Orecchiette Pasta Salad Recipe with Prawns

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Prawns are a delicious and versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. From curries and salads to Middle Eastern recipes, our best ever prawn collection has it all


Looking for prawn recipes? Try our top prawn dishes, from garlic prawns to prawn stir fry, and plenty of simple starter ideas for your next dinner party…

Prawns are a great midweek meal ingredient as they only take minutes to cook. You can buy them chilled or frozen, raw or ready-cooked. Always defrost frozen prawns thoroughly to ensure safe and even cooking. Most recipes will specify shell-on or peeled but peeled are probably the most widely sold and convenient.

How to cook prawns

  1. Frying prawns: To fry simply heat oil in a pan until smoking hot. Add peeled prawns and cook until pink (if using pre-cooked a couple of minutes will be enough to heat through).
  2. Boiling prawns: If you prefer to boil raw peeled prawns (before adding to a prawn cocktail for example) drop into boiling water with salt and juice of a lemon and cook for 3-4 minutes until pink then drain well.
  3. Grilling prawns: Large raw shell-on prawns can be grilled either on a griddle, under a hot grill or on the BBQ in the summer. Just toss in oil and seasoning then cook for about 3 minutes per side until they turn from silvery grey to bright pink.  You can tell prawns are cooked when they turn pink, curl up and feel firm when squeezed.


  • We use everything from brown shrimp to jumbo prawns in our recipes

Prawn pasta recipes

Prawn linguine with ’nduja

Our prawn linguine with 'nduja is super quick and easy to make and packed with big Italian flavours. Check out more of our best linguine recipes here.

Prawn orecchiette with roasted-shell olive oil

Large juicy prawns with punchy chilli and orecchiette is an easy way to impress friends at your next dinner party.

Orecchiette Pasta Recipe with Prawns

Prawns with tomato and feta

Turn up the heat with this punchy prawn dish sprinkled with crumbled feta and dill. Serve with orzo for a quick midweek meal ready in 30 minutes.

Prawns with Tomato and Feta Recipe

Ten-minute prawn tacos

Fill tortillas with punchy stir-fried prawns and a chopped tomato and coriander salad to make the speediest midweek tacos ready in just 10 minutes! Check out more of our taco recipes here.

Prawn Tacos Recipe

Linguine with prawns and samphire

King prawns pairs with the sea vegetable samphire to make an easy linguine dish.

Linguine Pasta Recipe with Samphire and Prawns

Spicy prawn linguine

Healthy food doesn't have to be boring - this spicy prawn pasta has a spicy chilli kick to keep it interesting.

Spicy Prawn Linguine Pasta Recipe

’Nduja prawns with orzo, feta and olive salad

Juicy prawns, spicy 'nduja pesto and crumbly feta are the star ingredients in this orzo salad recipe. Plenty more salad recipes here.

Feta and Olive Salad Recipe with 'Nduja Prawns

Prawn stir fry recipes

Indian stir-fried prawns

Stir fragrant spices with juicy king prawns and sweet peppers for a protein-packed midweek meal ready in under half an hour.

A silver wok is filled with prawns, chopped peppers and green vegetables

10-minute prawn rice bowl

Our Moroccan prawn rice bowl delivers big flavours in no time at all, AND it's under 500 calories making it perfect for a mid-week meal.

Moroccan Prawn Rice Recipe

Kung pao prawns

This Kung Pao shrimp recipe is a really low calorie stir-fry and is served in a homemade sauce with noodles or rice. Add Szechuan peppercorns and chilli flakes to spice things up in this prawn stir-fry. Best stir-fry recipes here.

Kung Pao Shrimp Recipe

Healthier pad Thai

Make the most of prawns in our skinny pad Thai packed full of authentic Thai flavours but without the high calorie count, perfect for midweek meals.

Frying pan full of healthy Pad Thai with prawns

King prawn yaki soba

We've used King prawns as a hero ingredient in our take on the classic Japanese recipe, yaki soba.

Yaki Soba Noodles with King Prawns

Garlic and cumin butter prawns

Make the most of juicy king prawns by slathering in this buttery garlicky sauce – a light, punchy dinner idea ready in 20 minutes.

Creamy Butter Garlic Prawns Recipe with Cumin

Bang bang chilli prawn stir fry

Stir fry prawns in chilli and noodles for a quick and easy dinner ready in just 20 minutes.

Bang Bang Prawn Stir-Fry Recipe

Szechuan prawn noodles

These hot and spicy Chinese-style noodles with fresh prawns only takes 15 minutes to whip -  a great quick and easy mid-week meal.

Szechuan Noodles Recipe With Prawns

Quick peri peri prawns

These peri peri prawns are quick and easy to make and are under 300 calories

Peri Peri Prawns Recipe

Easy prawn jambalaya

This super easy prawn recipe is packed with plenty of flavour, and it's low in calories. A wholesome midweek meal for two.

Easy Jambalaya Recipe with Prawns

Prawn curry recipes

Hirwa kolambi kalwan

Try our vibrant green coconut prawn curry with chilli, coriander and curry leaves. We've used shell-on prawns as they add so much flavour, although you could make this with shelled prawns as well.

