Looking for easy Caribbean recipes? Want to make the best jerk marinade? Try our ideas and twists here.


Create your own Caribbean BBQ spread with jerk skewers, mojito chicken and piña colada tarts. Or serve comforting stews and curries for the whole family, including Jamaican-style goat curry and pepperpot stew. Plus, we have mojitos and rum punch to get the party going.

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Easy Caribbean recipes

Jamaican rum punch

Original Flava's rum punch is packed with the tropical flavours of coconut, pineapple and lime. It's simple to make and can serve a crowd, meaning it's ideal for summer get-togethers.

Jamaican Rum Punch from original flava

Caribbean rum cake

This decadent and boozy cake from Caribbean chef Keshia Sakarah is fed with spiced rum and traditionally served during the festive season.

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Gold jug pouring rum onto a CAribbean rum cake on a crystal cake stand

Jamaican oxtail stew

This Jamaican oxtail stew is best made on a rainy day – the impossibly tender, fall-apart meat and thick, silky gravy make it a comforting dish when served with crusty bread for mopping up the juices.

A casserole pot full of oxtail stew, with a plate of stew next to it

Jamaican beef patties

Infused with Jamaican-style spices, these miniature pies are perfect for parties, picnic and lunchboxes.

A plate of pastry patties filled with beef, with one broken open on a plate

Buttered shrimp and grits

This Caribbean dish sees buttered shrimp in a smoky paprika sauce, served with bacon over a bed of smooth and creamy grits. These comforting bowls make for a hearty brunch to serve four.

Two bowls of buttered shrimp on a bed of grits

Caribbean chicken stew

This Caribbean chicken stew recipe comes from Trinidadian recipe writer, Shivi Ramoutar. It's flavoured with thyme, ginger, lime, Angoustura bitters and scotch bonnet sauce. Serve with coconut rice and peas. Shivi says: “Ma’s stew chicken with rice and peas, and macaroni pie, was our family’s steadfast Sunday comfort lunch from our childhood in Trinidad to now, and it always takes me back to a happy place."

Caribbean Chicken Stew Recipe

Blackened pineapple chow

Chef Liam Barker has Trinidad and Tobago ancestry. Try his effortless blackened pineapple topped with hot sauce, garlic, lime and coriander to spice up your everyday barbecuing.

Plate of grilled pineapple topped with coriander and garlic, next to some lime wedges

Trinidadian curry shrimp

Check out this traditional Trinidadian curry shrimp for dinner – shrimp is seasoned with citrussy amchar masala, earthy green seasoning and served with flaky paratha to mop up all the juices. This recipe comes from Brixton restaurant, Caribe’.

A wooden table topped with a white plate filled with shrimp curry with paratha bread

Trinidadian pelau

Pelau is a traditional rice dish from Trinidad and Tobago. Brixton restaurant Caribe’s version features chicken thighs, gungo peas and coconut milk and is flavoured with an earthy green seasoning.

A wooden table with a blue plate, topped with rice, chicken and sliced red chilli

Barbudian fish wata

Wata, a light fish soup from Barbuda, is flavoured with earthy green seasoning, fiery scotch bonnet and zingy ginger. This recipe comes from Brixton restaurant, Caribe’.

A wooden table topped with a bowl of fish soup with halves peppers, herbs and lime wedges

Black cake

This speedy version of the classic Caribbean treat, featuring port, dark rum and dried fruits, is a mainstay at important events.

Black cake on a black plate and black surface with a slice removed

Bajan chicken

A classic dish from Barbados, this Bajan chicken recipe from David Carter, chef and founder of Smokestak in London, sees chicken legs marinated in a scotch bonnet, marjoram and lime seasoning and barbecued until brown and fragrant.

A serving board of chicken legs with a pot of spice rub next to them

Banana and rum fritters (beignets bananes)

These delicious banana and rum fritters are traditional in the French Caribbean where they're served every Sunday throughout January until Ash Wednesday. Try Vanessa Bolosier's recipe any time of year.

Banana Fritters Recipe

Antiguan ducana

Evolving from Ghanaian ‘dokono’, this celebratory Caribbean dish by Keshia Sakarah calls for cornmeal, pumpkin or sweet potato, raisins and fresh spices, sweetened with sugar and coconut, then wrapped and steamed inside banana leaves.

