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Best ever picnic recipes

Our best ever picnic recipes make it easy to enjoy the British summer - from sandwiches and cupcakes to muffins and refreshing cocktails, ideal for a sunny day out

Check out our best picnic food ideas. From fun sandwich recipes to portable dips, pork pies, savoury picnic recipes, and a selection of summery salads. Our picnic ideas are quick to make and easily portable to your favourite picnic spot. We also have a range of picnic desserts to try including brownies, cheesecake bars, muffins and more.


Here are our picnic ideas…

Picnic sandwiches

Our sandwich recipes are easy to follow, we have cut muffuletta and focaccia into squares so they’re portable.

The Cubano sandwich

Take a look at this picnic sandwich idea from the US which uses Cuban mojo pork. It takes a while to make, but it’s a great casual entertaining idea.

Cuban Sandwich Recipe

Muffuletta squares

Looking for a picnic sandwich recipe to impress your family and friends? This New Orleans muffuletta sandwich looks and tastes great. The zingy olive salad really makes this sandwich, just cut into squares before packing up you’re picnic and you’ll be good to go.

Muffuletta squares

Italian picnic loaf

This picnic loaf recipe is simple and quick to make. Simply stuff ciabatta bread with an olive salad, salami, roasted red peppers, mozzarella and spinach. Easy to make, delicious to eat.

Italian picnic loaf

Black bean crunch wraps

Looking for a vegetarian picnic wrap? Try our super simple crunch wraps with black beans. These wraps serve four and are packed with plenty of flavour. Wrap in foil and take on your next picnic.

Crunch Wrap Recipe with Black Beans

Salt beef and Swiss bagel melts

Midweek meal inspiration right here! This picnic bagel recipe is packed with a delicious combination of beef, melting Swiss cheese, gherkins and a generous dollop of sweet American mustard.

Salt beef and swiss bagel melts

Stuffed focaccia

Stuff a classic Italian bread with mozzarella cheese and antipasti for an instant crowd-pleaser. Learn to make this delicious bread recipe with our easy step-by-step guide – perfect for tearing and sharing with family and friends.

stuffed focaccia

We have plenty more sandwich inspiration here

Burritos with black beans, sweetcorn and quinoa

A colourful, vegan burrito recipe, rammed with tomatoes, black beans, sweetcorn, lime, coriander, avocado and red chilli. It’s a super picnic idea and can be ready to eat in  just 30 minutes.

Black bean burritos

Picnic dips

Nothing makes a sandwich tastier than a punchy picnic dip. Whip up a batch and pop into jars for a tasty sauce that you can use on your crisps and breadsticks. 

Green goddess and red devil dips with homemade breadsticks and veg

These green goddess and red devil dips will complement your picnic snacks and drinks perfectly.

Green and red devil dips

Picnic dip jars

Not only are these snacks packed with flavour, but they’re also a great alternative to the usual picnic food. These simple picnic dip jars are sure to become a family favourite in no time.

picnic dip jars

Red cabbage kimchi

Lacto-fermenting vegetables are bang-on-trend and an ancient way of preserving fresh food to last all year. The lacto bit refers to the lactic acid created during the ferment and the process of fermenting increases both nutrient and probiotic levels making these the healthiest pickles around. One of the best known ferments is this gloriously spicy kimchi from Korea.

Kimchi - superfood 2017

Picnic pies

A pie is a must at a picnic, try one of our ideas from cute pork pies to a picnic pie jam-packed with flavour.

‘Eat your greens’ quiche Lorraine

Take your quiche Lorriane to the next level with our ultimate recipe packed with crispy pancetta and wilted green veggies. It serves six, so perfect for a picnic.

Classic Quiche Lorraine with Greens

Mini pork and chorizo picnic pies

Looking for a traditional picnic recipe with a twist? These mini pork and chorizo picnic pies have got a hidden quail’s egg in the middle and make a great snack. Chorizo-style sausages have the same soft texture as regular sausages but have added paprika and garlic. If you can’t any chorizo, add 1/2 tsp of smoked paprika to regular pork sausages. 

