A bowl of golden-coloured soup with crumbled cheese and celery fronds on top

Easy celery recipes

Make the most of fresh and crunchy celery with our easy recipes. Try a simple soup, hearty stew or light and colourful salad bursting with seasonal flavours

Looking for simple but delicious celery recipes? Want the best healthy salad recipes? Make celery the star of your soups, side dishes and salads with our tasty recipe ideas.


Try our recipes below, and check out our vegetarian soup recipes for more hearty bowlfuls of veg. Also discover more salads, soups and baked dishes with our fennel recipes, asparagus recipes and leek recipes.

Easy celery recipes

Celery and stilton soup

Make the most of any cheesy leftovers languishing in the fridge with this velvety soup. You’ll need a wedge of stilton, a bunch of celery, and a healthy glug of cream for this decadent recipe.

White wine and cream braised celery

Check out our super-simple braised celery idea. This easy recipe elevates the humble celery stick to something really special, plus it makes for an ideal dinner party side dish.

Potato, celery and mustard salad

This easy recipe for potato, celery and mustard salad is easy to make, vegetarian-friendly and feeds a crowd. It’s ideal for a no-fuss, crowd-pleasing side dish.

Potato Salad Recipe With Celery and Mustard

Kohlrabi and celery remoulade

Kohlrabi and celery make a fantastic remoulade, which is usually made with celeriac, but works a treat here and goes particularly well with smoked salmon.

Khoresht karafs (celery stew) 

Reflecting the food of Tehran’s hole-in-the-wall kabab houses, Berenjak restaurant’s convivial cooking is ideal for recreating at home. Try this vibrant lamb and celery stew as part of a mezze feast.

Braised celery

If you love raw celery, then why not try this easy side dish of celery slow-cooked in chicken stock as an accompaniment to roast chicken.

Celery and wasabi bellini

A refreshing start to a meal with a Japanese twist. Great to share with friends and quench the thirst on a summers day.

Marinated raw squid and celery salad

Make something different for lunch and try this innovative recipe. Toasted fennel, caraway and coriander seeds are served on ribbons of raw squid and celery.