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April recipes

Published: March 24, 2021 at 5:19 pm
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How to make the most of the best spring ingredients, from vibrant rhubarb to fresh chives and nutrient-packed asparagus

Want to know what’s in season in April? Looking for April recipe ideas? Use fresh seafood, jersey royal new potatoes and herbs from your fruit and veg boxes or local greengrocer to make these seasonal dishes and bakes. We’ve included plenty of tips for how to shop for particular varieties, prepping guides and useful ideas to use up leftovers.



April is often the month (weather depending) when the rhubarb that is available in the shops changes from that grown indoors to outdoor-grown, which can vary in colour, texture and flavour. Some varieties are much redder, others are green much further down the stalk. Make the most of this vegetable in our rhubarb recipes.

This classic, creamy dessert is enriched with white chocolate, which provides a perfect contrast to the sharpness of the rhubarb.

Plates of panna cotta with stewed rhubarb


This root vegetable is a member of the mustard family, which explains its peppery bite. It comes in red, white, green, purple and black, and a variety of shapes and sizes. When buying, look for leaves in good condition – the radish beneath will be equally as fresh.

Pork fried rice

With garlic, chilli, soy and hoisin sauce, this easy pork dish is a flavour-packed dinner that can be ready in 30 minutes and use left-over cooked rice.

A metal pan full of fried rice with a wooden spoon, next to a bowl of sliced spring onions


Any crab you eat in the UK will likely be brown crab, which is abundant on our coastlines. They have plenty of white and brown meat, and can weigh as much as 3kg.

Crab mac ’n’ cheese

This comforting crab mac 'n' cheese uses crème fraîche in the béchamel to make it lighter while also accentuating the mild, sweet flavour of crab.

A white oven dish willed with golden mac and cheese on a blue cloth with a silver fork

New potatoes

These young potatoes have thin skins and are sweeter as they have more concentrated sugars. They are sometimes sold as young or baby potatoes, and Jersey Royals are a particularly prized variety.

New potato fries

Home fries are an American brunch staple consisting of crispy cubes of potato, onion, pepper and spices. Crispy and comforting, and great with bacon and eggs.

Two plates of crispy potato, bacon and fried egg on a pale linen table cloth with a small pot of red sauce


A leafy green veg that comes either in large bunches with a crunchy stem or as lots of small, baby leaves. When buying spinach it’s important to remember that its bought weight reduces hugely when cooked – so it may seem like a lot in the recipe but it will wilt down.

Florentine spinach poached eggs

Soft baby spinach in a creamy, nutmeg-infused sauce makes the perfect bed for crispy parma ham and runny-yolked eggs – dunk slices of toasted ciabatta in for brunch.

A metal frying pan filled with creamy spinach and eggs next to slices of ciabatta on a blue background

Saag paneer

This easy side dish, featuring spinach, crisp golden cubes of paneer and spiced with cumin and chilli, will go down a treat on curry night and only takes 30 minutes to prepare.

Two white bowls of golden cubes of paneer and wilted spinach on a blue background with a naan

Sausage, spinach and chilli pasta

Have this speedy meal, made with spinach and crispy sausage, on the table in less than half an hour – with chilli, garlic and dijon mustard, it packs a punch in terms of flavour.

A bowl of rigatoni pasta with spinach and meat, with a plate of parmesan in the background on a white cloth


Thin, young asparagus shoots are packed with nutrients and are prized for their deep savoury flavour and tender texture once cooked. Not to be confused with white asparagus – which are cut before they breach the surface and become green – they have a short season in the UK, from spring to early summer. Here’s how with our best asparagus recipes.

Asparagus and anchovy pasta with fennel seed pangrattato

It’s the crunchy fennel seed pangrattato topper that really makes this dish sing. A simple yet delicious asparagus spaghetti recipe, it's ready and on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Two bowls of asparagus spaghetti


Chives, part of the allium family, have a bright, fresh oniony flavour, a little like baby leeks or baby spring onions. They’re best very finely chopped and stirred through dishes at the end, sprinkled into dressings or used as a garnish just before serving.

Wedge salad with blue cheese and chive dressing

Make the most of Little Gem lettuces in this gluten-free salad. It would be great served with a crispy skinned, soft-in-the-middle baked potato.

A lettuce salad with a dressing drizzled on top

Boiled pork and chive dumplings

Make your own boiled pork and chive dumplings in just 45 minutes. Soft and pillowy, they're best served with soy sauce, chiu chow chilli oil and chopped chives.

A plate of dumplings with chopsticks

A frying pan with potato scones in it

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