Peach Pavlova Recipe with Mascarpone Cream

26 ways with peaches

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Juicy peaches are at their best in British summertime and work equally well in sweet and savoury dishes. Try peach, almond and mascarpone tart, or add them to our halloumi and green bean salad


Looking for what to do with peaches? Try our best peach recipes including peach dessert ideas.

When are peaches in season?

Peaches are in season from June to October and are at their best between July and September.



  • Use fresh whole peaches or tinned peaches

Best peach desserts

Peach crumble

Smacking the fresh peaches for this crumble starts to release some of the sweet juices and provides you with some rough, raggedy chunks for extra texture in this British classic with a twist. Discover our best crumble puddings here.

Peach Melba Crumble

Griddled peach pavlova with mascarpone cream

Check out this classic family dessert recipe. With just the right amount of crunch on the outside and chewy marshmallow filling this impressive foolproof recipe with griddled peaches will make a show-stopping dessert at your next summer dinner party.

Peach Pavlova Recipe with Mascarpone Cream

Peach tart with almond and mascarpone

A frangipane tart is a treat for friends and family, especially if you make the pastry too. This easy-to-follow recipe is the best pudding for a crowd.

Peach Tart Recipe with Almond and Mascarpone

Roasted peaches in bourbon and butter

These bourbon and butter roast peaches are inspired by Southern US recipes where households often have a peach tree in the yard. Try to get yellow-fleshed peaches rather than white.

Roasted Peaches Recipe with Bourbon Sauce

Peach and almond tart

This peach and almond tart is a little effort to make, but the results are delicious, with a light hazelnut and almond frangipane holding the poached peach slices. You can skip the pastry making part of this recipe if you like and use a ready-made sweet pastry.

Almond Tart Recipe with Peaches

Peach melba ice cream

Peach melba is a classic British dessert created to honour the Australian soprano Nellie Melba. Try the great combination of peaches and raspberries in our peach melba ice cream for a sweet and tart frozen dessert for summer.

Peach Melba Ice Cream Recipe

Roast peaches

This recipe for roast peaches from John Doe restaurant in Notting Hill is super-easy but looks great and tastes delicious. It's ready in under 30 minutes, so it's perfect for a dinner party dessert.

Roasted Peaches Recipe

Peach, pistachio and ricotta friands

Friands, mini French-style muffins made with ground almonds are so easy to make. Follow this simple recipe and treat your friends and family to these pretty, ricotta and fruit-filled delights.

Peach Friands Recipe with Pistachio

Peach, sesame and yoghurt semi-freddo

The best semi-freddo recipe: made with Greek yoghurt and peaches. Crushed sesame snaps add a clever twist. Serve as a lighter pudding for friends and family, ideal for a weekend meal.

Semi-Freddo Recipe with Peaches

Peach trifle with raspberries

Peaches and raspberries make the best fruit trifles. Shop bought cake makes this classic pud so easy and individual desserts always look good.

Peach and Raspberry Trifle Recipe

Griddled peaches with amaretto cream

Grilled peaches are delicious and combined with amaretto cream in this recipe taste even better. Sprinkle with a few extra flaked almonds for added crunch. This is really simple to make so is a great option for a dinner party.

Grilled Peaches Recipe with Amaretto Cream

Lemon and poppy seed shortcakes with peaches

Lemon and poppy seed makes a classic combination in cakes and bakes. Try our easy recipe for this classic American scone-cake hybrid. We have filled these shortcakes with refreshing peaches and vanilla cream for the ultimate teatime treat.

Lemon Shortcakes Recipe with Peaches

Persian peach mess with brown sugar almonds

This Persian peach mess with brown sugar almonds is a great twist on a classic British Eton mess. Different brands of rosewater vary enormously in strength, so add a little at a time and taste as you go, until you’re happy with the flavour.

Fresh Peach Recipes with Brown Sugar Almonds

Peach melba tart

With peaches and raspberries baked in a smooth, creamy custard, this modern version of the classic peach Melba is sure to be a hit with guests.

Peach Melba Tart Recipe

Peach cremolata

This is a lovely simple dish of frozen, crushed fruit pulp that is served with unsweetened whipped cream. There’s no need to add sugar (unless the fruit isn’t ripe), you don’t need fancy equipment and, if you leave off the cream, there’s no fat.

Cremolata Recipe with Peaches

Best peach cocktails

Frozen peach margaritas

Nothing quite says summer like a frozen margarita and we've given it a fruity twist with this recipe for frozen peach margaritas. They're easy to make and perfect for a boozy dessert.

Frozen Margarita Recipe with Peaches

Peach and mint julep

A mint julep is the perfect thing to sip as summer starts to heat up. Make a batch of minted bourbon and keep in the fridge for instant cocktails, and remember to jazz this recipe up with fresh peach.

Peach Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe

Citrus peach cooler

This refreshing summer cocktail recipe can be enjoyed as a non-alcoholic cooler, or a boozy daytime drink with the option of adding peach schnapps. Make up a large batch for a BBQ, picnic or buffet-style dinner and enjoy as an alternative to Pimms.

Peach Cocktail Recipe

Best poached peaches

Prosecco-poached peaches and raspberries

Make this most of summer peaches in this quick prosecco poached peaches dessert with sweet raspberries. This colourful fruity treat is the perfect light treat in the hotter months. Check out more of our best raspberry recipes here.

Prosecco poached peaches and raspberries dessert

Wine-poached peaches

Make the most of the peach season with this decadent summer time desert. Each poached peach is topped off with whipped cream, syrup and a scattering of pistachios.

Poached Peaches Recipe in Wine

Best peach salads and savouries

Grilled peaches with burrata

Juicy peaches give a sweet contrast to creamy burrata and salty serrano ham in this showstopping summer salad.

A grey plate topped with green leaves, orange peaches and a ball of white cheese

Farro, grilled peach and pecan salad

The grilled peaches deliver a satisfying sweetness, balanced by the zing of lime-pickled shallots and the smoky nuttiness of toasted pecans in this vibrant vegan salad.

Grilled Peach Salad With Pecans and Farro

Pickled peaches with whipped cheese

Pickling is an easy way to preserve fruit, like peaches. This simple idea served with Italian whipped cheese is quick and makes the best lunch or posh snack.

Pickled Peaches Recipe with Whipped Cheese

Peach salad with halloumi and green beans

One for the griddle or bbq. Peaches and halloumi are grilled then tossed with salad, nuts and green beans to make a fast, easy first course.

Peach Salad Recipe with Halloumi and Green Beans

Italian flatbreads with peach, prosciutto and mozzarella

The best recipe for peach flatbreads. Like pizzas they can be cooked on the bbq or griddle. Make dough, then cook and top with fresh peaches, Italian cheese and prosciutto before sharing with friends and family.

Italian Flatbreads Recipe with Peaches

Crispy duck and peach pancakes

Tangy peach sauce makes a great, simple twist to classic crispy duck pancakes. It's so much more satisfying than calling a takeaway.

Crispy Duck Pancakes Recipe with Peach