Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry Recipe

Best ever stir fry recipes

Our best ever stir fry recipes make quick and easy midweek dinners. Try one of our meaty or vegetarian stir-fries inspired by Japan, Thailand, China and beyond

A stir fry is an ideal quick and easy recipe for midweek meals. Our 20 easy stir fries include the best chicken stir fry recipe, a quick beef stir fry, and plenty of vegetable stir fry ideas. With stir fried rice or stir fried noodles, these easy-to-follow recipes will give you plenty of inspiration…


Indian stir-fried prawns

Make our protein-packed prawn stir-fry with sweet peppers for a quick and easy midweek meal.

A silver wok is filled with prawns, chopped peppers and green vegetables

Stir-fried tofu noodles

Check out our easy veggie stir-fry with crispy tofu and crunchy broccoli. This simple recipe is packed with plenty of flavour, plus it’s high in protein too.

Tofu Stir Fry Noodles

Hot and sour mushroom stir fry

Check out our vegan stir fry recipe with exotic mushrooms, crunchy carrots and pak choi. This easy stir fry is ready in less than 30 minutes and under 400 calories.

Vegan Mushroom Stir Fry Recipe

Szechuan chicken stir fry

Check out our szechuan chicken stir fry recipe. This low calorie dish is super easy to make and packed with flavour, a great midweek meal. Feel like chicken tonight? Try one of our quick and easy chicken recipes here.

Szechuan Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

Stir fry pork with spicy black bean sauce

This stir-fried pork with spicy black bean sauce is low in calories and super easy to make. Ready in just 20 minutes, this dish is a great midweek meal.

Stir-Fried pork with spicy black bean sauce

Crispy chilli beef stir fry

No need to order from your local Chinese takeaway when you can rustle up this flavoursome beef stir fry in less than 30 minutes. This recipe is not only quick and easy to make, it’s also low in calories too. We have plenty more recipes for takeaway classics here.

Crispy Beef Stir Fry

Ginger chicken stir fry

Check out our super simple ginger chicken stir fry recipe. This low calorie recipe is packed with plenty of punchy flavour and ready in under 30 minutes.

Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry Recipe

Hoisin-glazed tofu with stir fry vegetables and brown rice

Healthy hoisin-glazed tofu with stir-fried brown rice is really easy, vegetarian, and under 500 calories. We’ve got plenty more ways with tofu here.

Sticky pork and mangetout stir fry

Pork, noodles, mangetout: the three main ingredients for this quick and easy stir-fry. Spice it up with sweet chilli sauce to serve and tuck in for a fast midweek meal for two. 

Pork and mangetout stir fry recipe

10-minute beef and black bean stir fry

This 10-minute beef and black bean stir-fry is the ideal midweek meal. It’s super speedy, under 300 calories, and packed full of flavour. It’s also great for when you want to be a bit healthier and ditch your usual take-away. Try one of our ten minute recipes for a speedy meal.

Sticky lemon and chilli chicken stir fry noodles

Recreate a Chinese takeaway at home, with the bonus of knowing exactly what’s in it! This healthy noodle dish has a sticky lemon, chilli and honey sauce with plenty of juicy chicken.

Aubergine and sesame stir-fry

Quick, easy and healthy vegetarian stir-fry. Baby aubergines cook in minutes and soak up the flavour of mirin to make a fast and filling midweek meal. Serve with rice on the side. Here are our quick vegetarian recipes for inspiration.

Bang bang chilli prawn stir fry

You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to make something delicious. Using a few clever shortcuts from Tesco, this bang bang chilli prawn stir-fry is ready in just 20 minutes. 

Bang bang chilli prawn stir fry

Stir fry beef with rice and cashews

A fast and simple stir-fry. A quick-cook method for beef and cashew nuts, chives and a homemade stir-fry sauce. Serve with rice on the side.

Pork, kale and spring onion stir fry

A great Christmas week supper if you’ve had enough of the traditional meats and feel like you need some chilli! Really quick to throw together and the pork is delicious with the red chilli, ginger and mirin. Use your leftover kale to make one of our favourite kale recipes.

Seared sesame tofu with noodle salad

Tofu is a great Chinese vegetarian ingredient, and the sesame seeds and red chilli enliven this dish. According to the Chinese, the noodles give longevity, bonus!

Asian noodle and pork salad with mint and peanuts

Looking for a hit of real Thai flavours? This fresh, zesty pork and noodle salad will be ready in less time than it takes to order in a takeaway. Finish with roasted peanuts for extra crunch.

Yaki udon noodles

Stir-fries are the best quick meals. Get all your ingredients ready and the cooking takes minutes – this recipe takes just 20 minutes. Healthy and vegetarian, it’s made with broccoli, peppers, ginger, garlic and udon noodles.

Duck stir fry with ginger and greens

Duck is easy to get right in this Asian stir fry with punchy ginger and pak choi. It’s easy to make and super healthy – under 300 calories and only takes 15 minutes.


Stir fry smacked cucumber

Regional Chinese cuisines are slowly spreading across the UK, breaking the hold of Hong Kong style Cantonese cuisine. This recipe for stir-fried smacked cucumber is traditionally a beer snack, so you can serve it with drinks, or use it as a side dish