Antiguan ducana

Jerk seasoning mix

Make your own Caribbean spice blend to liven up chicken and pork dishes.

Jerk Seasoning Mix Recipe

Dressed crab (Crabe farci)

This is an essential element in any assiette Creole (Creole platter). Blue land crab is now a protected species in the French Caribbean and it is only eaten at specific times of the year, but when the hunting season is open there are countless ways of cooking it. Here's one to try. This recipe comes from Creole Kitchen by Vanessa Bolosier (Pavilion, £25).

dressed crab

Jamaican-inspired curry pork

A spin on the classic curry goat, this spiced pork curry is melt-in-the-mouth tender and full of Caribbean spices (allspice berries, scotch bonnet chillies, curry powder and more). We have more great curry recipes here.

three bowls of pork curry with rice and peas

Papacoco (bavaroise à la papaye)

In the Caribbean, a bavaroise has come to mean a milky (and often alcoholic) fruit drink – quite different from the creamy, fruity French dessert bavarois that is set with gelatine. The most popular flavours are soursop, papaya and guava. Try 's version.

Papacoco Cocktail Recipe (Bavaroise À La Papaye Cocktail)

Caribbean-inspired fish curry

Check out our vibrant fish curry recipe made with Caribbean curry powder, punchy scotch bonnet chillies and creamy coconut milk.

Carribean fish curry

Goat curry

This Jamaican-style goat curry recipe is a great introduction to eating goat. If you can't get Jamaican curry powder use a mild Madras powder and add a pinch of ground allspice.

Bowl of goat curry with rice and a fork

Jerk chicken skewers with mango salad

Coat chicken pieces with jerk seasoning and cook over a hot griddle pan for some midweek heat ready in 20 minutes.

Jerk Chicken Skewers Recipe with Mango Salad

Classic mojito

A deliciously refreshing blend of rum, mint, soda water, sugar and lime juice, the origins of this classic Cuban cocktail stretch back to the 1500s but it exploded in popularity in the 19th century with the birth of the Bacardí rum brand. Very refreshing and sure to whisk you away to the Caribbean!

Original Mojito Recipe

Jamaican-style pepperpot stew

This Jamaican-style recipe is an easy one-pot to feed the family. Ginger, chilli and allspice spice up the tender beef and sweet potato for a warming dish.

Jamaican Pepperpot Stew

Jamaican ginger and caramel cake

Caramac drizzle creates a stunning drip finish to this impressive layer cake, perfect for a grown-up celebration.

Jamaican ginger and caramel cake

Piña colada

Best drunk on holiday, next to the pool, ideally from a pineapple. Piña coladas really are the bee's knees – transport yourself to the tropics with our perfect recipe.

Piña colada cocktail in a glass, with pineapple wedge garnish

Jamaican spiced Easter bun

Check out this recipe for spiced Jamaican buns flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and mixed spice, and bursting with raisins, mixed peel and cherries.

A loaf-stye bun with a dark brown glossy glaze with two slices cut off, on a white board with a blue background

Mojito grilled chicken

We've given grilled chicken a mojito twist in this summery BBQ recipe. Rum and sugar caramelise well when cooked together in a marinade – keep an eye on this as it cooks and adjust the grill to get a nicely browned skin without too much blackening.

mojito grilled chicken

Creole pork ragoût (Ragout de cochon)

This is the cornerstone of the Creole Christmas dinner. Pigs are fed every day on breadfruit, bananas and guavas, so their meat is juicy and packed with flavour. This recipe comes from Creole Kitchen by Vanessa Bolosier (Pavilion, £25).

Creole pork ragu

Piña colada tarts

Add a Caribbean twist to your baking with pineapple, coconut and rum – the flavours of piña colada. Use readymade pastry to make this dessert super easy.

Pina Colada Dessert Recipe

Jamaican-style prawn and sweet potato curry

This prawn and sweet potato curry is easy, ready in under an hour and under 500 calories.

Jamaican Curry Recipe With Prawns and Sweet Potato

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