Hirwa Kolambi Kalwan Recipe (Coconut Prawn Curry Recipe)

Prawn massaman curry

Make the most of juicy prawns in this Massaman curry - packed with plenty of fragrant flavours.

Thai Prawn Massaman Curry Recipe

Quick prawn curry

This 10-minute prawn curry is super easy to make and, yep, ready in just 10 minutes - perfect for a speedy midweek meal.

Quick Prawn Curry Recipe

Prawn caldine

Make our Indian curry recipe packed with juicy prawns, creamy coconut milk and crunchy green beans. This light, fragrant Indian curry originates from Goa.

Prawn Caldine Curry Recipe

Prawn masala

This simple prawn masala is super-easy to make, ready in under an hour AND comes in at under 500 calories, perfect if you're on the 5:2 diet. It's so delicious you'll forget you're being virtuous.

Prawn Masala Recipe

Tamarind prawn curry

Prawn curry in under half an hour, even when you make your own spice paste. Add tamarind and coconut milk for flavour and serve with rice and chapatis.

Tamarind prawn curry

Jamaican prawn and sweet potato curry

This Jamaican prawn and sweet potato curry is easy, ready in under an hour and under 500 calories.

Jamaican Curry Recipe With Prawns and Sweet Potato

Prawn starter recipes

Giant champagne and lemon prawn vol-au-vents

Take your Christmas dinner starter to the next level by adding champagne to your king prawn vol-au-vents.

Prawn Vol Au Vents Recipe with Champagne

Sriracha prawn and avocado cocktail

This sriracha prawn and avocado cocktail is a quick and easy throw-together starter but still packs a punch flavour-wise. Try our easy dinner party starter recipes here...

Sriracha Prawn Cocktail Recipe with Avocado

Prawn and avocado Vietnamese summer rolls

Fresh and easy rice paper rolls - these are filled with prawns, avocado, chilli and ginger, shredded carrot and noodles. Serve with chilli sauce for a dip.

Prawn Vietnamese Summer Rolls Recipe with Avocado

Spring onion and prawn empanadas

The spring onions for this should be a decent size – if they look a bit weedy use 1½ bunches. Empanadas are dough turnovers which originated in Portugal and are now also popular in many Latin American countries.

Prawn Empanadas Recipe with Spring Onions

Skagen toast

Make this shrimp Skagen recipe for a sophisticated change to a traditional prawn cocktail. It's super quick to make, why not try it as a simple starter.

Shrimp Skagen Recipe

Other prawn dishes

Chargrilled tiger prawns, black rice and roast chilli salsa

Recreate simple yet delicious sharing plates in your own home with this easy starter recipe from Notting Hill's Gold.

Chargrilled Tiger Prawns Recipe with Black Rice and Roast Chilli Salsa

Grilled prawns with roasted gooseberry salsa

Believe it or not, prawns and gooseberries are made for each other. Try them together in this super simple BBQ recipe.

A silver tray topped with juicy pink prawns with a green sauce on the side

Quick Japanese-style rice salad

Use a pack of ready-cooked or left-over rice to put a super-fast (and low calorie) king prawn salad together. Make it green with edamame beans, cucumber and avocado.

Quick Japanese Rice Salad

Chipotle corn and shrimp cakes with soft boiled eggs

This is the ultimate weekend brunch; spicy shrimp cakes served with fragrant coriander oil, soft boiled eggs and parmesan shavings.

Corn Cake Recipe For Brunch

Viet-Cajun fried prawns

The Vietnamese community of Houston, Texas, has created its own twist on a crawfish boil by frying them in a mixture of Cajun and Vietnamese seasonings. We’ve substituted king prawns for the crayfish.

Vietnamese Fried Prawns with Cajun Spice

Mexican prawn soup

Put fresh prawns at the heart of this easy Mexican soup - perfect for an easy midweek meal.

Mexican Soup Recipe with Prawns

Prawn aguachile salad

Make the most of prawns in this aguachile salad recipe. Traditionally, raw prawns would be used but we’ve used cooked here to cut down on time.

Aguachile Recipe with Prawns

Tom yum soup

Try our quick and easy tom yum soup with crunchy peeled prawns, punchy chillies and soft button mushrooms.

Tom Yum Soup with Prawns

Light prawn laksa

Ready in just 30 minutes, this quick prawn laksa recipe is packed with punchy flavour and is super simple to make. What's more, it's low in calories and low in salt.

low salt light prawn laksa

Prawn and pepper gumbo

A colourful jumble of tiger prawns, smoked bacon, green peppers and paprika, served with rice. Plus it's under 300 calories per serving and is ready in 35 minutes.

Prawn And Pepper Gumbo

Smoky prawn, pepper and new potato stew

An easy fish stew with juicy butterflied prawns and sweet red peppers. This vibrant dish is low in calories and ready in 30 minutes.

Fish Stew Recipe with Prawns and Potato

Mango and prawn rice noodle salad

Make the most of king prawns in this noodle salad sweet and juicy mango and crunchy veggies.

Prawn Rice Noodle Salad Recipe with Mango

Prawn and mushroom miso soup

Try our prawn and mushroom miso soup means you can have a healthy but comforting meal on the table in just 15 minutes - perfect for a midweek supper.

Prawn Noodle Soup With Miso and Mushrooms