Looking for banana recipes? Try our ideas below, or check out our banana bread recipes. If you’re looking for what to do with over ripe bananas, they are rarely too ripe for baking – take a look at our guide to use up overripe bananas. For more fruit recipes, check out our apple recipes, raspberry recipes and best healthy fruit recipes.


Why we love bananas

Bananas add a natural moistness and sweetness to bakes, including classic banana bread, breakfast muffins and cakes. You can also use bananas to make healthy versions of snacks as they are high in energy. Take a look below at our banana smoothie ideas, healthy, three-ingredient banana pancakes and vegan banana bread. You can even use this tropical fruit to create your own ice cream, or add to curries – yes, that's right!

Health benefits of bananas

Bananas are a great source of fibre, which means they're good for your gut and may help to lower cholesterol levels. They're also packed with important nutrients, including potassium, which contributes to a healthy heart.

Easy banana recipes

Classic banana bread

This classic banana loaf requires just six ingredients and is perfect for an easy teatime treat or breakfast snack. It's a great way to use up overripe bananas.

Try our spiced date and ginger loaf cake.

More like this
Sliced banana bread loaf

Banoffee cheesecake

Bananas are the star of the show in this dinner party dessert, offering comforting flavours of an old-school pudding.

Browse all our utterly irresistible cheesecake recipes.

Cheesecake drizzled in caramel and topped with sliced banana on a grey stone background with two slices cut out,

Chocolate chip banana bread

Take banana bread to the next level by topping with a luxurious chocolate sauce and caramelised bananas. Serve slices with a morning brew and you’re good to go.

Next, bake our chocolate chip muffins.

A banana and chocolate chip loaf cake on a white serving board, with a slice cut from the end

Banana muffins

This recipe for banana and oat breakfast muffins is so delicious that they feel like a treat, but they're each under 200 calories. Make a batch now and you'll have a healthy breakfast all week.

Find more healthy breakfast ideas.

Banana muffins wrapped in baking parchment on a cooling wrack and plate

Banana fritters

Make a batch of battered, deep-fried bananas and serve with a dusting of icing sugar – look for yellow-skinned bananas (not green), as you'll want them to be ripe.

For a lighter end to your meal, see our healthy dessert recipes.

Plate of banana fritters on a white background with a blue napkin and mini sieve of icing sugar

Classic banana split

Serve bananas with hazelnuts, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and cocktail cherries to make this old-school dessert.

Take things to the next level with our sticky toffee sundae.

A blue enamel tray holding two blue plates of banana split, drizzled in chocolate sauce

Banoffee cake

We've taken a popular banana cake and given it a banoffee pie make-over. Our cake is packed with bananas, covered in creamy caramel buttercream and topped with caramelised bananas.

These are our most impressive layer cakes.

Banoffee Cake Recipe

Banana milkshake

Fancy recreating a diner-style classic? Check out our thick, creamy banana milkshake, finished with a swirl of whipped cream and sprinkles.

You might prefer to sip on our strawberry milkshake.

Two milkshakes topped with whipped cream and sprinkles on a grey stone background with a plate of bananas alongside

Healthy banana pancakes

These healthy pancakes are dairy-free and gluten-free, as well as being low in calories. Using just three ingredients, they are super quick to whip up and the peanut butter makes them sturdy so they’re easy to flip.

For another fruity favourite, try blueberry pancakes.

Plate of pancakes with syrup and bananas

Banana nut muffins

These banana and nut muffins are easy to make and under 300 calories each. They include chopped peanuts and almonds as well as almond flakes for the topping. Make a batch for breakfast.

If you like peanuts, you'll love our peanut butter recipes.

Banana Nut Muffins Recipe

Vegan banana bread

Check out our moist vegan banana bread. This recipe is super moreish and easy to make, and goes perfectly with your morning tea.

Expand your repertoire with our vegan baking recipes.

Easy Vegan Banana Bread Sliced on a Board

Banana and rum fritters

Try this popular French Caribbean sweet snack, enjoyed on Sundays around carnival time. We think they're delicious any time of year.

You could serve these after Caribbean fish curry.

Banana Fritters Recipe

Banoffee fridge cake

Everyone knows banoffee pie tastes even better the day after making, when all the flavours have had a chance to meld. This easy, no-bake fridge cake with banana and shop-bought caramel takes advantage of that as it's left overnight before being sliced.

Find more fabulous fridge cakes.

Banoffee fridge cake

Banana split s'mores

This fun dessert makes a feature of cooked bananas, ideal when paired with salty biscuits and dark chocolate due to their fragrant juiciness.

These easy s’mores chocolate pots are an absolute must-try.

blackened banana split s'mores in foil parcels with a yellow background

Banana smoothie

This vegan almond milk smoothie combines banana, cinnamon, porridge oats and nutmeg to make a hearty, high-protein and gently spiced shake.

Go green with a kale smoothie.

