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Apple crumble in an oval baking dish

38 apple recipes

Published: June 10, 2021 at 3:09 pm
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From bramleys to braeburns, make the most of this seasonal fruit in classic bakes, desserts and preserves. Discover our recipes for apple crumbles, cakes, tarte tatin, chutney and more

Looking for an apple pie recipe? Want an easy apple crumble? Love apple cake? Try our apple desserts ideas for autumnal baking using British apples from bramleys to braeburns. After you've checked out these recipes, take a look at our favourite crumble ideas, pear recipes, plum recipes and best healthy fruit recipes.


Want expert advice for growing your own crop? Learn how to grow your own apples from our friends at Gardeners’ World.

There are more than 2,500 varieties of apple, ranging from extremely tart and perfect for cooking, to floral, crisp, red, yellow and green. When buying, look for firm fruit with unblemished skin.

When are apples in season?

UK apple season starts in August and ends in February. British apples are at their best between October and December.

Apple recipes

Apple crumble

Check out this really easy old-school apple crumble. This classic dessert is a firm family favourite and you won't go wrong with this foolproof recipe. Try this, then check out more of our comforting crumble recipes.

Apple crumble in an oval baking dish

Apple pie

Make our easy American-style deep-dish apple pie with a crisp sugar-crust. Best served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, it's sure to become a family favourite.

Deep dish apple pie recipe

Tarte tatin

Our classic tarte tatin is easier than you think to make. With sticky caramel, tangy apples and buttery pastry, this traditional French dessert makes a comforting and impressive pudding.

What wine to drink with tarte tatin

Apple strudel

This classic Austrian dish sees soft apple mixed with raisins, spiced with cinnamon then wrapped in thin filo pastry sheets.

An apple strudel dusted with icing sugar on a wooden board

Toffee apple cake

This recipe for toffee apple dump cake is easy to make and perfect for entertaining friends and family. Drizzle extra toffee or caramel sauce for a more indulgent tea time treat.

Sliced toffee apple cake with cream cheese icing

Apple crumble cake

Both cooking and eating apples are used to create this warming fruit pudding, perfect for when the nights draw in.

A dark blue plate topped with a slice of sponge pudding covered in custard

Apple sponge pudding

Take your pudding to the next level with our steamed sponge with warm, spiced apple chunks.

A steamed apple sponge on a plate

Toffee apple cheesecake

Check out this stunning baked cheesecake with crunchy British Discovery apples and sweet and creamy toffee sauce. This indulgent cheesecake will make an impressive way to end any dinner party.

Toffee Apple Cheesecake recipe

Apple tart with almonds

A beautiful, crowd-pleasing dessert that makes the most of sticky golden syrup, sweet apples, and both ground and whole almonds. Best served with ice cream

Square tart topped with sliced apples and walnuts

Apple and blackberry crumble

Check out our crunchy crumble recipe with apples and blackberries. This classic pudding recipe is an easy autumnal dessert the whole family will love, ready in an hour.

Apple and Blackberry Crumble Recipe

Baked apples

Check out these comforting honey-baked apples with hazelnuts and yogurt. These sweet and syrupy apples make for the ideal winter dessert or breakfast, plus they're gluten free and low in calories too

Honey-baked apples with hazelnuts and yogurt

Toffee apples

Crunchy, chewy, sweet and tart, these classic autumnal treats are often eaten at Halloween – but we think they're too good to save for just once a year

Three toffee apples against a white and grey backdrop

Apple and cinnamon muffins

A batch of muffins in a muffin tin

Spiced apple cake

How do you make spiced apple cake even better? Top it with a bitter-sweet black treacle icing. Serve slices with a brew for an afternoon pick-me-up

A cake stand topped with a dark sponge cake with a light brown cream cheese frosting

Apple and clotted cream pie

Jazz up your apple pie and make our impressive recipe with clotted cream. This indulgent, warming dessert is the perfect sweet treat to serve friends and family over the winter months.

Apple Pie Recipe with Clotted Cream

Apple sauce

This versatile and speedy homemade apple sauce works brilliantly as a porridge topper, a baking ingredient or in a pork dish.

Homemade apple sauce in a bowl

Apple turnovers

Put a posh twist on this traditional treat with our recipe for apple turnovers with vanilla glaze. They're really easy to make and are a great comforting pud for the colder months.

Apple turnover on a plate topped with ice cream

Apple pie samosas

Try this sophisticated sweet twist on a samosa, with crispy filo pastry and a tangy apple and dulce de leche filling. Serve warm with a cooling greek yogurt (alternatively, vanilla or salted caramel ice cream would be a great match, too).

