Mushroom Soup Recipe With Pickled Mushrooms

Easy winter soup recipes

Tuck into a warming bowl of soup this winter with our easy recipes, from comforting French onion to creamy vegetable

Warm up on a cold winter’s night with a comforting bowl of soup. Try a classic recipe like French onion, beef stew or chicken soup. Or, try our more unique flavour combinations, like sweet potato and miso or Jerusalem artichoke and chestnut.


For more inspiration, see our ultimate collection of easy soup recipes or our vegetarian soup recipes. Looking for a nutritious option? Try one of our healthy soup recipes.

Winter soup recipes

Vegetarian French onion soup

Sweet and sticky caramelised onions are a perfect match for Marmite in this veggie version of a classic French onion soup, finished with cheesy Marmite toppers.

Celery and stilton soup

Make the most of your festive cheeseboard leftovers with this velvety soup. You’ll need a wedge of stilton, a bunch of celery and healthy glug of cream for this recipe.

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Pumpkin soup with blue cheese toasties

Serve this creamy pumpkin soup in big mugs with fat fingers of melty blue cheese and sage toasties for dipping. It’s perfect for a comforting winter lunch or entertaining.

Slow-cooker beef stew

This hearty stew is full of iron, protein and natural antioxidants. Pop beef shin, red wine and veg into a slow cooker and leave for four hours.

Carrot and coriander soup with spicy flatbread croutons

Ras el hanout is a North African spice blend that gives an extra kick to the crunchy croutons. Just the thing to jazz up your lunchtime carrot and coriander soup.

Roast beetroot soup with blue cheese toasts

Get your festive feast off to a vibrant start with our creamy beetroot soup topped with crunchy, cheesy mini sourdough toasts.

Sweet potato and miso soup

Velvety, wholesome and packed with plenty of umami flavour, this vegan soup is simple to make and low in calories.

Smoked haddock and prawn stew

Try this creamy seafood stew for a comforting dinner for two ready in 30 minutes.

Mushroom soup

Check out this creamy mushroom soup with simple pickled mushrooms. This super-easy recipe is a great lunchtime meal and it’s low in calories, too.

Wisconsin beer and cheese soup

This midwestern state is the centre of the American dairy industry – natives of Wisconsin are affectionately known as cheeseheads – but its early German immigrants clearly found farming thirsty work, as they also established some of the country’s biggest breweries. This rich, warming soup by Felicity Cloake celebrates both traditions – perfect for a cold afternoon in winter.

Cauliflower and broccoli soup

Cosy, nourishing and packed with veg, this warming vegetarian soup recipe comes topped with golden-brown sourdough croutons.

Slow-cooker Irish stew

This hearty, traditional stew is just the thing for dinner as the winter months roll in. Put the lamb and veg in a slow cooker and leave for four hours.

Winter pistou soup

‘Pistou’ is the basil and olive oil mixture that’s drizzled over this wholesome, comforting soup. It gives the winter vegetables a real lift.

Jewish chicken soup

Steaming, golden chicken soup with matzo balls is a fixture at most Jewish Sabbath meals. This recipe comes from Victoria Prever, the food editor of the Jewish Chronicle newspaper.

Creamy tomato soup with cheese and Marmite dippers

Check out our tomato soup recipe with cheesy Marmite sourdough dippers. This easy vegetarian soup makes enough to serve four and is ready in 30 minutes.

Red lentil dahl soup with broccoli tarka

Check out our vegan red lentil dahl soup. This easy recipe is the perfect midweek winter warmer to feed the whole family, plus it’s low in calories.

Roast jerusalem artichoke, chestnut and thyme soup

This showstopping soup delivers big, earthy flavours for a warming winter starter idea.

Cauli cheese soup with golden herb croutons

Everyone loves cauliflower cheese, so we’ve whizzed it up into a comforting soup recipe for the winter months, topped with homemade thyme croutons.

Finnish salmon and potato soup (Lohikeitto)

Flavoured with dill and allspice, this simple salmon and potato soup is a Finnish classic. Serve it for a comforting lunch or starter.

Celeriac and cheddar soup with thyme croutons

This delicious, warming celeriac and cheddar soup is a meal in a bowl. Served with crunchy thyme croutons, it makes the perfect lunch or lighter dinner. It’s under 300 calories, too, making it perfect for a midweek meal.

Hearty greens and meatball soup

Lunch or dinner, this seriously beefed-up soup recipe is bound to keep hunger at bay. Making your own meatballs is so worth the effort.

Spiced squash, spinach and lentil soup

A wholesome, nutritious soup packed with squash, puy lentils, bulgar wheat and plenty of cumin for kick.