Lemon Ice Lolly Recipe With Thyme and Elderflower

Best ice lolly recipes

Make sure the freezer is well-stocked with refreshing homemade ice lollies – here are our favourites, from elderflower to kiwi and lime

Looking for ice lolly recipes? Want to make your own sweet treats to help you cool down this summer? Try our ideas below then check out our best ice cream recipes for a DIY summer treat.


Easy ice lolly recipes

Avocado, kiwi and lime ice lollies

Cool down this summer with our bright and zesty avocado ice pops. These super green lollies are made with vitamin-packed fruits and refreshing coconut water for a nutritious summer snack.

Homemade Ice Lollies with Avocado, Kiwi and Lime

Strawberries and cream ice lollies

Strawberries and cream frozen together make the best ice lollies. Roast the berries, mix with condensed milk and freeze for a fun take on the classic English summer flavour combination.

Strawberry And Cream Lollies Recipe

Thyme, elderflower and lemon ice lollies

Our thyme, elderflower and lemon ice lollies are a great grown-up treat to help you cool down in the warmer months. You can make this into a cordial too, just reduce the water to 750ml and strain into sterilised jars.

Lemon Ice Lolly Recipe With Thyme and Elderflower

Iced daiquiri lollies

If you like rum, these will become your go-to treat when fighting off that summer heat. These are pretty boozy though, so strictly for adults.

Iced Lolly Daiquiri Recipe