Four apple samosas with yogurt

Apple upside-down cake

Turning a cake into something even more special is easy when you make it upside down. Sticky apple slices and a hint of star anise in this recipe will make an easy dinner-party dessert or the best family pud

Upside-down apple and star anise cake

Vegan apple crumble

All you need to do is swap butter for melted coconut oil to make a totally vegan apple crumble. This one is flavoured with warming cinnamon.

Vegan Crumble Recipe

Apple charlotte

Cox apples and farmhouse bread are combined to make this delectable traditional English pudding. Serve with dollops of clotted cream on top.

Apple Charlotte

Russet and rum tarte tatin

Check out our showstopping tarte tatin recipe with russet apples, flaky puff pastry and dark rum. This impressive pudding may take a bit of time to make but it's well worth the wait.

Apple Tarte Tatin Recipe with Rum

Apple and blueberry pie

Check out our impressive sweet pie packed with Bramley apples and juicy blueberries. Ready in less than an hour, this easy pie recipe uses croissant dough to give it an extra flaky top.

Apple and Blueberry Pie Recipe served in a metal pie dish and a large metal dessert spoon on a blue board

Healthy apple crumble

A healthier take on classic apple crumble, this recipe tops soft cinnamon apples with a butter-free granola (which also makes a brilliant breakfast).

A green bowl with apple crumble in it

Toffee apple steamed pudding

Can't decide between apple pie and sticky toffee pudding for Sunday lunch? With this recipe for apple steamed pudding with a sticky toffee sauce, you don't have to pick. This is the best of both worlds.

Apple Steamed Pudding Recipe With Sticky Toffee Sauce

Butterscotch toffee apples

These boozy sticky toffee apples totally count as one of your five-a-day, right? Right guys!?

Bourbon Butterscotch Toffee Apples

Apple jelly

Celebrate apple season by making a jar of Rosie Birkett’s homemade jelly, preserved with chilli, mint and ginger. Serve with cheese and crackers or try it in a sausage sandwich.

A dark black background with two glass jars, one filled with a red jelly

Boozy apple crumble

Make apple crumble even better with a great big slosh of bourbon. You'll be all rosy-cheeked and merry after a helping of this cosy pud!

Boozy Apple Crumble Recipe

Toffee apple cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns are a really popular treat and apples, caramel and cinnamon make these gorgeously sticky buns a great brunch bake. Dried active yeast needs to be reactivated in water and gives a better rise than fast-action yeast. Find it in tubs in the baking aisle. More cinnamon bun ideas here.

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe with Toffee and Apple

Spiced sugar crust apple pies

This has to be our best apple pie recipe, and the recipe is super easy. These individual sugar crust pies with spiced apples are topped with a lattice of sweet pastry. Irresistible!

Sugar Crusted Apple Pie

Mulled apple bundt cake

Edd Kimber's festive bake gets its apple flavour from multiple sources: apple purée, chunks of spiced apple, and an apple caramel sauce made from reduced apple juice

A beautiful bundt cake topped with caramel sauce and golden apple slices

Sage and apple scones

Savoury scones make a great alternative to serve for an afternoon tea with some good cheese and chutney. These ones are flavoured with sage and given extra texture from grated apple.

Apple Scones Recipe

Easy tarte tatin

Caramelised apples wrapped in puff pastry makes the best tart Tatins. These individual ones are designed to be easy but impressive enough for a dinner party. The cider-caramel sauce is a delicious finishing touch.

More like this
Tarte Tatin Recipe

Toffee apple brioche and butter pudding

A delicious, family favourite. Toffee apple, bread and butter pudding, and extra toffee means this recipe is an easy win for a treat.

Apple Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

Poached apples with toffee sauce

Want a quick yet impressive autumn dessert recipe? Check out our easy cider-poached apples with golden toffee sauce and crunchy candied hazelnuts

Poached Apples Recipe with Toffee Sauce

Spicy apple crumble

Porridge oats and soft brown sugar add extra crunch to this family favourite, that is best served with rich vanilla ice cream.

Spiced Apple Crumble Recipe

Spiced toffee apple traybake

The apple sauce makes this ginger-spiced cake deliciously squidgy. Serve warm as a pudding with cream or ice cream, or just at room temperature with a hot drink


Toffee Apple Tray Bake Recipe with Ginger

Apple tarte tatin with blackberries and soured cream

This recipe for apple tart with blackberry and soured cream comes from Percy and Founders in Fitzrovia, London. It's easy to make and can be prepared ahead, so it's a great one for when you're entertaining.

Apple tart with blackberry and soured cream

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