Rum and Ginger Cake Recipe with Salted Caramel

Easy cake recipes

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A light and fluffy cake is a really easy dessert to serve at a lunch, afternoon tea or to take along to an event. We have chosen our 29 easiest cake recipes for this collection, including simple Victoria sponge, frosted banana loaf, lemon drizzle cake and super light angel cake

Advertisement for an easy cake recipe? We’ve compiled a list of our top simple cake recipes that are easy to make, including our super easy chocolate cake. From the traditional Victoria sponge to easy carrot cake ideas, we’ve got some fantastic ideas to choose from to make a cake from scratch. 

Whether you’re looking for an easy dessert recipe for entertaining, making a birthday cake (with more ideas here) or looking for easy baking ideas for your family, read on to find our easy cake recipes…

How to bake a basic cake

Do I need to line my cake tins? If a cake recipe tells you to butter and flour a tin then do so. The batter might not rise as well if you don’t (it needs the butter to help it slide upwards). If it tells you not to, don’t! Some cake mixes need a rough surface to help them climb up.

How do I make my cake rise higher? To help your sponge rise sift the flour a couple of times so that it’s nicely aerated when you add it. Sifting the baking powder along with the flour will make sure that it’s well mixed before beating.

Does the tin size matter? You can’t change the tin sizes willy-nilly when baking a cake, so if you do use smaller or larger tins, adjust the cooking time (more for smaller tins, as the cake will be thicker, and less for larger ones).

Does it matter where in the oven I put my cake? If your oven has a hot spot and your cakes always come up risen more on one side, rotate them half way through the cooking time



  • We use chocolate, lemon and other seasonal flavours for our cakes

Red velvet cake

Give your chocolate cake a red tinge in this classic American cake recipe, covered in silky-smooth cheese frosting for extra indulgence.

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

The lightest victoria sponge

Follow these simple steps to get a beautiful, classic jam and cream sponge sandwich that is lighter than air.

Light Victoria Sponge Recipe

Pistachio and lime cake

Crunchy pistachios are whizzed until fine and limes are zested into this easy yet impressive loaf recipe. Citrussy limes are juiced into this simple icing for extra fresh flavour. Check out more of our easy loaf cake recipes here.

Lime and Pistachio Cake Recipe

Blood orange polenta drizzle cake

Change up the classic lemon drizzle with juicy blood oranges. Our polenta cake is easy to make and the ideal sweet treat to accompany your morning coffee.

Orange Polenta Cake Recipe

Simple cake recipe for Victoria sponge

A classic, simple cake recipe for Victoria sponge is one of the recipes that you should have in your repertoire. Once you master this, bake sales and afternoon tea will no longer be daunting, and making variations will be easy.

Easy Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

Easiest ever chocolate fudge cake

Our really popular and easy chocolate fudge cake recipe is super easy and quick to make so it is perfect for when you need to bake a last minute simple cake for a special occasion. Why not try some of our other delicious chocolate cake recipes?

Easy Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Cheat's rum, salted caramel and ginger cake

Transform simple ginger loaf into this boozy cake in just 25 minutes by soaking in rum and caramel then layering with boozy caramel cream.

Rum and Ginger Cake Recipe with Salted Caramel

Ras el hanout and buttermilk sweet loaf cake with rose icing

Ras el hanout is a spice blend that packs an earthy punch, it works unbelievably well in this easy loaf recipe – and the rose icing complements the spiciness beautifully.

Buttermilk Loaf Cake Recipe with Ras El Hanout and Rose Icing

Ultimate chocolate fudge cake

Enjoy a slice of heaven in under an hour! Our easy decadent cake is covered in silky smooth chocolate frosting and we teach you how to create dark chocolate curls for an artisan finish.

Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

How to fold and cream a basic cake mix

How do I soften butter for baking? It can be a painstakingly time consuming task waiting for your butter to soften before adding it to pastry as if it is heated in the microwave it’ll be too soft/liquid to make a well risen cake. For those inpatient bakers you can cube your butter, get a bowl of warm water and place the cubes in the water for around 5 minutes and it will be at the perfect temperature for your pastry.