Mini picnic pies

Picnic pie 

You’ll need to put in some extra effort for this picnic pie recipe, but the payoff will be great. This meaty pie makes a mean, hearty meal.

Picnic snacks

Go the extra mile with your picnic and add some savoury snacks to enjoy alongside your sandwiches. From summery Vietnamese rolls and bitesize muffins, to frittata pieces.

Prawn and avocado Vietnamese summer rolls

Fresh and easy rice paper rolls. This Vietnamese picnic recipe is filled with prawns, avocado, chilli and ginger, shredded carrot and noodles. If you’re a fan of spice, serve with chilli sauce for a dip.

Chicken katsu scotch eggs

Jazz up your next picnic with this impressive chicken scotch egg with katsu curry. This picnic recipe is perfect for feeding a hungry crowd. Our method gives you a perfectly cooked yolk, juicy sausage meat filling and a crunchy breadcrumb coating. We also have a classic scotch eggs recipe here.

Mini picnic frittatas

Check out our frittata recipe to found out how you can whip up a last minute picnic treat. To make the frittatas even easier to make, we have used Two Chicks liquid whole eggs. Make a large batch and then enjoy throughout the week for a snack or with a salad. Check out our best frittata recipes here.

mini picnic frittatas

Fennel-spiced sausage plait

This fennel-spiced sausage plait is a grown-up take on everyone’s favourite picnic snack. Made with an added kick of chilli and mustard with a crunch of sesame, this makes for a comforting midweek meal.

Sausage plait

Honeyed fig and curd cheese tart

This recipe for honeyed fig and curd cheese tart is easy and ready in under an hour. Use cow or goat’s curd for this. Both are young and fresh but the goat’s curd will give you more of a tang. 

Fig tart

Gruyère, spring onion and marmite muffins

Fancy a picnic muffin recipe with a cheeky twist? We’ve added marmite to this fun recipe to give a delicious savoury flavour to these cheese and onion muffins. Perfect for a quick on-the-go snack.

marmite muffins

Classic cornish pasties

What’s more fitting at a picnic than a Cornish pasty? Take a look at our pasty recipe which sticks close to the tradition and only contains onion, swede, potato and skirt steak. Make sure you season the filling really well with pepper to get the characteristic flavour.

Classic cornish pasties

Pickled onion and rarebit flatbreads

These simple pickled onion and rarebit flatbreads are quick and easy to make. Cook at home then take along to a picnic for a posh savoury snack.

Pickled Onion and Rarebit Flatbreads

Classic tortilla

A well-made tortilla is the best addition to a tapas menu. This easy picnic idea only uses four ingredients and is typically a Spanish dish. Serve with a selection of other dishes for a Spanish feast. 

Classic tortilla recipe

Cheddar, leek and amaranth flapjack

Amaranth is an incredible little seed that’s gluten-free and high in protein, calcium and vitamin C. This herby flapjack recipe makes a filling and wholesome snack that would go well with a bowl of soup or as a post-workout energy bar.

Amaranth Flapjack - superfood 2017

Candied bacon banana bread

Check out our easy candied bacon banana bread recipe to take on your next picnic. The combination of crisp, salty bacon with dense banana bread is a winner. Use overripe black bananas for the best result.

Banana Bread Recipe with Candied Bacon

Spiralized summer rolls

Spiralized veg takes the place of noodles in these super-healthy, Vietnamese-style vegan rolls. They’re great to pack for a posh picnic idea.

Picnic salads

Make a large salad to share out at your next picnic. We have some refreshing, summery ideas, and even a handy way of carrying your salad to your favourite picnic spot. Going on a picnic last minute? Here are our favourite 15 minute salad recipes to try.

