Looking for spring onion recipes? Make the most out of this delicate ingredient with our ideas, then check out our stir-fry recipes.


Whether you fancy homegrown flavours such as potato and spring onion soup or crispy cheese and onion fritters, or want to embrace international influences with spring onion bhajis, noodle dishes and more, we’ve got the best spring onion recipes to inspire you.

Don’t throw away spring onion roots. Put them in a small glass or jar with about an inch of water and place on a windowsill where the green ends will start to grow – sometimes after as little as a day. Want more expert advice for growing your own crop? Learn how to grow your own spring onions from our friends at Gardeners’ World.

Also check out our fennel recipes, garlic recipes, celery recipes and leek recipes for more punchy flavours.

Why we love spring onions

It's rare that we look inside our fridge and don't find a few spring onions, if not a whole bunch. For many of us, they're as much a food shop staple as butter, cheese or milk. Versatile and affordable, they can be added to spicy stir-fries, savoury pancakes, rice dishes and pastries, they can even be baked into bread. Perhaps our favourite way to enjoy spring onions, is charred on the barbecue, turning them into a stunning side dish.

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Health benefits of spring onions

Like regular onions, spring onions are rich in fibre, especially the non-digestible type that helps to maintain gut health. They also have protective anti-inflammatory properties and studies have shown they may help to protect against certain cancers.

Best spring onion recipes

Cheddar soda bread with spring onion butter

Homemade spring onion butter is just the thing to slather on this cheesy, hassle-free soda bread.

Give our best classic soda bread a go.

Cheddar soda bread with spring onion butter

Cheese and onion quiche

Using spring onions alongside ready-made pastry cuts down the cooking time so you can bake this classic vegetarian tart midweek.

For something lighter, try crustless quiche.

Everyday Cheese and Onion Quiche

Cheddar and spring onion risotto with balsamic tomatoes

Try our creamy risotto, oozing with mature cheddar cheese and topped with pan-fried cherry tomatoes. This comforting recipe is bursting with beautiful flavours.

Serve up a comforting meal with our risotto recipes.

Risotto with Cheddar Cheese Recipe with Balsamic Tomatoes and Onions

Soy steamed sea bream with ginger and spring onions

Give your sea bream a fragrant lift with fresh ginger, soy sauce, red chilli and spring onions. This recipe is best made in a steamer, but is still easy to cook without one.

You won't go hungry with our tasty low-calorie meals.

Soy steamed sea bream with ginger and spring onions

Poached chicken with spring onion and ginger sauce

A simple spring onion sauce with fiery ginger tops tender poached chicken in this easy midweek recipe. The sauce makes more than you’ll need but it will keep in the fridge for a week and can be used to perk up noodles, scrambled eggs or a bowl of plain rice.

Check out more of our chicken breast recipes.

Poached Chicken Recipe with Spring Onion and Ginger Sauce

Occe (spring onion fritters)

Dunk these pan-fried, herby spring onion fritters into a garlicky yogurt dip and enjoy alongside a Turkish meze-style spread.

Occe (spring onion fritters) on a plate

Tender spring onions with charred romesco

This recipe for tender spring onions with charred romesco makes a great vegan alternative for the BBQ. The sauce is flavoured with smoked paprika and red peppers.

See our vegetarian barbecue recipes.

Tender spring onions with charred romesco

Ham hock, pea and spring onion salad

Super-quick, simple and delicious, this ham hock, pea and spring onion salad is perfect for a midweek meal. It's ready in just 10 minutes and is well under 500 calories but doesn't feel like you're missing out.

From terrines to pies, we've got lots more ways with ham hock.

Ham hock, pea and spring onion salad

Purple sprouting broccoli, spring onion and goat’s cheese tart

Tangy goat's cheese and fresh spring onions – it's a match made in heaven. Whip up this delicious seasonal tart recipe to show these spring flavours at their finest.

Use up broccoli in these inventive recipes.

Ham hock, pea and spring onion salad

Potato and spring onion pancakes

Combine spring onions with light and fluffy mashed potato to make these quick and easy pancakes. We use instant mash to make them even more effortless.

For a savoury pancake with a difference, go for a French socca.

Potato and Spring Pancakes Recipe

Pork, kale and spring onion stir-fry

Try this spicy stir-fry made with pork tenderloin for a way to make your spring onions extra special – super quick to assemble with perfectly balanced red chilli, ginger and mirin.

We have plenty of stir-fry ideas.

Pork Stir-Fry Recipe with Spring Onions and Kale served in a round white bowl on a light wooden table

Spring onion bhajis with mint and coriander chutney

Combine spring onions with Indian spices, gram flour and lager to make a flavoursome spring onion batter. These crispy spring onion bhajis are great for the summer served alongside a vibrant mint and coriander chutney.