Almond Milk and Banana Smoothie in a Glass

Roasted banana swirl ice cream

Bananas and milk are two things that Brits throw away most of. No more! Even those bananas that are black and spotty are welcome here – they’re actually better as they are super ripe and sweet.

For a touch of the Mediterranean, try olive oil ice cream.

Roasted Banana Ice Cream with Caramel

Banana bread cheesecake

Indulge in this glorious mash-up of two favourite sweet treats – a banana bread base topped with creamy vanilla cheesecake, sliced bananas and salted caramel.

Alternatively, try our luscious lemon cheesecake.

Banana bread cheesecake with slices taken out

Spiced pineapple and banana cake

With its tropical notes and its subtle harissa heat, this banana cake serves up a big slice of holiday flavour, topped with a creamy icing. Don’t be scared of the harissa – the flavour mellows in the cooking.

We love a taste of the tropical, like this pineapple smoothie.

Banana and Pineapple Cake Recipe

Whisky caramel and banana self-saucing pudding

Add a splash of booze to this banana and caramel dessert for extra indulgence! Ready in under an hour, this comforting pudding magically creates its own sauce. Best served warm with a dollop of ice cream.

Discover more self-saucing recipes here.

Caramel Self-Saucing Pudding Recipe with Bananas and Whisky

Quick banana ice cream

You won't believe how quick and easy this no-churn ice-cream recipe is. There's no need to make a custard base – just blend bananas, cream and sugar and freeze.

Oreo mug cake is another quick sweet fix.

Quick banana ice cream

Strawberry and banana smoothie

Check out our quick and easy smoothie with fresh strawberries, bananas and tofu – ready in 5 minutes. Using silken tofu may sound strange for a sweet recipe, but will give a creamy texture to the smoothie.

Make the most of strawberry season with our sweet, juicy recipes.

Vegan Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Recipe

Easy banana bread with peanut butter frosting

It’s hard to improve on a classic banana bread, but we think the indulgent peanut butter addition just edges it! A real nutty twist on everyone's favourite. Serve with your freshly brewed morning coffee.

Read our review of the best crunchy peanut butters.

Peanut Butter Banana Bread Recipe

Butterscotch banoffee tart

Check out this creamy chocolate tart recipe with juicy bananas, salted caramel and old school butterscotch Angel Delight. Impress your friends and family with this super indulgent dessert.

Whether it's for a dinner party or a casual lunch, we've got lots of sweet tart recipes to end your meal.

Banoffee Pie Recipe with Butterscotch

Caramel banana blondies

Blondies are the white chocolate version of brownies. This easy tray bake is also packed with banana and rich caramel. Serve at teatime or warm with a scoop of ice-cream for pudding.

White chocolate fans will love our custard cream blondies.

Caramel Banana Blondies Recipe

Banana and cauliflower curry

Banana, the surprise ingredient in this vegan curry, adds sweetness and thickens the sauce. It's a bit of a secret weapon, as it makes for a creamy, comforting dish.

Find more like this in our vegetarian curry recipes.

Two bowls of cauliflower curry with rice, placed next to each other with a set of cutlery to the right

Toffee banana tart

Banana and toffee is a classic flavour combination. Try it in this impressive-looking, delicious, sticky tart and serve it with a decadent toffee cream for extra indulgence.

Make the ultimate sticky toffee pudding.

Toffee Banana Tart Recipe

Banana daiquiri

A classic daiquiri gets a banana twist in this tropical cocktail recipe, a perfect refresher to enjoy outdoors.

We're always down for a fruity cocktail.

A banana daiquiri cocktail with fresh banana on the side

Healthy banana bread

Maple syrup is the key to this wonderfully moist vegan banana bread, flavoured with both coconut oil and desiccated coconut.

Find more like this in our coconut recipes collection.

A loaf of banana bread with two slices ready to serve

Vegan banana ice cream

Our healthy banana ice cream is dairy-free, no-churn and no-effort. Once you’re confident with the process, try experimenting with different flavours.

Ttry this vegan cheesecake, too.

No-Churn Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Banana split ice lollies

Use bananas, dark chocolate and non-dairy yogurt to make a cooling dessert that's better for you, too.

Our summer dessert recipes are best enjoyed al fresco in the sun.

Three ice lollies drizzled in dark chocolate and sprinkled with chopped peanuts

Sugar-free banana bread

We've used silken tofu in place of eggs in this vegan banana berry traybake which uses natural, unrefined sugars – wonderful served with dairy-free yogurt for a sweet breakfast or brunch.

Next up, sugar-free cookies.

A tray filled with chunks of banana and berry cake

Banana sticky toffee pudding

Banana bread meets sticky toffee in this self-saucing pud, and it’s a winner. Serve with ice cream or cream and a shot of spiced rum alongside for an extra hit of warmth.

For another boozy take on a classic, go for rum and raisin bread and butter pudding.

A roasting dish filled with a golden sponge pudding, topped with two sliced bananas

Banana and walnut loaf cake

This easy loaf cake will be ready in just over an hour and is perfect with an afternoon cup of tea or coffee.