Jam jar salads

Deliciously healthy and packed with fresh ingredients, this salad recipe can be made in advance and is ideal for picnics. Need ideas for dressing? Rapeseed oil is a good choice – it’s low in saturated fat and rich in omega-3.

jam jar salads

Thai watermelon salad

Watermelon is this year’s trendy ingredient and stands in for green papaya in this update of a Thai classic. It’s best to buy a whole watermelon for this picnic idea as the flesh closest to the skin tends to be firmer.

Thai Watermelon salad

Kale waldorf salad with buttermilk dressing

This kale salad recipe with buttermilk dressing is a clever update on a classic and with a good amount of crunch and tangy dressing, it makes for a really useful side dish.

kale waldorf salad

Sweet picnic treats

You can’t have a picnic without some sweet treats. Retro brownies, coffee cupcakes, delicious loaf cakes – we have it all. We’ve even made it possible to carry cheesecake to your picnic, with our portable apricot cheesecake bars.

Lemon and blueberry bars

This simple picnic dessert recipe is seriously moreish; the lemon and blueberry bars are gooey on the inside and crunchy on the out, making them the ideal summertime picnic treat.

Lemon and blueberry slice

Apricot cheesecake bars

Check out these bright summery cheesecake bars for a delicious picnic snack. We’ve used fresh seasonal apricots and crunchy amaretti biscuits. What’s more, they’re perfectly portable so you can satisfy your cheesecake craving on the move!

Apricot Cheesecake

Butterscotch and pretzel millionaire shortbread

Take your millionaire shortbread up a notch with decadent butterscotch and salty pretzels. The butterscotch gives this classic childhood favourite a real grown up taste.

Millionaire Shortbread Recipe with Butterscotch and Pretzels

Coffee and walnut cupcakes

Coffee and walnut cake is a teatime favourite. With this picnic recipe, we’ve given it a modern makeover by giving it the cupcake treatment. Pipe the icing sky-high for maximum cake drama.

coffee and walnut cupcakes

Salted peanut and honeycomb rocky road

These salted peanut and honeycomb rocky road squares are a great twist on a classic and will please everyone. Plus, this picnic dessert recipe only takes 15 minutes of work – what’s not to love?

salted peanut and honeycomb rocky road

Easy banana bread with peanut butter frosting

It’s hard to improve on a classic banana bread, but we think the peanut butter addition just edges it! A real nutty twist on everyone’s favourite dessert recipe. Serve with your freshly brewed morning coffee.

Peanut butter banana bread

Custard cream blondies

Ever thought of adding custard creams to your blondie mixture? It’s genius! Have a go at our picnic dessert idea this weekend and let us know how you get on (@olivemagazine).

Custard creme blondies

Pink pickled turnips

These pink pickled turnips look stunning and make a great, easy-to-make addition to any picnic collection.

pink pickled turnips

Picnic drinks

Drinks are often an after thought at a picnic, usually resorting to shop bought drinks. Make your picnic extra special with our refreshing summer drinks recipes, from iced tea cocktails to super healthy smoothies and portable cocktail bottles.

Iced mint and apple tea

This refreshing summer cocktail of apple (and brandy) infused iced tea is easy to make and perfect for a balmy summer evening. This picnic drink idea is a great cocktail to share with family and friends.

Iced mint and apple tea

Contessa cocktail bottles

Pre-made cocktails are all the rage at the moment, and they’re definitely a picnic must-have. Think of the contessa as a summery version of a negroni. The orangey Aperol and dry vermouth help lighten things up.

Contessa cocktail bottles

Berry smoothie

Our best berry and banana smoothie, made without yogurt. This picnic smoothie uses avocado for extra creaminess, plus apple juice and fresh lime juice to pack in more flavour. For more healthy smoothie recipes, click here.

Berry smoothie (without yogurt)

Blackberry vodka

Fancy something a little stronger? There’s no better way to make use of a glut of blackberries than to make blackberry vodka. Be sure to experiment with different amounts of sugar for this picnic drink recipe, but we would suggest using a little sugar to sweeten the tart blackberries.

blackberry vodka