Warm Chorizo Salad Recipe with Avocado and Feta

Warm chorizo, avocado and feta salad

  • serves 2
  • Easy

Assemble this colourful trio of ingredients and serve with a punchy dressing to make a vibrant midweek meal for two



  • mini chorizo cooking sausages 8, halved
  • baby plum tomatoes 100g, halved
  • watercress 2 handfuls, woody stems discarded
  • sherry vinegar 2 tsp
  • Dijon mustard 1 tsp
  • olive oil 1 tbsp
  • feta 100g, crumbled
  • avocado ½, sliced
  • crusty bread to serve


  • Step 1

    Fry the chorizo until browned and cooked through. Add the tomatoes to the same pan, season and cook until they just start to soften.

  • Step 2

    Put the watercress onto 2 plates. Whisk together the vinegar, mustard and olive oil, season, and use to dress the watercress.

  • Step 3

    Scatter over the feta and avocado, then spoon over the tomatoes and chorizo. Eat with crusty bread, if you like.

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Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 394
  • Fat 33.4g
  • Saturates 12.9g
  • Carbs 4.3g
  • Sugars 3.3g
  • Fibre 3.2g
  • Protein 17.3g
  • Salt 2.6g