Looking for fennel recipes? Want the best fennel salad? Try our ideas here, then check out our courgette recipes and celery recipes.


Whether you prefer this bulb raw for its crisp, aniseed-like character, or cooked for a softer texture and more subtle flavour, we've got the recipe for you.

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Fennel salad

This seriously simple recipe sees fresh fennel paired with a pomegranate molasses, lemon and sumac dressing. Use a mandoline or sharp knife to slice the fennel as thinly as possible.

Fennel salad

Fennel bake

Put fennel at the heart of this easy Italian bake, the ideal indulgent side to serve with a Sunday roast.

Fennel Baked in Cream Recipe with Cheese

Spring minestrone

Fennel joins an abundance of veggies in this hearty minestrone soup, topped with crispy pancetta and ready in under an hour.

Spring Minestrone Recipe

Fennel, peach and broad bean salad

Thin slices of raw fennel add a crispness to this salad, which also contains a brilliant medley of broad beans, peach, basil and courgette. It's dressed in a lemony red chilli dressing for extra zing.

Broad bean, peach and fennel salad

Cucumber and fennel salad

A super-quick green salad doesn't mean relying on a bag of leaves. This one, with finely sliced fennel and cucumber, is fresh and clean with a kick of chilli.

Fennel Salad Recipe

Quick confit salmon with pickled fennel

This quick confit salmon with pickled fennel delivers big on flavour but takes less than an hour to prepare. Perfect for a posh midweek meal for two.

Quick Confit Salmon Recipe with Pickled Fennel

Seafood and fennel risotto

A sliced blub of fennel (as well as fennel seeds) create the base for our best seafood risotto. With a little bit of know-how (and some soothing, meditative stirring), a creamy, umami-rich risotto with perfectly cooked rice is guaranteed – we'll help you get there with our top tips.

Seafood risotto in a bowl with spoon

Lamb, harissa and fennel salad

Sabrina Ghayour's punchy salad is inspired by her travels in Bangkok. She matches pan-fried lamb leg steaks with pomegranate seeds, fennel, fresh mint and a rose harissa dressing.

Lamb, harissa and fennel salad

Gravlax with fennel remoulade

Check out this fresh and vibrant cured salmon recipe with crunchy fennel remoulade for an easy dinner party centrepiece.

Salmon Gravlax Recipe with Remoulade

Roast pumpkin and fennel with mushrooms

This warming recipe pairs fennel with pumpkin or squash and is ideal to serve on a wintery day, either as a vegetarian main or as a side dish.

Roast pumpkin and fennel with mushrooms

Shetland mussels, fennel and white wine

Check out this easy mussels recipe with fennel and white wine, which comes from chef Jess Dennison of Edinburgh restaurant, 27 Elliot's.

Shetland Mussels Recipe with Fennel

Whole roast John Dory with potato and fennel dauphinoise

A creamy fennel and potato dauphinoise makes the perfect bed for cooking John Dory on. This easy white fish dish is great for a satisfying Saturday night dinner.

Baked John Dory with Dauphinoise Potatoes Recipe

Detox fennel juice

Fennel has long been used for liver and detoxification support. Its aniseed flavour is balanced by the tang of the green apple and kiwi in this smoothie recipe.

Green detox smoothie

Mangetout, pea and fennel salad with smoked trout

This recipe for mangetout buddies fennel up with pea and smoked trout to pack in lots of big, fresh flavours and is ready in just 20 minutes.

Mangetout, pea and fennel salad with smoked trout

Courgette pizza with capers, fennel and lemon

Try this moreish pizza with a garlic base smothered in thinly sliced fennel and courgette, with salty capers and a burst of lemon.

Fennel-stuffed sea bream

This is a very simple but stunning dish. Cooked and served whole, the fish look really impressive. Buy the freshest fish you can and ask the fishmonger for smallish bream – you want one-per-person size.

Roast fennel-stuffed bream with fennel seed and orange oil

Chargrilled asparagus and fennel salad

This delicious summer salad with fresh fennel, grilled asparagus, Parma ham and a crunch of almonds can be prepped in advance, then once the griddle is hot it won't take long at all. Great for entertaining.

Chargrilled asparagus and fennel salad

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