Looking for some healthy spring recipe inspiration? Discover our unique, creative and nourishing ways to make the most of these vibrant, seasonal ingredients. Check out our easy spring greens recipes and our best ever spring ingredient collection, too.


Healthy spring recipes

1. Burrata with sweet and sour spring veg

A fresh and colourful way to eat burrata. Sit the creamy cheese on top of pickled asparagus, baby carrots, radishes and more, then drizzle the whole lot with olive oil.

Burrata with sweet and sour spring veg

2. Spring greens shakshuka

Shakshuka, traditionally a North African dish, is typically comprised of spices, eggs and tomatoes, but here we've decided to mix things up a little. Make it green and healthy with asparagus tips and broad beans.

Green Shakshuka Recipe

3. Jersey Royals, spring greens and prawn fritteda

A fritteda is a light Italian stew of spring vegetables. Our version uses Jersey Royals, spring greens and prawns for a quick and easy supper.

A bowl of Jersey Royals Spring Soup with prawns

4. Golden onion and spring veg pilaf

Add plenty of colour to your midweek with this nourishing vegetarian one-pot packed with plenty of greens.

Golden onion and spring veg pilaf

5. Freekeh risotto with spring greens

Freekeh is made from cracked, roasted green wheat. It works well for risotto, as the grains retain their bite when cooked. Make the most of seasonal greens with this light and creamy version.

Freekeh risotto with spring greens

6. Asparagus, saffron and almond pilaf

This asparagus, saffron and almond pilaf is a lovely spring dish, and a great alternative way to use asparagus. It comes into season on 24 April, but might be in the shops a bit earlier depending on the weather

Asparagus, saffron and almond pilaf

7. Roasted artichokes with tarragon vinaigrette

These delicate roasted artichokes make a great starter or side dish. This recipe requires a little bit of effort, but looks impressive and makes the most of seasonal artichokes.

Roasted Artichokes With Tarragon Vinaigrette Recipe

8. Courgetti, pea and artichoke salad with pistachio pesto

This recipe for courgetti, pea and artichoke salad with pistachio pesto is vegan, low in calories, gluten-free and ready in just 20 minutes.

Courgetti Pesto Recipe With Pea and Artichoke Salad

9. Artichoke, courgette and lemon farro salad

This recipe for artichoke, courgette and lemon farro salad is quick and easy to make, vegan and low in calories, making it great for a midweek meal.

Artichoke, Courgette and Farro Salad with Lemon Recipe

10. Spiced radishes on preserved lemon yogurt

Make the humble radish shine in this summery dish flavoured with cumin and dill. The preserved lemon and yogurt base is the perfect accompaniment.

Spiced radishes on preserved lemon yogurt

11. Baked lemon chicken

Lemons give the creamy sauce a wonderful, zesty lift in this easy traybake. Team with crisp chicken thighs and rosemary for a comforting family midweek meal. For more ideas, see our collection of easy traybake recipes.

Baked Lemon Chicken Recipe

12. Lemon chicken with charred leeks and fennel

Marinate cooked chicken breasts in a zesty mixture of lemon juice, tarragon and seasoning to make it extra-tender before combining with charred veg and green beans. Discover more of our chicken breast recipes.

Lemon Chicken With Leeks and Green Beans

13. Herb-stuffed rolled lamb breast

Roll this great-value cut of lamb up with mustard and herbs, then bake until soft and tender so it falls apart into the white wine onion gravy.

Rolled Lamb Breast Recipe Stuffed with Herbs

14. Roast leg of lamb with anchovy, garlic and rosemary

A punchy rub takes this roast joint to the next level, and yields a deliciously buttery sauce.

Roast Leg of Lamb Recipe

15. Roast leg of lamb with pomegranate and balsamic onions

Give classic roast lamb a clever makeover. The sweetness of the roasted onions is offset by a good splash of balsamic vinegar, and pomegranate molasses is used with a touch of harissa as a glaze for the lamb.

Roast Leg of Lamb with Pomegranate and Balsamic Onions Recipe

16. Rhubarb breakfast pots

Check out these rhubarb pots for a healthy, low-calorie breakfast. These colourful breakfast pots are super-simple to make and are high in protein – perfect fuel to start your day.

Rhubarb breakfast pots with granola topping served on a tray

17. Duck with spiced rhubarb compote

Duck breasts are a great cut to cook with for a midweek supper. They make an interesting change from chicken, are easy to make, and pair well with sweet and spicy sides. This spiced rhubarb compote is perfect!

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Duck with spiced rhubarb compote

18. Rhubarb, green bean and almond salad

Rhubarb doesn't just have to be for dessert. This rhubarb, green bean and almond salad makes for a great lunch or lighter dinner, and the rhubarb adds a sharpness to cut through the mozzarella.

Rhubarb, green bean and almond salad

19. Leek, pea and spinach soup

Smooth, soothing and packed full of spring veg, this wholesome bowl of homemade soup comes topped with toasted seeds – perfect served with crusty wholemeal or sourdough bread!

A bowl of leek, spinach and pea soup, topped with seeds

20. Beetroot, apple and ginger juice

Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go with this vibrant beetroot juice recipe. You only need three ingredients to make it, so it couldn't be simpler.

Beetroot, apple and ginger juice

21. Tofu steak with beetroot noodles and dukkah

Make beetroot the star of the show with these vibrant vegetable noodles in a quick and easy dinner. Our tofu recipe is also gluten-free and rich in protein.

Tofu Steak with Beetroot Noodles Recipe

22. Ginger salmon with overnight beetroot pickles

Beetroot brightens up this easy midweek dinner of salmon with potatoes.

Ginger Salmon Recipe with Beetroot Pickles

23. Veggie sausage, spinach and mushroom fry with pesto toast

Spread crunchy seeded bread with garlicky pesto and top with caramelised mushrooms, veggie sausages and soft poached eggs for an epic meat-free brunch.

Vegetarian Breakfast Recipe with Spinach and Pesto

24. Spinach, feta and chickpea pancakes

These spinach and feta chickpea pancakes make for a delicious, quick and healthy midweek meal. Chickpea (gram) flour is gluten-free and contains more protein than other flours.

Spinach and feta chickpea pancakes

25. Sri Lankan carrot curry

Our vegan carrot curry is inspired by the aromatic spices and cooling coconut of Sri Lanka. It's easy to make, ready in 45 minutes and low in calories.

Sri Lankan Curry Recipe with Carrot


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Tracey Raye is the Health Editor for Olive and BBC Good Food. She oversees all health, nutrition and fitness related content across the brands, including the bi-annual Healthy Diet Plan, monthly Health Edit newsletter and health column in the magazine.

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