How long do I need to mix the butter and sugar when making a cake mix?Creaming together the butter and sugar is a traditional way of starting to make a cake, however many bakers do not mix them together for long enough. Spend at least 5 minutes creaming the butter and sugar on a high speed until the mixture turns extremely light, almost white and fluffy for optimal rise and a lighter cake.

How do I fold my cake mix correctly? Fold thick into thin when combining two lots of mixture for 
a cake or soufflé. For example, you would add the beaten egg whites to the base, not the other way around. Add a couple of spoonfuls first and stir them in well, then fold in the remainder.

Raspberry custard cake

Check out this easy traybake recipe with sweet and juicy raspberries and creamy custard, a perfect teatime treat. Long-life custard is a bit more stable and usually thicker than fresh, so it's good for baking into cakes.

Raspberry Custard Cake Recipe

Rhubarb and ginger cake

Bake our easy ginger traybake recipe with moreish Bonne Maman rhubarb compote, perfect with your afternoon cuppa.

Rhubarb and Ginger Cake Recipe

Carrot, pistachio and toasted marshmallow cake

Need an easy carrot cake recipe? Try our version with pistachios and toasted marshmallow icing for a showstopping bake that is easy to make. Discover more of our best carrot recipes here...

Carrot and Pistachio Cake with Marshmallow Icing

Brown butter hazelnut cake

If you love almond-based sponges, try this rich hazelnut version. Browning the butter gives an extra level of nuttiness, perfect for any occasion.

Hazelnut Brown Butter Cake Recipe

Basic chocolate cake

Need a super easy chocolate cake? Check out this quick and easy basic chocolate sponge cake. This moist chocolate cake is a super simple, all-in-one cake for all those chocolate lovers out there. Serve with an extra dollop of cream for ultra indulgence. Best chocolate recipes here...

Easy Sponge Cake Recipe for a Basic Chocolate Sponge Cake

Courgette and coconut layer cake

If you love veggie cakes then you'll love our easy courgette and coconut cake. This super moist and moriesh layer cake is packed with fluffy cream cheese icing and topped with crunchy coconut chips, a modern take on the British classic carrot cake. Here are more layer cake recipes to try...

Courgette Cake Recipe with Coconut

Easy banana cake recipe with peanut butter frosting

This is an easy banana cake recipe to try. It’s hard to improve on a classic banana cake, but we think the peanut butter addition just edges it! A real nutty twist on everyone's favourite. Serve with your freshly brewed morning coffee. Discover even more banana bread, banana cake and banana muffin recipes here...

Peanut Butter Banana Bread Recipe

Easy coffee cake with cappuccino buttercream

Try our super easy coffee slab cake, this recipe is nut-free and comes with a creamy cappuccino buttercream. This simple yet moreish cake is perfect for parties, birthdays or just family gatherings. Check out more of our best coffee recipes here...

Coffee Cake Recipe With Cappuccino Buttercream

Parsnip and maple syrup cake

Change up your carrot cake and make this easy parsnip cake. Darina Allen's impressive cake recipe is super moist, delicious and easy to make. Make extra crisps to nibble with drinks.

Parsnip Cake Recipe with Maple Syrup

Easy pound cake recipe with plums and early grey

This plum and earl grey pound cake makes for the perfect afternoon treat with a cup of tea (earl grey, naturally). It's an easy recipe to make but it looks really good and tastes even better.

Plum Loaf Cake with Earl Grey

Simple carrot cake recipe

Try our simple carrot cake recipe that's easy to make. Everyone loves the spiced flavour of carrot cake. We’ve added muscovado sugar for a richer flavour, golden sultanas and pecans for texture and a shot of syrup to sweeten the frosting.

