Apple Crumble Recipe

Best crumble recipes

Crumble is a comforting British pud. Try one of our easy crumble recipes from traditional to surprising twists on the classic family pudding

Looking for homemade crumble recipes? Crumble makes the perfect comfort food all year round, and it’s a great dessert for using up in-season British fruit. Try easy apple crumble, traditional-style, or something a bit more posh, such as cinnamon and gooseberry individual crumbles.


Best crumble recipes

Vegan apple crumble

All you need to do is swap butter for melted coconut oil to make a totally vegan apple crumble. This one is flavoured with warming cinnamon.

Vegan Crumble Recipe

Classic apple and blackberry crumble

Check out our crunchy crumble recipe with apples and blackberries. This classic pudding recipe is an easy autumnal dessert the whole family will love, ready in an hour.

Apple and Blackberry Crumble Recipe

Spiced rhubarb crumble

A classic crumble is the easiest of puddings to make and perfect for making use of seasonal fruit. This winter crumble is filled with sweet, tangy rhubarb and warming spices.

Spiced Rhubarb Crumble recipe

Cinnamon gooseberry crumbles

This recipe for cinnamon and gooseberry crumbles is really easy to follow but they make great individual puds. Make a batch and freeze some for when you need a sweet hit.

Peach cobbler

A great crumble alternative for the summer months, this cobbler has a crumbly, biscuity topping as opposed to a classic crumble crust, and a filling of peaches with cinnamon and vanilla. Serve with scoops of vanilla ice cream for a sunshine-filled dessert.

peach and vanilla cobbler

Black and blue crumble pie

Check out Edd Kimber’s black and blue crumble pie, with a blackberry and blueberry filling and a cardamom crumble topping. Here are more of Edd Kimber’s epic baking recipes to try.

Black and Blue Crumble Pie Recipe

Sloe gin and plum crumble

Our sloe gin and plum crumble is a twist on a classic and much-loved British dessert. Pair with a scoop of good-quality vanilla ice cream to really take advantage of the cinnamon and mixed spice notes.

Sloe gin and plum crumble

Traditional apple crumble

Check out this really easy old-school apple crumble. This classic dessert is a firm family favourite and you won’t go wrong with this foolproof recipe.

Apple Crumble Recipe

Smacked peach melba crumble

Check out our vibrant and crunchy crumble recipe with succulent peaches and tart raspberries. Smacking the peaches for this crumble starts to release some of the sweet juices and provides you with some rough, raggedy chunks for extra texture.

Peach Melba Crumble

Spicy apple crumble

Porridge oats and soft brown sugar add extra crunch to this family favourite, that is best served with rich vanilla ice cream.

Spiced Apple Crumble Recipe

Rhubarb and ginger crumble

This recipe takes a classic rhubarb crumble and gives it a twist with the addition of ginger and star anise to the fruit and a crunchy brown sugar topping. Serve with cream.

Rhubarb And Ginger Crumble Recipe

Quince and plum crumble

Serve six with this unbeatable homemade crumble featuring plums and quince. These mouth-watering crumbles are cooked slowly for nearly 4 hours. Serve it with lashings of good, vanilla-y custard.

Quince And Plum Crumble Recipe

Lime and blueberry crumble creams

This easy dessert recipe calls for very little hands-on action. All of the elements can be made a day ahead, then layered up in glasses up to an hour before serving.