Looking for easy Halloween recipes? Check out our Halloween food ideas, then try our best Bonfire Night food.


We have some great Halloween baking recipes for kids, from skeleton gingerbread men to ghost cupcakes and an indulgent mummy cake.

Make one of our Halloween desserts, including tarte tatin, bourbon butterscotch toffee apples and caipirinha jelly.

We also have Halloween food ideas and cocktails for adults, such as our bewitching blackberry whisky, blood orange cocktail and electrifying purple rain.

Keep your drink topped up with our Halloween cocktail recipes and Halloween mocktail recipes, then serve up more treats with our Halloween baking recipes.

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Easy Halloween recipes

Halloween baking ideas

Halloween cake

This spooky halloween bake is perfect for the whole family. Position the eyes right and it'll seem as if this possessed portion of cake is following you around the room.

If you wanted to mix things up a little bit, then the decorations would also work on our salted maple brownies.

A rectangular cake decorated with pairs of eyes

Halloween cupcakes

These spooktacular black velvet ghostly cupcakes are so terrifyingly tasty that not even the most high strung of paranormal investigators would argue about keeping them around...

Check out more Halloween baking ideas here.

Five Halloween ghost-shaped black cupcakes, placed on a black serving board

Halloween cookies

Bake these fun cookies for Halloween fun. Get the whole family involved with decorating, the kids will love them!

Halloween biscuits with white stripes and colourful eyes

Skeleton gingerbread men

Check out our skeleton gingerbread men. This simple gingerbread biscuit recipe easily makes 30 spooky skeletons, and they’re the ideal Halloween treat for the kids to enjoy.

Skeleton gingerbread men placed on a black board

Halloween blondies

This spooky, spidery, shareable Halloween treat – flecked with white chocolate chunks and decorated with melted marshmallows – is just the trick.

Cobweb blondies with spider decorations on a charcoal backdrop

Halloween cocktails

Blackberry whisky

Bewitch your dinner guests with a round of this berry-infused whisky. The subtle spiciness of blackberries is a perfect match for whisky. For more recipes, check out our Halloween cocktails.

A glass bottle filled with blackberry whisky next to a full glass

Grasshopper cocktail

Minty crème de menthe gives this retro party cocktail a ghoulish green hue, making it an appropriate Halloween themed tipple.

A blue cocktail garnished with a sprig of green mint

Purple rain

This electrifying cocktail – combining blue curaçao with grenadine to create the unusual purple colour – makes a simple but eye-catching drink to serve at your Halloween get-together.

Three different shaped cocktail glasses filled with a purple drink, ice cubes and lime wedges on a blue background

Blue lagoon

Shake up a round of this eye-catching vodka cocktail – blue curacao gives it a retro and acidic-looking edge.

Blue lagoon cocktail in glass with cherry

Blood orange Campari cocktail

Campari is an Italian herbal liquor most famous for its bitter taste, beautiful red colour, and the role it plays in the classic negroni. This, combined with a slice of blood orange, adds a Halloween-appropriate tinge to this refreshing apéritif.

Three glasses filled with a campari blood orange cocktail

Espresso martini

The ultimate coffee cocktail, this recipe blends fresh espresso, vodka and coffee liqueur for a sweet, velvety drink that still packs a punch.

A martini glass filled with espresso martini on a grey background

Halloween desserts

Caipirinha jelly

Buy some plastic spiders to suspend in this alcoholic jelly and you've got yourself an eerie green dessert filled with creepy critters. For an authentic caipirinha flavour, use cachaca, a clear Brazilian spirit made from sugarcane. If you can’t get your hands on any, try white rum instead.

A lime green Caipirinha Jelly on a glass cake stand

Bourbon butterscotch toffee apples

These glistening bourbon butterscotch toffee apples look so enticing, guests won't be able to resist biting into one of these boozy, sweet treats. If you're making these for kids, leave out the alcohol and swap the sticks for something child-friendly.

A hand holding a golden tray of apples dipped in bourbon butterscotch

Roasted plums with balsamic blueberries

Serve these bloody plums in just 20 minutes for a gory-looking dessert idea to serve at Halloween.

Roasted Plums served with cream on a speckled grey plate

Chocolate fondant fancies

Swap the stripy chocolate icing for the words RIP and you've got rich chocolate cake squares, topped with an indulgent truffle and smothered in double chocolate icing in the shape of caskets – the perfect gothic garnish for Halloween.

