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Radishes come in a surprising amount of varieties. You may be used to seeing the round, cherry-like version but you can also get French Breakfast, which has an elongated shape, Watermelon radish, with its nubbly green exterior and a bright pink interior, and daikon, which is shaped similarly to a carrot, large, white and used mostly in East Asian cooking. Want expert advice for growing your own crop? Learn how to grow your own radishes from our friends at Gardeners’ World.

When are radishes in season?

Radishes are at their best in the UK between May and October.

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Radish recipes

Roast radish and peanut salad

Radish is the star ingredient in this fresh salad, paired with chopped cucumber and tossed in a soy, peanut and honey glaze.

Large plate of radishes, peanuts, cucumber, tomato and spring onions

Spiced radishes on preserved lemon yogurt

Make the humble radish shine in this summery dish, flavoured with cumin and dill. The preserved lemon yogurt base is the perfect accompaniment.

Spiced radishes on preserved lemon yogurt

Steak tacos

The use of fresh, crunchy and peppery radish works well in tacos, paired here with tender steak. Serve alongside hot sauce, soured cream and lime wedges to squeeze over and you’ve got a Tex-Mex inspired feast on your hands.

Tacos stuffed with radishes and steak

Miso buttered radishes

Peppery pink radishes really come into their own in this simple side, with warming white miso, sesame seeds and soy sauce stirred through.

Roasted pink radishes on a baking tray

Pork tenderloin with radishes and chimichurri

Radishes get fried with pork to create this simple, 20-minute dish. Served with chimichurri and salad leaves, it's full of flavour and low in calories.

Chimichurri Pork Tenderloin Recipe

New potato and radish salad with aïoli

Fresh, crisp radishes add texture and colour to this vibrant, summery dish. Along with the crispy potatoes, they contrast nicely with the velvety aïoli.

Smashed new potato and radish salad with aïoli

Marinated radishes with pomegranate molasses

Crisp, peppery radish steals the limelight in this quick salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and pomegranate molasses, topped with mint leaves.

Radish salad with chicory and anchovy dressing

Create a colourful spread of sharing plates in your own home – this easy radish salad from Notting Hill's Gold will steal the limelight.

Radish Salad Recipe with Chicory and Anchovy Dressing

Radish salad

This colourful and fresh side salad is inspired by Umbria in Italy. It consists of crunchy radishes, juicy pomegranate seeds and celeriac in a quick but special white balsamic and truffle oil dressing.

radish salad

Roast beef and radish salad with sake dressing

This vibrant salad is made smarter with a sake dressing. At under 300 calories per serving and ready in 30 minutes it's a great way to put in-season radishes to work, not to mention use up leftover roast beef.

Roast Beef Salad Recipe

Smoked mackerel with pickled radish on rye

This open sandwich makes for a great lunch or lighter dinner for one. The pickled radish slices add a great tanginess.

Smoked Mackerel Open Sandwich Recipe On Rye Bread

Chilli pickled radishes

This simple recipe is a great way to preserve the flavour and crunch of radishes, and the red chilli adds a spicy kick. Serve with cheeses, cured meats or pâté.


Radish and cucumber salad

This salad uses seasonal British ingredients but gives them a south east-Asian twist. Crunchy radish, cucumber and red onion are dressed with sesame oil, rice vinegar and chilli.

radish and cucumber salad

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