Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe with Sherry

Spanish bloody mary

  • serves 2
  • Easy

Swapping vodka for amontillado sherry makes a lower-ABV, super-savoury take on this brunch classic. Garnish with a gilda – a classic pinxto snack


Try this Spanish-style twist on a bloody mary, then check out our classic bloody mary, bloody mary shots and lamb chops with bloody mary salsa.



  • amontillado sherry 200ml
  • tomato juice 400ml
  • lemon juice a couple of squeezes
  • Tabasco 8-12 dashes, according to taste
  • Worcestershire sauce 8-12 dashes, according to taste


  • small pitted green olives 4
  • pickled guindillas or pickled green chillies 2, stalks removed, cut in half
  • anchovy fillets 2


  • Step 1

    Fill a mixing jug with ice and add all of the ingredients except those for the garnish. Mix well then strain into a chilled collins or highball glass filled with ice. To make the garnish, take a toothpick (longer ones are better for balancing on the glass) and slide 1 olive onto the end. Follow this with 1 end of the anchovy fillet followed by a chilli piece and another olive. Slide the other end of the anchovy fillet on top and finish with the final chilli piece. Repeat to make a second garnish.