Throw an Indian feast with our flavoursome recipes.

Spring Onion Bhaji Recipe with Mint and Coriander Chutney

Beef, ginger and spring onion noodles

Enjoy a bowl of Asian-style noodles with succulent sirloin steak, fiery ginger and crunchy spring onions. It's a great midweek meal packed with flavour and texture.

See all our ways with noodles.

Beef Stir Fry with Noodles and Ginger Recipe

Potato and spring onion soup

Spruce up a potato soup with spring onion to make this satisfying, low-calorie meal. An easy vegetarian recipe that's quick to make, too.

Find more comforting soup recipes.

Three bowls of potato soup, topped with spring onions

Gruyère, spring onion and Marmite muffins

Make a batch of savoury muffins – these Marmite ones are flavoured with gruyère cheese and spring onions to make a moreish snack for your lunchbox.

Think you're the ultimate Marmite lover? See all our recipes using your favourite spread.

Marmite Muffins With Cheese and Spring Onion

Potato, goat’s cheese and spring onion pies

These tempting mini pies are super easy party food for when you have visitors – you'll love wrapping them into parcels and sprinkling with nigella seeds.

Got veggie friends coming round? Make sure you check out these vegetarian entertaining ideas.

Potato and goats cheese pies

Sweetcorn, feta and spring onion pancakes

Try this tempting flavour combination with these sweetcorn, feta and spring onion pancakes, best served with crispy bacon and gooey maple syrup.

For Pancake Day, and beyond, there's our flippin' fantastic pancake recipes.

Sweetcorn, feta and spring onion pancakes

Spelt, spring onion and cumberland yorkshire pudding

If you're looking for a warming winter recipe with a twist, try this spelt, spring onion and cumberland yorkshire pudding recipe.

Yorkie fans, you've got to try our best ever Yorkshire puddings.

spelt, spring onion and cumberland yorkie to share

Black tahini noodles with crispy spring onions

Black tahini gives a deep savouriness to this noodle dish, perfectly balancing the sweet and spicy flavours of honey and sriracha. On the table in 20 minutes, it's a delicious midweek winner.

Try more sweet and savoury tahini recipes.

A blue bowl of black tahini noodles with crispy spring onion next to a small pot of sesame seeds

Braised spring onions with lemon and capers

Braise spring onions with lemon and herbs then serve this sweet, silky and salty dish on the side of a roast.

Get ideas from our best ever roast recipes.

a white oval dish of cooked spring onions in a light sauce on a white cloth

Ginger, spring onion and mushroom omelette

Make a speedy midweek meal for one with this quick and easy recipe for ginger, spring onion and mushroom omelette.

Looking for easy omelette ideas? We've got lots more.

Mushroom Omelette Recipe with Ginger and Spring Onions served in a black frying pan on a wooden board

Smoked haddock and spring onion cakes with dijon sauce

These spring onion haddock cakes are not only super simple to make, but are also packed full of flavour. Serve with wilted spinach or your choice of green veggies for a healthy midweek meal.

See more gluten-free meal ideas.

Haddock fishcakes with spring onion sauce

Spring onion and turmeric kefir soda bread

Serve your golden homemade soda bread (made with kefir, spring onions and rolled porridge oats) with lashings of salted kefir butter.

For something more advanced, master sourdough bread with our step-by-step guide.

Soda Bread Recipe With Homemade Kefir Butter

Spring onion and prawn empanadas

Match spring onions with prawns to make empanadas – these Portuguese dough turnovers are great for a picnic hamper.

You might prefer our meaty beef empanadas.

Prawn Empanadas Recipe with Spring Onions

Caerphilly and spring onion fritters

Mix egg, spring onions and creamy Caerphilly cheese to make these delicious vegetarian fritters. Serve as a quick starter or light lunch with chutney and salad.

When they're in season, try these courgette fritters.

Caerphilly and spring onion fritters

Sesame, spring onion and sea salt crispbreads

This recipe for sesame, spring onion and sea salt crispbreads is really easy. It makes a big batch, but they stay crisp for a while in an airtight tin. They’re good with cheese, pâté, hummus, or avocado.

Try our classic hummus.

Sesame, spring onion and sea salt crispbreads

Alison Roman's salmon with soy and citrussy charred spring onion

This salmon is slow-roasted until just cooked through, then doused in a citrussy, soy sauce and onion mixture that is part sauce, part dressing.

Find more healthy ways with salmon.

Soy Salmon Recipe with Charred Spring onions

Tuna melt with spring onion confit

This may take a little longer than your average tuna melt but there's a good reason. Gently baking the spring onion concentrates their natural sweetness, taking the tuna melt to another level.


Browse our budget-friendly tinned tuna recipes.

Tuna Melt Recipe With Spring Onion Confit

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