Looking for a blackberry crumble recipe? After the perfect blackberry pie? We have plenty of recipes to help you enjoy blackberries while they're in season. As well as blondies, pavlova, ice cream and cakes, we also have a number of savoury recipes where blackberries add a contrasting sweetness. You'll find a few seasonal cocktails below, too.


Find out how to grow your own blackberries from our friends at Gardeners' World.

Try our ideas to use this autumnal berry, then check out our raspberry recipes, pear recipes and plum recipes.

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Sweet blackberry recipes
Savoury blackberry recipes

When are blackberries in season?

Blackberries are in season from August to October and at their best between September and October.

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If you’re making the most of blackberry-picking season, make sure you pick properly for the best berries. The plumper and darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Also, avoid ones that don’t pull away easily from the plant.

Why we love blackberries

Blackberries grow wild throughout the UK and most of Europe. These sweet, tart berries are great for making jams and jellies or using in bakes, as their slightly sharp note can be balanced by sugar. For something different, try muddling them into gin cocktails, adding to goat’s cheese salads or blending them into smoothies.

Health benefits of blackberries

Blackberries are good for your health in a number of ways. Rich in antioxidants, they make help to protect against heart disease and studies suggest eating them regularly may improve brain power. Studies suggest they may also have anti-bacterial properties, so could protect you against tooth infections.

Sweet blackberry recipes

Classic apple and blackberry crumble

This crunchy, crumbly pud with apples and seasonal blackberries is a classic autumnal dessert the whole family will love, and it's ready in an hour.

Serve with a jug of homemade custard.

Apple and blackberry crumble in a white oval baking dish with a portion taken out

Blackberry cheesecake blondies

Blend white chocolate blondie batter with a cheesecake ripple and homemade blackberry jam for the ultimate comfort pud.

For a nutty treat, try our moreish peanut butter blondies.

Blackberry blondies cut into squares against a blue background

Blackberry gin

Make the most of blackberry season with this fruity tipple – it will last for months and makes a brilliant gift for gin drinkers.

For another homemade gift, try sloe gin.

A glass jar filled with a deep red gin and green bay leaves

Blackberry jam

Preserve seasonal blackberries in this classic jam, perfect for spreading on toast or using in sweet bakes.

See our damson jam and more easy jam recipes.

A glass jar of deep purple jam with a pot and a spoon, with two slices of toast covered in jam on a ceramic plate

Blackberry and blueberry pie crumble pie

Check out Edd Kimber's black and blue crumble pie, packed with a blackberries and blueberries and topped with a cardamom crumble. This is a great way to us up punnets of blackberries.

You'll also love our rhubarb and apple pie.

Black and Blue Crumble Pie Recipe

Lemon blackberry cake

This beautifully light, summery bake combines tart blackberries and lemon with a hint of sweetness from icing sugar. It's great with a drizzle of cream or ice cream.

Next, try our upside-down-plum cake.

Lemon and blackberry cake

Healthy baked oats

Perfect for breakfast or dessert, give this easy oat bake with juicy, tart blackberries a go – you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to make.

We've got lots more bakes using oats.

Blackberry baked oats in a tray

Blackberry muffins

For a fuss-free weekend baking project, whip up a batch of summery cornbread muffins, making brilliant use of seasonal tart blackberries.

Next, try our sweet banana muffins and more muffin recipes.

A broken muffin on a stoneware plate next to a fork and a muffin tin

Blackberry sorbet

Ravneet Gill's tart sorbet is made without cooking the blackberries to keep their vibrant colour and flavour intact. It’s a zingy summer dessert that will refresh your palate.

See all our easy sorbet recipes.

Blackberry and mint sorbet in a white bowl on a dark blue table cloth

Blackberry cake

Make blackberries the star of this pretty yogurt cake with fresh fruit baked into the sponge and a vibrant coulis drizzled over freshly whipped cream.

See all our autumnal cakes.

Blackberry and Yogurt Cake Recipe

Buckwheat tarts with rice pudding and blackberries

Make this most of blackberries in these buckwheat tarts with rice pudding. These dainty individual desserts come from food writer Olia Hercules and they make a great gluten-free treat.

Serve up a slice of classic apple pie.

Buckwheat Tarts Recipe with Rice Pudding and Blackberries

Blackberry and chocolate cupcakes

These indulgent show-off mini cakes are easy to make and are perfect for a mid-afternoon treat. Peruvian chocolate or a dark blend will work best with the blackberries in these cakes.

Check out our chocolate cupcakes and more cupcake recipes.

Blackberry Chocolate Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream

Blackberry whisky

The subtle spiciness of blackberries is a perfect match for whisky. Use an affordable blended scotch, which you can tweak by adding in whole, toasted spices (such as cardamom) to infuse.

We also have blackberry vodka for you to enjoy.

A glass bottle filled with blackberry whisky next to a full glass

Blackberry mascarpone tart

Our blackberry tart is super simple to make and doesn't require many ingredients. With crisp puff pastry and creamy mascarpone, this is ideal for a light dessert after an indulgent meal.