Chocolate fondant fancies resting on a wire rack

Spiced banana tarte tatin

This deliciously spiced banana tarte tatin recipe comes from the Cinnamon Club. It's easy to make and, without much effort, can look super spooky in the right context. Boost the cinnamony, sweet flavours by serving slices with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.

Spiced banana tarte tatin served on a speckled grey plate

Gingerbread bundt cake

Guinness and dark chocolate give this bundt cake its eye-catching coal black hue, perfect for Halloween. It’s best to make this in advance, then leave un-iced in an airtight box overnight or for a couple of days; glaze it an hour-or-so before serving. That way the flavours of the cake all get a chance to develop.

A dark gingerbread bundt cake on a black wire rack against a brown backdrop

Churros with hot chocolate sauce

Rename these Spanish churros as 'dead man's fingers' for a sweet treat which stays on theme... If you fancy making something even more goulishly good to go with these, our salted caramel chocolate pots would also sweeten up those doughy digits quite nicely.

A handful of small churros next to a pot of hot chocolate dipping sauce

Chocolate and burnt butterscotch layer cake

Party guests will swoon over the sight of this deliciously indulgent, grown-up chocolate and burnt butterscotch cake.

A multi layered chocolate cake with burnt butterscotch frosting, served on a black cake stand

Black grape and wine sorbet

This sinfully sophisticated recipe is ideal for All Hallows' Eve. Instead of the sparkling shiraz, you could use a full-bodied red wine or a light, fruity rosé.

Black grape and wine sorbet served in a see through serving dish

Black and white Oreo cheesecake

This striking black and white cheesecake is a spooky twist on your traditional cheesecake, replacing the usual digestive base with Oreos and adding white chocolate to the filling.

Black and white Oreo cheesecake cut into six pieces, next to a knife and placed on a black plate

Savoury Halloween food ideas

Devilled eggs

Devilled eggs are a retro party nibble that have recently become trendy. The base stays the same, but you can add different toppings depending on what you fancy.

Devilled eggs on a large turquoise plate plate

Spaghetti and three-cheese pie

Everyone will love this worm-riddled pie – a crisp, crunchy crust with an oozing, melting middle. The perfect way to entertain the kids on Halloween.

A three-cheese pie with a slice taken out to reveal the spaghetti filling

Wild boar sausage toad in the hole

This is a simple twist on a classic – swapping out everyday pork bangers for something a little more adventurous for a devilishly delightful Halloween dinner.

A toad in the hole with wild boar sausages, served in a black baking dish

Fried aubergine sticks with sumac and honey

Served pipping hot, these easy werewolf claws (aubergine sticks) are designed to impress your housemates and family as a quick Halloween starter, or as part of a serve-yourself spooky table spread. With a minty yogurt dip, this Mediterranean-inspired recipe with sumac and za'atar just needs a drizzle of honey to finish it off.

Fried aubergine sticks with a pot of yogurt, served on a circular metal serving tray

Melting-middle baked onions

These vegetarian, melting-middle baked onions look like brains, plus they're really easy to make. Use cheddar, or mix with gruyère for a richer filling.

Baked onions with cheesy breadcrumbs in a white baking dish

Beef shin macaroni and cheese

An amputated shin (beef shin) is cooked in red wine and stock until meltingly tender, then macaroni and cheese is added and baked until golden and bubbly. This gruesome but epic slow-cooked dish comes from the legendary London haunted steak house, Hawksmoor.

Macaroni and cheese With beef shin serving in a baking dish

Bacon-wrapped dates with quince marmalade

Make your Halloween canapés a bit of fun. This bacon-wrapped eyeballs (aka dates) with quince marmalade makes for a great and ghoulish snack. They look really impressive but are actually very easy to make.

Bacon-wrapped dates with quince marmalade, served with a green salad on a oval-shaped plate

Bibo’s tagliarini nero with squid, chilli, tomato and garlic

As it's Halloween, it's only right to make your pasta as black as night with this spicy seafood dish.

A white bowl filled with tagliarini nero, squid, chilli, tomato and garlic

Pici cacio e pepe

Nothing says Halloween food like a plate of worms, made even better with butter and cheese... This classic Tuscan pasta recipe for pici cacio e pepe comes from Borough Market's Padella.

Padella's pasta pici cacio e pepe, with with a metal fork on a large white plate

Quail eggs with dukkah

These dragon's eggs (quail's eggs) are often served as a street snack in Egypt with a little paper cone of dukkah spice blend for dipping. Serve with pickled chillies (available in Middle Eastern shops and some supermarkets), olives and flatbread as a relaxed nibble with drinks.

A small bowl of quail eggs, next to small plate of dukkah spice mix

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