Looking for easy sorbet recipes? Want a summer dessert to serve straight from the freezer? Try our ideas including simple sorbets as well as restaurant desserts with a homemade sorbet to serve on the side (check out that chocolate fondant with crème fraîche sorbet). Get your ice cream scoop ready!


What is sorbet?

Sorbet is a non-dairy frozen dessert made from puréed fruit or fruit juice mixed with water and sugar (normally in syrup form).

How to make sorbet

These are the basic steps for making a sorbet with any kind of fruit:

  1. Combine sugar and water (plus optional citrus and herbs) in a saucepan over a low heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Increase the heat t0 a simmer for 5 mins, or until the liquid has become a syrup. Set aside to cool.
  2. Place the fruit (plus optional citrus and herbs) in a food processor and blitz until smooth. Strain through a fine sieve into a bowl and discard the seeds. Combine with the sugar syrup, then pour into freezer-proof container.
  3. Freeze for 1 hr 30 mins, then whisk with a balloon whisk or a fork to break up any ice crystals that have formed and return to the freezer.
  4. Keep mixing the sorbet once an hour for 4 hrs to break up the ice crystals. Stop mixing when firm but scoopable.

How long does sorbet last in the freezer?

Generally, homemade sorbet will keep in the freezer for up to a month. It is best enjoyed in the first few weeks, as eventually ice crystals will start to form which create a more granular texture.

Easy sorbet recipes

Blackberry sorbet

Try Ravneet Gill's zingy blackberry sorbet for a fuss-free dessert to serve at your next dinner party.

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Blackberry and mint sorbet in a white bowl on a dark blue table cloth

Kiwi sorbet

This easy kiwi sorbet makes for a really simple dessert. Serve it in small glasses with a little champagne or cava poured over for a more grown-up twist.

Kiwi Sorbet Recipe

Blood orange sorbet

Sweet and boozy, this twist on a sgroppino, a traditional Venetian cocktail of lemon sorbet and prosecco, uses blood oranges to flavour the sorbet for an extra boost of colour and flavour.

Sgroppino Recipe With Blood Orang

Whiskey sour sorbet

Turn your whiskey sour into a sorbet! Use American bourbon for a sweeter, vanilla base note, and bear in mind that chilling an ingredient makes it taste less strong, so serving it soft will deliver the flavour faster as it melts in your mouth. You don’t have to add the egg white, but it is an authentic part of the drink and gives the sorbet body.

Whiskey sour sorbet

Mango and pineapple sorbet

A sorbet is one of the easiest iced desserts to make and this recipe couldn't be simpler. Just make a lime sugar syrup, whizz with the mango and pineapple in a food processor and freeze until ready to eat.

Mango Sorbet Recipe

Black grape and wine sorbet

This recipe is ideal for entertaining and is the perfect light after-dinner refreshment. Instead of the sparkling shiraz, you could use a full-bodied red wine or a light, fruity rosé.

Black grape and wine sorbet served in a see through serving dish

Apple and mint sorbet

Easy-to-make sorbet. If you haven’t got a juicer, look out for freshly pressed varietal apple juice. If you can get your hands on Worcester Pearmain apples, when they are in season use them as they are great for juicing.

Apple Sorbet Recipe

Watermelon sorbet

The amount of sugar used in this sorbet recipe can be varied depending on the sweetness of the watermelon. During the long hot summers in Italy, a spoonful of sorbetto di cocomro is a popular treat.

watermelon sorbet

Jasmine tea and mint sorbet

The delicate floral flavour of jasmine balances well with refreshing mint, making for a more unusual frozen dessert.

Jasmine tea and mint sorbet

Crème fraîche sorbet

Blow your friends away with this chocolate fondant recipe served with a creamy crème fraîche sorbet.

Chocolate Fondant With Crème Fraîche Sorbet Recipe

Strawberry sorbet

This recipe for jasmine set custard with a delicious strawberry sorbet comes from Bulrush, Bristol. It’s a bit of a challenge, but a great summer dish, and the hard work will pay off.

jasmine set custard with strawberry sorbet

Orange and basil sorbet

The addition of basil rounds out the orange flavour in this refreshing sorbet. With just three ingredients it couldn't be simpler, and there's no need for an ice cream maker.

Orange Sorbet Recipe

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