Mussels with wheat beer bacon

Best mussel recipes

Bring fresh seaside aromas to your kitchen with a seafood supper. Flavour your mussels with Thai red curry spices, wheat beer and bacon, or the classic marinière sauce, then serve in a large bowl and watch everyone dig in

Looking for mussels recipes? Here is our guide to cooking mussels and plenty of recipes to try, from mussels in white wine to seafood fideau and mussels in tomato sauce. Next, try our clam recipes.


Easy mussel recipes

‘Nduja mussels

Lift a bowl of mussels with punchy ‘nduja and the light aniseed flavour of fennel seeds.

Easy Mussels Recipe with 'Nduja

Mussel and tomato chowder

Try our light, tomato-based chowder with mussels and fresh cherry tomatoes, plus a dash of tabasco for extra punch.

Mussel Chowder Recipe with Tomatoes

Mussels with orzo and ‘nduja recipe

Put mussels at the centre of this punchy orzo dish with ‘nduja. Our easy recipe is low in calories and ready in under an hour – great for impressive weekend entertaining. More orzo recipes here.

Easy Mussels Recipe with Orzo and ’Nduja

Thai red curry mussels recipe

Want a new way to serve mussels midweek? Make our Thai red curry mussels – it’s a really easy dish to make and ready in just 30 minutes but is still packed with flavour and a great chilli kick.

Thai Red Curry Paste Mussels Recipe

Mussels with wheat beer and bacon

In this healthy recipe, mussels are coated in a wheat beer and bacon sauce. Wheat beer is used instead of white wine and bacon gives the dish a real smoky flavour. Serve with crusty bread as a starter or as a main meal. Mussels are at their best in the colder months so look out for ones grown locally.

Mussels with wheat beer bacon

Shetland mussels, fennel and white wine

This flavoursome mussels dish comes from chef Jess Dennison of Edinburgh restaurant, 27 Elliot’s, packed with fennel and white wine. Check out the full menu from 27 Elliot’s here.

Shetland Mussels Recipe with Fennel

Miso mussels recipe

Want a quick and easy way to spice up your fresh seasonal mussels? This simple recipe is a healthy way to use mussels in a new, Asian-inspired way. More of our best recipes with miso here.

Miso Mussels Recipe

Spicy Catalan mussels, almond picada

Want to impress friends and family with a warming starter recipe? Why not make the most of mussels this season with our quick and easy recipe with almond picada from Oldroyd’s restaurant in Islington.

Spanish Mussels Recipe with Almond Picada

Saffron mussels with orzo & tomatoes

Make the most of mussels in this recipe for saffron mussels, orzo and tomatoes. This simple one-pot takes under an hour to make but it looks fantastic, and is packed full of delicious flavours too. Try our other one pot recipes here…

Saffron Mussels Recipe with Orzo and Tomatoes

Mussels with saffron recipe and spinach (mejillones con azafrán y espinacas)

Mussels are pepped-up in this Spanish recipe with saffron and spinach. Cook it for a dinner for two, or serve as part of a mixed tapas.

Saffron Mussels Recipe with Spinach

Mussels with garlic and herb breadcrumbs

Make the most of mussels by stuffing them with garlic and crunchy breadcrumbs. This is lovely eaten with crusty bread as a starter but you could also serve them as canapés with drinks.

Mussels with Garlic Recipe and Herb Breadcrumbs

Clams, mussels and chorizo with fino and aïoli

Mussels are at their prime in this classic shellfish soup. Mussels and clams are cooked in sherry and finished off with aïoli. Serve with slices of baguette for dunking. Discover our best clams recipes here.

Mussels with chorizo and tomatoes

Make a quick tomato and chorizo sauce, throw in the mussels and serve with paprika-dusted skinny fries for a midweek meal for two. A great way to use up seasonal mussels in the colder months.

Fideua with king prawns, chicken and mussels

Put mussels at the heart of your dinner party with this impressive fideua recipe. This typical Spanish dish (think paella with pasta instead of rice) is packed with king prawns, chicken and mussels as well as smoked paprika for that authentic taste.

Fideua Recipe with King Prawns, Chicken and Mussels

Mussels with cider cream

Make the most of mussels with our easy twist on a classic moules marinière – we use cider instead of white wine for the creamy sauce. Try this easy mussels starter at your next dinner party.