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Try our avocado breakfast recipes, including baked avocado with smoked salmon, smashed avocado on rye bread and avocado smoothies. Or make one of our avocado salads for a nutritional side dish or healthy midweek meal.

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Avocado recipes


A chunky texture and fresh chillies are the key to perfect guacamole. Follow our easy recipe (and watch the how-to video below) to make your own.

Best Guacamole Plus How To Video

Avocado toast with smoked salmon

Avocado on toast with smoked salmon and a tomato dressing – a recipe that's bound to get you out of bed in the morning. Creamy avocado and delicious smoked salmon feel like an indulgence, but this dish comes in at under 300 calories meaning you can have a little bit of luxury any day of the week.

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Avocado Toast Recipe With Smoked Salmon

Za'atar chopped salad

A chopped salad is a great way to serve an impressive dish with minimal prep. The za’atar dressing adds a lovely creaminess to the vibrant vegetables.

Chopped salad with vegetables and za'atar

Smashed avocado on toast

This delicious healthy avocado breakfast recipe couldn’t be easier to put together. Ripe tomatoes, avocado and salad leaves on toast are a great vegetarian combination.

Avocado Toast Recipe with Roasted Tomatoes

Baked avocado with smoked salmon and eggs

Avocados are really versatile, try them baked with smoked salmon and egg for a quick, healthy brunch.

Baked avocado with smoked salmon and egg

Arepas reina pepiada

Avocado, lime, mayo and shredded chicken are stuffed into these moreish savoury arepas, a Venezuelan snack made from a cornmeal dough.

a plate of arepas with a small bowl of lime wedges and a knife on a pink fabric background

Avocado chocolate mousse

Using avocado instead of cream or egg white is a great way to make a vegan version of classic chocolate mousse. It’s rich, so serve in small glass pots or shot glasses, and top with cocoa nibs for an extra chocolate hit without the added sugar.

Three glass bowls of Avocado Chocolate Mousse topped with raspberries

Griddled avocados with crab and chorizo

Check out this quick and easy avocado recipe with crab salsa and spicy chorizo. This simple avocado dish is ready in just 20 minutes – a great starter recipe for a summer dinner party.

Grilled Avocado Recipe with Crab and Chorizo

Avocado sandwich with hummus and falafel

Check out our quick and easy vegan baguettes. These simple sandwiches are packed with creamy avocado hummus, vibrant broad beans and flavoursome falafel, a perfect lunchtime meal.

Falafel with Avocado Hummus Recipe and Broad Beans served in a crispy white baguette on a dark blue tray and table

Salmon tacos with avocado cream

These zesty lime grilled salmon tacos with avocado cream are a really great option for a quick and easy, fresh meal for spring. They're ready in just 20 minutes, making them perfect for a midweek meal or for when it's too hot to cook for too long.

Crab and avocado rolls

A quicker, more economical version of a classic lobster roll. The avocado makes the filling go further... clever, right?

A selection of small rolls filled with crab meat and green avocado

Warm lentil, avocado and feta salad

Check out our easy lentil salad with avocado. This simple salad recipe is packed with crunchy cucumber, crumbly feta and fresh basil.

Lentil and Avocado Salad Recipe with Feta

Warm chorizo, avocado and feta salad

Assemble this colourful trio of ingredients and serve with a punchy dressing to make a vibrant midweek meal for two.

Warm Chorizo Salad Recipe with Avocado and Feta

Avocado ceviche

Jícama is a native Mexican plant, with a nutty, sweet flesh. Here, it's topped with creamy avocado ceviche, bursting with aromatic herbs and sharp red onion. This recipe comes from Soho’s El Pastor restaurant.

A white plate topped with slices of pale green jicama, topped with cubed avocado, sweetcorn and fresh green herbs

Miso chickpeas and avocado on toast

Turn a storecupboard staple into a twist on this popular brunch dish, livened up with sesame seeds and spring onions.

Avocado on Toast with Chickpeas and Miso

Avocado tzatziki

Try this avocado twist on the traditional Greek tzatziki – great as a snack with warm Greek pitta. This recipe comes from Crouch End restaurant, Kalimera.

A blue bowl filled with a yogurt and cucumber dip

Salmon and avocado rice bowls

These salmon bowls, which are great for picnics and lunchboxes, can help you make use of whatever you already have in the fridge. Radishes, peas, blanched broccoli, carrot ribbons or pepper make great alternative toppings.

A bowl filled with salmon, edamame beans, avocado and rice, with red chopsticks and a glass of water

Miso roasted cauliflower, avocado and lentil salad

Fibre-rich cauliflower is roasted in a miso dressing – also filled with probiotics – and turned into a rustic salad with pickled onions and lentils. It's delicious and great for your gut too.

A platter topped with roasted cauliflower, lentils and slices of avocado

Grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt

We love avocado! With this recipe for grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt, we've promoted it to BBQ star.

19 Vegetarian BBQ Recipes for a Veggie Grill

Here's how to stone an avocado properly...

Tex-mex baked avocados

Start your weekend off with a bang with this no-fuss show-off brunch, packed with juicy tomatoes, eggs and avocados.

Easy Baked Avocado Brunch Recipe with Eggs

Prawn and avocado summer rolls

Fresh and easy rice paper rolls. These are filled with prawns, avocado, chilli and ginger, shredded carrot and noodles. Serve with chilli sauce for a dip.

Spicy crab and sweetcorn chowder with avocado

Spruce up this midweek meal with some creamy avocado. Tinned crab works really well in cooked dishes and is a fraction of the price of fresh. Use crab meat in this delicious spicy chowder packed with delicious fresh ingredients and zingy lime and avocado.

Sweetcorn Chowder Recipe With Spicy Crab

Mexican-style avocado salad bowls

Check out these vibrant vegan Mexican salad bowls. This quick and easy recipe is super fresh and has just the right amount of spice and zing – ready in 20 minutes. Try our Mexican recipes here...

Vegan Taco Bowl Recipe

Salmon, avocado and lemon salad

A quick solo salmon meal made with just a handful of ingredients. Avocado, cucumber and lettuce salad, topped with the grilled fish and a squeeze of lemon.

Avocado, kiwi and lime ice lollies

Cool down this summer with these zesty avocado ice pops. These super green lollies are an easy healthy snack made in just five minutes.

Homemade Ice Lollies with Avocado, Kiwi and Lime

Avocado fusilli pasta

Avocados make salad dressings and ice creams super-creamy, so why not put them in a pasta sauce? It’s a great way of using up overly ripe avocados.

Avocado and Spinach Fusilli in Two Bowls

Feel-good winter salad

This nourishing salad is packed with lots of fresh ginger and garlic, full of antioxidants and vitamins. Raw kale is great for digestion, along with beetroots, broccoli and avocado.

Platter of winter salad next to a ramekin of dressing

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