For an early summer pudding, try our roast peach pavlova with mascarpone cream.

Blackberry Tart Recipe With Mascarpone

Dark chocolate mousse with blackberries

Creamy, velvety and rich, this easy dessert recipe comes from chef Jess Elliott Dennison's Edinburgh restaurant, 27 Elliott's. Tangy blackberries pair well with intense dark chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts.

For a lighter end to your meal, try raspberry mousse.

Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe with Blackberries

Blackberry ripple ice cream sandwiches

These surprisingly quick and easy ice cream sandwiches are kept simple, as the ice cream requires no churning whatsoever!

For an indulgent treat, try toffee ice cream sandwiches.

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe with Blackberry

Blackberry crumble

Juicy, tart blackberries are the perfect foil for the rich, sweet topping in this comforting crumble.

See all our crumble recipes.

A dish of blackberry crumble with a portion taken out in a bowl at the side

Croissant bread and butter pudding

Take your pudding to the next level with buttery croissants, blackberry jam and fresh blackberries.

Everyone will love our classic bread and butter pudding.

Croissant Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe With Blackberries

Blackberry and raspberry-ripple ice cream

There’s no need for an ice cream machine here, just take it out of the freezer well before eating so it has a chance to soften a little. Pour over a glass of sherry for an extra special treat.

Find our best ever ice-cream recipes.

Blackberry and Raspberry-Ripple Ice Cream Recipe with Blackberries and Almond Tuilles

Blackberry cheesecake with poached blackberries

Add blackberries to whipped soft cheese and cream for the filling, and crushed biscuits for the base. Top with more poached berries and chill for the best easy, no-bake cheesecake.

Try our vegan vanilla cheesecake.

No Bake Blackberry Cheesecake Recipe with Poached Blackberries

Blackberry pavlovas

Blackberries are one of our seasonal fruity favourites and the hedgerows are full of wild ones in autumn. Show them off in this delicious pavlova topped with vanilla cream.

Or, tuck into our peach melba smashed pavlova.

Blackberry Pavlovas Recipe

Blackberry cider fizz

We've paired craft cider with seasonal blackberries, fuss-free homemade cordial and Williams Elegant Gin for a refreshing cocktail.

See all our gin cocktails.

Blackberry Gin Cocktail Recipe with Cider

Apple tart with blackberry and soured cream

This recipe for apple tart with blackberry and soured cream comes from Percy & Founders in Fitzrovia, London. It's easy to make and can be prepared ahead, so it's a great one for when you're entertaining.

Apple tart with blackberry and soured cream

Steamed blackberry puddings

If you’ve been out picking hedgerow blackberries, then no pudding could be more perfect for using them than these traditional steamed blackberry puddings. Making a steamed pudding is much easier than you might think – give it a try!

Check out our raspberry jam steamed sponge and apple sponge pudding.

Steamed Blackberry Pudding Recipe

Blackberry brownies

Using rye flour and 70% dark chocolate, try this sophisticated twist with your next batch of brownies, making the most of bay leaves and blackberries.

You'll love our chocolate brownies, Guinness brownies and tahini brownies.

Blackberry and bay brownies made with rye

Pear and blackberry crumble bars

Use fresh or frozen blackberries to make these nutty oat bars, perfect for breakfast on-the-go or as an afternoon treat.

Check out our granola bars, porridge oat cookies and flapjacks for more breakfast options.

A marble chopping board topped with slices of oaty bars

Savoury blackberry recipes

Heritage beetroot salad

This recipe from London's Galvin at Windows restaurant balances sharp blackberries with earthy beets and creamy goat's curd for an elegant starter.

A shallow bowl filled with a layer of goat's curd, purple blackberries and golden beetroot slices

Sausages with blackberries, bay and juniper

Our slow-cooked sausages with juicy blackberries and fruity juniper berries make for a hearty midweek dinner, served with buttery mashed potatoes and dijon mustard.

Enjoy our healthy sausage traybake.

Sausages with Juniper and Bay Recipe

Blackberry, ricotta & pigeon salad

This blackberry, ricotta and pigeon salad is low-calorie and ready in just 25 minutes, and it's packed with flavour. Low in fat and high in protein, pigeon is now stocked by supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Waitrose & Partners, or ask your local butcher.

Be inspired by our game recipes.

blackberry and pigeon salad

Duck breast with blackberries and beetroot

Blackberries are just as delicious in savoury dishes as sweet. Here, their tart flavour complements the rich duck breast that's been cooked to perfection.

See more duck recipes.

A cast iron pan with two sliced duck breasts surrounded by blackberries and chopped beetroot

Salt-baked beetroot with macadamia and mulberry

This beetroot dish makes the most of juicy blackberries and a sharp sherry vinegar dressing, serving up to four as a starter.

A plate of baked beetroots on a white plate


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