Grilled halloumi, pickled peach and chipotle-thyme yogurt kebabs

Grilled halloumi kebabs

  • serves 6
  • Easy

The contrast of salty cheese, sweet-sour pickled peaches and spicy chipotle-thyme yogurt makes these kebabs pretty special


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The pickle is a great use for sweet tinned peaches but if you’d like to use fresh, make sure they’re very ripe, remove the skin and adjust the vinegar accordingly (you’ll need a little less as they won’t be as sweet). You can skewer these if you like or just barbecue in thick slices. Warm the flatbreads on the barbecue as well – they only take 30 seconds a side.



  • halloumi 750g, cubed or thickly sliced
  • flatbreads 6 large or 12 small, warmed


  • peaches in natural juice 2 x 415g tins
  • cider vinegar 170ml
  • caster sugar 2 tbsp
  • sea salt flakes 2 tsp
  • red chilli 1, finely sliced


  • natural yogurt 500g
  • thyme leaves 3 tbsp
  • lemon juice 2 tsp
  • chipotles in adobo 4, finely chopped, plus some of their juice (see cook’s notes, or use 1-2 tbsp of chipotle paste)


  • Step 1

    Light the barbecue. Drain the peaches, reserving the juice, and slice into thick wedges. Add the vinegar, sugar, salt and chillies to the peach juice and stir to dissolve. Pour over the peach wedges and leave to sit.

  • Step 2

    Mix the yogurt with the thyme, lemon juice, the chopped chipotles and some of their sauce (add more or less to suit your taste). Season with salt.

  • Step 3

    Skewer the halloumi cubes or just put slices directly on the hot barbecue. Cook for a few minutes on each side until golden. Serve with the pickled peaches, chipotle yogurt and flatbreads.

Cook's notes

Chipotles in adobo are smoked jalapeño peppers stewed in a sauce of tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, salt and spices. They are available from and specialist Mexican food websites.

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Hasselback halloumi traybake

Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 698
  • Fat 32.6g
  • Saturates 22.5g
  • Carbs 57.8g
  • Sugars 21.8g
  • Fibre 4.5g
  • Protein 41.2g
  • Salt 5.3g