Brussels Sprouts Recipe With Ginger And Orange

Best brussels sprouts recipes

Jazz up your sprouts this Christmas with one of our inventive recipes, from spicy 'nduja sprouts to crispy deep-fried sprouts

Want an easy, fool-proof brussels sprouts recipe or creative ideas for cooking brussels sprouts? Why not roast your sprouts or serve them with bacon and chestnuts this Christmas?


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Easy brussels sprouts recipes

Brussels sprouts with bacon and chestnuts

This easy brussels sprouts recipe uses only four ingredients and is a great side dish to serve a crowd. The smoked streaky bacon adds a salty kick to the buttered green vegetable.


Roast brussels sprouts with garam masala

Liven up your Christmas dinner with this Indian take on humble brussels sprouts. The homemade garam masala can be kept for up to three months, so great for adding to curries.

Garam Masala Roast Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Creamy sprouts and pancetta spaghetti

Pair earthy brussels sprouts with plenty of cream, pancetta, garlic, white wine and lemon for a genius spaghetti tea for two.

Sprouts Pancetta Creamy Spaghetti

Brussels sprouts bhajis with raita

Coated lightly in spices and served with a fresh minty dip, these crispy sprout clusters make a great starter at a winter dinner party.

Brussels sprouts bhajis with raita

Cacio e pepe sprouts

Take your Christmas feast to the next level with these jazzed up salt and pepper sprouts tossed with pecorino cheese.

Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Cheese

Brussels sprouts recipe with ginger and orange

Sprouts – the Christmas dinner side dish that everybody loves to hate. Adding warm ginger and zesty orange is a great way to spruce up your sprouts and make sure everyone will be coming back for more.

Brussels Sprouts Recipe With Ginger And Orange

Brussels sprouts recipe with ‘nduja

After a fiery brussels sprouts recipe? Adding ‘nduja gives a spicy kick, and although they look impressive, they’re ready in 30 minutes.

Best Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Deep-fried Brussel sprouts

Our simple recipe for deep-fried sprouts with a sweet and savoury dressing makes a great snack or side – a moreish way to serve the vegetable.

Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Brussels sprouts and caramelised shallots

We’ve added pancetta, shallots and honey to sprouts for a showstopping side dish. Caramelising the shallots and the sprouts gives this classic side a deeper flavour, and the calvados adds an extra zing.

Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Shallots

Brussels sprouts with sesame and soy

This Asian soy and sesame twist on brussels sprouts makes an easy yet inventive way to serve this unloved veg for Christmas dinner. Check out more of our Christmas dinner ideas here

Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Sesame

Brussels sprouts waldorf

This shredded sprouts salad recipe combines apples, walnuts and celery with the green veg for a fresh festive side dish. Try making it on Boxing Day with leftover sprouts, too.

Waldorf Salad Recipe with Brussels Sprouts served on a oval white serving dish

Caramelised onion, sprout and bacon hash with chilli fried eggs

Spruce up your leftover sprouts with our crispy bacon and caramelised onion hash topped with chilli fried eggs. This easy recipe will make a quick dinner over the festive season, ready in just 30 minutes.

Hash Recipe with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts salad recipe

Looking for ways to use up your leftover brussels sprouts over Christmas? Try our Italian-style brussels salad with crispy pancetta and toasted walnuts – a light salad to serve as part of the Boxing Day buffet.

Brussels Sprout Salad Recipe

Deep-fried Brussel sprouts with tahini

Looking for recipes to spruce up your sprouts over the Christmas season? This quick crispy brussels sprouts side is a great alternative way to serve this favourite festive vegetable. Served with a thick and creamy tahini dip, plus it’s ready in just 15 minutes.

Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Tahini

Crisp greens with shallot, pancetta and chestnut butter

Try this new take on brussels sprouts for your Christmas dinner. You can have the greens blanched and butter made for this in advance, then you just need to heat through to serve.

Greens With Shallot, Pancetta And Chestnut Butter Recipe

Brussels sprouts with bacon, kale and chestnuts

Easy and speedy to make, we’ve added bacon and chestnut to this festive vegetable for a smoky, salty flavour.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Recipe