Pasta Orzo Risotto Recipe with Cavolo Nero

Easy orzo recipes

Use this small, rice-shaped pasta in our hearty dishes, from a healthy deli salad to creamy cavolo nero risotto and baked orzo with hake

Looking for orzo recipes? Use this small, rice-shaped pasta to bulk out salads, stews and risottos using our ideas below, then check out our penne pasta recipes.


Easy orzo pasta recipes

Green lentil, vegetable and orzo stew

A delicious one-pot dish that is even better after 24 hours. This stew would be wonderful served with a spoonful of pesto.

Green lentil, vegetable and orzo stew

Baked orzo with harissa prawns

Flavour prawns with harissa, dill, garlic and lemon, then serve swirled through orzo pasta for a speedy but sophisticated midweek dinner.

Mackerel puttanesca with orzo

This colourful, low-calorie mackerel dinner calls for seared mackerel fillets, a quick puttanesca sauce and orzo pasta, and it’s all ready in 20 minutes.

Orzo, bean and tuna salad

Orzo is great for adding texture and chew to salads. Use it here along with other storecupboard staples to make a vibrant, nutritious pasta salad with roasted red peppers and black olives.

Orzo, bean and tuna salad

Prawns with orzo, tomato and feta

Turn up the heat with this punchy prawn dish sprinkled with crumbled feta and dill. Serve with orzo for a quick midweek meal ready in 30 minutes.

Prawns with Tomato and Feta Recipe

Orzo risotto with cavolo nero, peas and chilli

Looking for a low-calorie orzo recipe that only takes half an hour to make? This orzo risotto for two is sure to hit the mark. All that the ingredients that you’ll need are cupboard essentials, so you won’t even have to leave the house to make this vegetarian orzo recipe – what could be better?

Pasta Orzo Risotto Recipe with Cavolo Nero

This chicken tray bake recipe with olives and orzo makes a quick family meal. All you have to do is add boiled orzo, lemon, parsley and olives to the traybake after cooking the chicken; speedy, low-calorie and tasty.

Chicken Tray Bake Recipe With Lemon, Olives and Orzo

This chicken and pea broth with orzo is the perfect comfort food all year round. You’ll only need five ingredients to make this super-speedy mean, which is under 300 calories. A perfect dish if you’re looking for a light weekend lunch.

Chicken Broth Recipe with Peas

Roasted tomato, vermouth and herby salsa orzo

Impress your vegan friends with this vibrant sharing orzo pasta dish served with a zesty herby salsa.

Easy Orzo Pasta Recipe with Roasted Tomatoes and Herb Salsa

Baked chorizo orzo with hake

Check out our easy baked orzo with spicy chorizo and flaky hake fillets. This simple but filling one-pot is an impressive midweek meal ready in under an hour, plus it’s low in calories too.

5 Best Hake Recipes

’Nduja prawns with orzo, feta and olive salad

Try our orzo salad with spicy ‘nduja pesto, crumbly feta and juicy prawns. Make this simple salad for an easy low calorie meal.

Feta and Olive Salad Recipe with 'Nduja Prawns

Orzo deli salad

This super simple orzo salad has crunch from red onion and sweetness from the Sunbush tomatoes. A vegan salad recipe that’s easy to make and low in calories.

Orzo Pasta Salad Recipe

Prawn, avocado and rocket orzo

This orzo pasta recipe is low-calorie, dairy-free, healthy and ready in just 20 minutes – perfect for a midweek meal.

Prawn, Avocado and Rocket Orzo Recipe

Saffron mussels with orzo and tomatoes

This one-pot orzo idea is really easy and takes under and hour. It looks fantastic and is packed full of delicious flavours from the fresh mussels. A great new way to make the most of mussels and tomatoes.

Saffron Mussels Recipe with Orzo and Tomatoes

Lemon and black pepper prawns with orzo

Try our healthy salad with orzo and prawns. Ready in 20 minutes, this recipe is quick and easy, which makes it ideal for a midweek meal.

Lemon and Prawns with Orzo Recipe

Orzo salad with feta and pepper

A quick, easy and colourful pasta salad of sweet red pepper, crumbled feta and fresh mint is perfect for a summer picnic, midweek meal or packed lunch.

Orzo Salad Recipe with Feta

Mussels with orzo and ’nduja

Check out our flavour-packed mussels with orzo and ‘nduja for a dish that can be on your table in under an hour. This orzo recipe only has two simple steps and comes to under 400 calories; it’s a healthy meal which is sure to impress even the fussiest dinner guests.

Spicy pork meatballs with orzo

These spicy pork meatballs make an easy midweek meal for four. Mix the pork, red onion and chilli flakes in a bowl before rolling the meatballs. Boil the orzo, then plate the pasta and meatballs together with extra red onions and cucumber. Have this low-fat orzo recipe ready in under an hour.