We've got more ways with walnuts.

Sliced banana and walnut loaf cake sitting on a wire rack with a blue napkin in the background

Gluten-free banana bread

Flavoured with honey, vanilla and mixed spice, this comforting banana bread is studded with walnuts and entirely gluten-free, though you'd never guess it.

For another great free-from bake, try our gluten-free brownies.

A loaf of banana bread with a banana baked into the top, on a white plate

Banana and passion fruit loaf

We've taken the classic banana bread and given it a summery twist. This loaf is a great way to use up overripe bananas, plus it's quick, looks impressive and can be easily frozen.

Enjoy more passion recipes.

Banana Loaf Recipe With Passion Fruit

Coconut, banana and raspberry muffins

Try our recipe for low-fat coconut, banana and raspberry muffins. This recipe is super quick and easy to make, and it comes in under 160 calories per serving. It's a great mid-morning snack.

Try one of our raspberry recipes for a summery treat.

Banana Muffins Recipe With Coconut And Raspberry

Butterscotch banana crêpes

Check out this indulgent pancake recipe with boozy banana and bourbon sauce. This quick and easy recipe is not only great for a decadent Shrove Tuesday pancake, but it makes a fun sweet treat to serve at gatherings with friends and family.

Banana Crêpe Recipe with Butterscotch

Candied bacon banana bread

Check out our easy candied bacon banana bread recipe. The combination of crisp, salty bacon with dense banana bread is a winner. Try it toasted with butter and a drizzle of maple syrup for an extra indulgent breakfast. Use overripe black bananas for the best result.

Banana Bread Recipe with Candied Bacon

Dulce de leche banana bread

Afternoon tea has a reputation for fussiness and recipes that need a lot of patience to make. These mini loaves are incredibly easy to make but still look elegant enough for the fanciest tea.

Dulce De Leche Banana Bread Recipe

Banana malt loaf

Use up left over bananas in our moist loaf with tea-infused dried fruit and malt extract. Malt adds an extra nutty caramel taste to this moreish tea time treat.

Banana Bread Recipe with Malt

Kefir, banana, almond and frozen berry smoothie

Full of gut-friendly bacteria, this fruity smoothie makes a great on-the-go breakfast idea.

Banana Smoothie Recipe with Kefir Milk, Frozen Berries and Almonds

Banana oat cookies

Five ingredients is all it takes to make these irresistible oaty cookies, studded with chocolate chips.

A batch of cookies cooling on a wire rack

Spiced chai banana bread

This warming banana bread flavoured with black tea and spices (to mimic masala chai). It's a wonderful spin on the classic recipe.

A fresh sliced banana loaf

Peanut butter, banana and berry smoothie

A great way to use that jar of peanut butter, this vibrant berry smoothie calls for only the simplest of ingredients. Serve on ice for best results.

Peanut Butter, Banana and Berry Smoothie

Vegan banana loaf

Oat milk, tahini and super-ripe bananas keep this egg-free, dairy-free banana bread moist and moreish.

Vegan Banana Loaf Recipe from Restaurant Snackbar

Banana bread pancakes

Use up brown bananas and dried fruit and nuts in these sweet, moreish pancakes. Perfect for a lazy brunch with the family.

A stack of pancakes with raisins, walnuts and banana

Banana and burnt butter puddings

Don't be put off by the thought of burnt butter - it just means cooking it to a nutty rich brown colour. It gives extra richness to these banana and syrup sponge puddings.

Banana and burnt butter puddings

Chocolate banana loaf

This recipe combines classic flavours into one delicious chocolate banana loaf. It's a great way to use up over-ripe bananas and will be a hit with everyone. The added whisky gives it a grown-up twist.

Chocolate banana loaf

Banana loaf with passion fruit frosting

Our take on the ever-popular banana loaf. Made with pecans and a tropical passion fruit frosting, this is a teatime treat to share with family and friends.

Banana Cake Recipe With Passion Fruit Icing

Banana and almond butter muffins

These delicious banana and almond butter muffins make a great, healthy on-the-go breakfast. Replacing normal butter with almond butter really cuts down the calorie count as well as adding flavour.

Banana Muffins Recipe with Almond Butter

Banana and pumpkin seed muffins

Add some crunch to your morning muffin with our easy banana and pumpkin seed muffin recipe. Packed with energy, they're the perfect way to start the day.

Banana and pumpkin seed muffins in a basket

Peanut butter and banana self-saucing chocolate pudding

This chocolate self-saucing pudding, also known as surprise pudding, uses smooth peanut butter and banana to create this deliciously rich cake. Serve with some vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

Or, opt for something zingy with our cardamom and citrus self-saucing pudding.

Peanut butter and banana self saucing pudding

Cacao, banana, date and cashew bars

These no-fuss cacao, banana, date and cashew bars are really easy to make and perfect as a quick snack for when you're on the go. Make a big batch and they'll keep for up to one week.


See more healthy snack ideas.

Banana & Cashew bars

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