Slow Cooker Sausage Casserole Recipe

Best casserole recipes

Tuck into a comforting casserole dish, from hearty veggie options to sausage one-pots and slow-cooked beef stews

Looking for casserole recipes? Want the best chicken casserole or a hearty sausage casserole? See our ideas below for the ultimate comfort dish, including beef, pork and vegetarian suggestions. 


For more dinner inspiration, see our easy one-pot recipes or our best slow-cooker recipes.

Best casserole recipes

Sausage casserole

Got guests coming over? Make this satisfying sausage stew ahead of time, then chuck the cheesy garlic bread in the oven when everyone arrives.

Chicken casserole

This comforting chicken casserole is an easy one-pot that will feed the family in just an hour, with buttery dumplings on top.

Slow-cooker sausage casserole

Give your slow cooker some love with this warming recipe, packed with hearty ingredients including sausages, bacon and borlotti beans.

Chicken chasseur

Does it get any more comforting than this indulgent casserole? Serve your succulent chicken with heaps of buttery cheese and garlic mash.

Beef casserole

Warm up with this hearty stew. You can’t go wrong with chunks of beef, chestnuts and carrots slow cooked together in red wine.

Pork casserole

Check out our melt-in-the-mouth pork shoulder casserole with mixed beans. This slow-cooker recipe is an easy one-pot to feed a crowd.

Venison casserole

This recipe for venison and juniper casserole is simple to make and under 300 calories, but delivers all the comfort you’d want.

Sausage and bean casserole

A protein-packed one-pot with pork sausages, smoked bacon and homemade baked beans.

Vegetarian green bean casserole

This veggie green bean casserole is perfect for meat-free Monday with the family. High protein and only 153 calories per serving.

Pheasant casserole

Deliciously tender pheasant is cooked with sauternes wine and served on top of Puy lentils, cubed carrots and bay leaves. It’s just the ticket for a Sunday cooking project.

Chicken thigh casserole

This new potato, chicken and tarragon casserole is a great one-pot to feed the family. It’s ready in an hour and under 500 calories – ideal for midweek.

Sausage and lentil casserole

Make the most of kale in our sausage one-pot recipe, served with a quick, punchy gremolata on the side.

Chicken and chorizo casserole

Crisp chicken skin, smoky chorizo and buttery beans come together to create a delicious, Spanish-inspired meal in less than an hour.

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