack up for a low-fat lunch. Take a look at our other Asian salads recipes here.

Vietnamese carrot salad

Carrot, cumin and feta fritters with coriander yogurt

These carrot, cumin and feta fritters are deliciously golden and crispy. Serve with herb yogurt and salad. We have more fab fritter recipes here.

Carrot, cumin and feta fritters with coriander yogurt

Freekeh and carrot burgers

Carrots buddy up with nutty, smoky, protein-rich super grain freekeh in this recipe. Not only are these burgers healthy and easy to make, they might just be the best vegetarian burgers ever!

Freekeh and Carrot Veggie Burgers Recipe

Pomegranate-glazed baby vegetables with grapes

Give your roasted carrots an impressive sticky glaze with pomegranate molasses, honey and blackberry jelly.

Roasted Vegetables Recipe with Pomegranate

All-in-one lamb and Guinness stew

Chantenay carrots, tender lamb and hearty Guinness make up this warming one-pot stew with creamy mash and peas. No pre-frying of ingredients required.

Lamb and Guinness stew with chunky vegetables in a pot

Carrot cake with maple frosting

How do you improve on a classic carrot cake? Roast the carrots for an even denser, richer cake, then slather in maple buttercream. This is a modern twist on a favourite that really elevates it to the next level.

Carrot Cake Recipe with Maple Frosting

Carrot mostarda

Carrot mostarda is a Venetian Jewish recipe, a dish for celebrating the new year. This recipe will make enough for 12 cicchetti but you can also try it out with a roast or on sandwiches.

a round metal ray with a slab of wood inside, with two pieces of bread topped with carrot and ham

Carrot-halwa millionaire bars

This decadent hybrid recipe combines a buttery pistachio shortbread base with a layer of kewra (or pandan extract) scented caramel, and moreish, fudgy carrot halwa topping.

carrot halwa millionaire bars

Carrot and parsnip dhal

Show your leftover roast veggies some love and use them to top a nourishing bowl of spiced tarka dhal. This makes an easy vegan dinner for four.

Two bowls filled with yellow dhal and topped with roast parsnips

Carrot and tahini muffins

Give classic carrot cake an upgrade with a silky smooth, nutty tahini buttercream – these easy muffins make for the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

A teal background topped with a small plate, with a golden muffin with white icing on top

Lacto-fermented carrots with grain salad

Make carrot season last even longer by fermenting with citrussy orange zest and fragrant herbs. Once pickled, this funky veg is fantastic paired with grains, orange slices and pistachios for a zingy vegan salad.

A green platter topped with grains, slices of orange, fermented carrots and crushed green pistachio nuts

Healthy carrot cake muffins

Thick greek yogurt is the key to these miraculous muffins, flavoured with orange zest, mixed spice and maple syrup.

Carrot Cake Muffins on a Wire Rack

Mushroom pearl barley risotto with roasted carrots

Pearl barley makes a great change from rice in risottos, and you won’t need to continuously stir it. This mushroom risotto is topped with beautifully sweet and nutty roasted rosemary carrots.

Two bowls filled with barley risotto and topped with orange roast carrots

Carrot and parsnip soup

Whizzing the cream in at the end makes for a super-creamy soup. Enjoy this cosy, orange soup with a swirl of double cream and a hunk of buttered bread.

Carrot and parsnip soup in a white bowl next to spoon

Carrot cake cupcakes

A classic cake in cupcake form, made all the more delicious with an orange cream cheese frosting. You don't need any butter for this recipe – it calls for light olive oil instead.

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Steak tagliata with zingy carrot and cabbage slaw

Make steak super colourful by matching strips of sirloin with rocket, roasted red peppers and a homemade red cabbage, beetroot and carrot slaw.

Steak Tagliata Recipe With Carrot Cabbage Slaw

Spiced carrot and lentil soup

Check out our simple red lentil soup recipe with lightly spiced curried carrots. This veggie soup is easy to make and under 300 calories.

Three bowls of carrot and lentil soup

Sweet potato, carrot and ginger soup

Make our simple vegan soup with sweet potato, carrot, and fiery ginger. This warming soup recipe is ideal for a quick and easy wintery lunch, plus it's low in calories, too.

Sweet Potato, Carrot and Ginger Soup Recipe

Jewelled pilaf

Recreate this easy jewelled carrot and pistachio pilaf, coloured gold with turmeric and studded with ruby pomegranate seeds.

A brown bowl of yellow Jewelled carrot and pistachio pilaf with a large serving spoon

Gluten-free carrot cake with toasted marshmallow icing

Turn your carrot cake up a notch with our impressive recipe. Carrots, pistachios and almonds give this gluten-free cake a rich, moist crumb, and the marshmallow icing is a lighter topping than traditional buttercream.

Carrot and Pistachio Cake with Marshmallow Icing

Charred carrots with walnut and orange

Give your winter veg star status with this zesty, colourful carrot side dish for two.

Charred Carrots Recipe With Walnuts and Orange

Roasted baby carrots

Festive clementines are a great way to jazz-up carrots for Christmas Day, plus roasting these baby carrots whole looks so much more special than slicing them into coins.

Baby Roasted Carrots Recipe With Citrus

Carrot and smoked paprika soup

A light and fresh vegetarian soup recipe made with carrots and warming smoked paprika and a handful of fresh coriander leaves. Best for lunch or a low-fat midweek meal or even a dinner-party starter.

Carrot and smoked paprika soup

Creamy carrot soup

This easy carrot soup is seasoned with bay leaves and honey and topped with mint and basil crème fraîche. Make a little extra and heat up the leftovers for a tasty lunch at the office.

Roasted carrot soup

Orange and carrot muffins

Sneak some carrot-goodness past the kids with our best orange and carrot muffins. This tangy combination is loved by all and is perfect for a special breakfast treat. Top with grated orange zest for an extra special touch.


Orange and Carrot Muffins Recipe

Carrot, parsnip and horseradish gratins

These gratins make for great side dish to have alongside beef or lamb. Use fresh horseradish if possible as it has a fresher flavour than bottled.

Parsnip gratin in dish on plate

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