Whatever the weather, you can whip up sizzling meaty skewers, smoky grilled veg and melty, chocolatey desserts on your next camping trip. Our easy al fresco recipes require minimum prep and ingredients, but will still produce a flavourful, satisfying supper.


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Easy campfire recipes

Banana split s'mores

Combine two camping classics to make one mouth-watering dessert. Cooked bananas have a fragrant juiciness that's perfectly paired with salty biscuits and dark chocolate. Pile on the marshmallows, crunchy nuts and whipped cream.

blackened banana split s'mores in foil parcels with a yellow background

Camping breakfast beans

This is an ideal one-pot breakfast to cook over a campfire – the beans are given delicious depth and smokiness from the flames. Serve a crowd with this genius all-in-one start to the day.

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a full english breakfast in metal pan sat on a wooden chopping board

Jerk chicken kebabs

Grab a bottle of jerk sauce, then slice up chicken breast, crunchy peppers and punchy red onion and thread onto your skewers. These couldn't be easier to make and will bring a taste of the Caribbean to your trip.


Halloumi and Greek salad wraps

Grab a block of salty halloumi cheese, a pack of tortilla wraps and a salad to easily make a winning veggie meal. Griddle your halloumi slices on the barbecue until golden, then wrap up with a dollop of yogurt and salad.

Halloumi Wrap Recipe With Greek Salad

Harissa-honey sausage skewers

Perfectly golden-brown cocktail sausages cooked in a sticky sweet and citrus sauce with a touch of warming cinnamon. These sausage skewers take 20 minutes to make and we guarantee everyone will be coming back for seconds. Use any leftover glaze as a dipping sauce. You can cook these sausages on the barbecue, then brush with the glaze until sticky and caramelised.

Sausage Skewers Recipe with Harissa and Honey

Contessa cocktail bottles

Pre-mixed cocktails are as practical and portable as they are delicious. Think of the contessa as a summery version of a negroni. The orangey Aperol and dry vermouth help lighten things up.

Contessa Cocktail Recipe

Courgette lollipops

Check out these easy veggie skewers made with courgettes soaked in a citrussy, sweet marinade that has a hint of chilli. Marinate the courgettes in the dressing before you head out, then use the remaining sauce for dipping.

Courgette Vegetable Skewers Recipe

Campfire cocktail

This smoky campfire cocktail is perfect for an evening spent with friends. Make the sweet marshmallow syrup in advance and serve over ice with bourbon and peaty whisky.

Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

One-pan mac 'n' cheese

Use just a handful of ingredients to make this genius one-pan gooey macaroni cheese. This family-friendly dish is ready in just 25 minutes. Try spooning over a fresh salsa to cut through the richness of the cheese. For cooking on a barbecue, use a deep heatproof frying pan set on a tripod over the coals.

Easy Macaroni and Cheese with Salsa

BBQ corn with garlic and chilli butter

No barbecue would be complete without a side of corn on the cob. Spicy garlic butter gives a modern twist to this classic dish of charred sweetcorn. It makes the best accompaniment to grilled meats or fish.

BBQ Corn On The Cob Recipe with Butter

Orange hot chocolate

This rich and creamy hot chocolate has zingy notes of orange and an intensity from the dark chocolate. Add an extra layer of luxury if you like with a tot of spiced rum to warm up chilly evenings.

Two mugs of hot chocolate, next to a jug fo milk and shots of spiced rum

Bacon and egg muffins

Make a batch of these moreish savoury muffins for a speedy breakfast option while you're on the move. Try them spread with butter, ketchup or brown sauce for a hearty brunch bite.

Bacon and Egg Muffins Recipe

Grilled peas

These grilled peas are so easy to make and addictively good – you’ll want them as a snack as often as you can. Charring the outside creates a delicious smoky flavour. Serve sprinkled with salt and a squeeze of lemon.

Grilled peas

Lemon and mint marinated courgettes

These zesty grilled courgettes are a great summer side dish and only require a handful of ingredients to make. Chargrill your veg in a simple sauce, then leave to marinate and soak up all the fresh, seasonal flavours.

lemon and mint marinated courgettes


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