Children's birthday cake easy chocolate cake recipe

This easy chocolate sheet cake works brilliantly as a base for any kid's birthday cake. It's actually a 'sheet cake', a standard baking treat in Texas. We've added a chocolate topping here, but you could it personalise it any way you like... go with our chocolate frosting and dust with edible sparkles or extra chocolate chips; or make a completely different topping instead. Vanilla frosting, perhaps? Or some orange-flavoured glacé icing? Try another of our traybake or sheet cake recipes here..

Children's Chocolate Birthday Cake (Sheet Cake)

Easiest ever white chocolate fudge cake

Liked our easiest ever chocolate fudge cake? Then you really, really have to try the white chocolate version. Our white chocolate fudge cake is covered with American-style whipped white frosting, which is lighter than a ganache or butter cream. It looks fantastic and is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Easy White Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Banana loaf cake with passion fruit frosting

Our take on the ever-popular banana loaf. Made with pecans and a tropical passion fruit frosting, this is an easy teatime treat to share with family and friends. We've got plenty other loaf cake recipes here, too...

Banana Cake Recipe With Passion Fruit Icing

Frosted lemon fairy cakes

These cute little lemon cupcakes would work equally well for a kids party, baby shower or just a treat to serve with afternoon tea. If you are short of time make the sponges ahead and store in an airtight box then ice on the day. If you love cupcakes then check out more of our best cupcake recipes here...

Lemon Fairy Cakes Recipe

Easy lemon drizzle cake

A classic afternoon tea lemon drizzle cake that sounds as good as it tastes. If you fancy some enjoyable baking, with a great reward at the end, then this recipe is for you. We've got more lemon dessert and pudding recipes here...

Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe

Simple sponge cake recipe for passion fruit layer cake

A simple sponge cake layered with the tangy, fresh-tasting sweetness of a passion fruit icing. This easy cake recipe would make a lovely afternoon tea treat. Discover our best layer cake recipes here...

Passion Fruit Cake Recipe

Raspberry red velvet angel cake

Angel cake and red velvet cake: A match made in cake heaven. An easy-to-follow method means this cake can be made by everyone. Decorate with a delicious meringue frosting. Discover more raspberry recipes here.

Raspberry Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Coffee cake with pecan brittle

Classic coffee cake is one of our all-time favourite afternoon treats. In this easy recipe, we've given it a modern twist to include deliciously crunchy pecan brittle. See our best ever coffee recipes for more inspiration.

Coffee Cake Recipe with Pecan Brittle

Simple loaf cake recipe with caramel orange and poppy seed

Loaf cakes are really simple to make, so they make a great easy baking idea. A light and zingy family pud with caramelised orange for a special finishing touch. Perfect for feeding a crowd or a hungry family over the weekend. Plenty more caramel cakes and bakes here...

Orange Loaf Cake Recipe with Poppy Seeds

Avocado, courgette and lime drizzle cake

Sneak some of your five a day into your bake with this recipe for avocado, courgette and lime drizzle cake. The avocado gives a subtle silky feel to the sponge. For more cake recipes, including our best Easter bakes, click here...

Courgette Loaf Cake With Avocado and Lime

Finally, here's how to cool, dry and store cakes

Do I need to cool my cakes? Cool your cakes in the tin when they are very hot. Once they can be handled, take them out. Otherwise they will steam and end up soggy.

How long do I let my cake cool before icing? Before icing cakes or any baked produce, remember to leave them to cool completely; they need to be cold. Being at an ideal temperatures means that the icing will stay exactly where it needs to be and will not run off the cake.

How do I cut a cake? Use dental floss to cut a cake in half; it works like a cheese wire. But not the mint flavour, of course!

How do I fix a dry cake? Your heart deflates when you realise that all the time and effort spent baking a cake has been wasted because once it’s out of the tin, it’s dry. Fear not; just make a simple syrup. Boil equal parts sugar and water together and brush it over the dry cake, the sweet liquid will seep into the sponge creating more moisture.

How do I store a cake? The two or three tiered cupcake stands are beautiful but not very practical, unless you’re in range of ravenous friends who will demolish the food with in an hour or two; this is due to the fact that they are not airtight. It is worth investing in a cake stand that has a sealed lid to keep your baked produce fresh