Looking for sweet potato recipes? Want a new sweet potato soup to try? Try our ideas below then check out our potato recipes.


Here's how to cook sweet potato, plus ideas to make the perfect baked sweet potato with plenty of topping ideas. We also have plenty of healthy sweet potato recipes to make midweek meals more exciting.

Want expert advice for growing your own crop? Learn how to grow your own sweet potatoes from our friends at Gardeners’ World.

Why we love sweet potatoes

Affordable sweet potatoes are a great addition to your food shop. They can be added to everything from curries to traybakes, not to mention blitzed into a velvety smooth soups. The sweet potatoes you’ll typically find in supermarkets are orange-fleshed, moist and sweet. Not as widely known is the white sweet potato, also called boniato. It has a creamy white inside, is drier and less sweet. Available in Caribbean and Asian supermarkets, it's also known as kumara, Caribbean sweet potato and white yam.

Health benefits of sweet potatoes

Interestingly, one 80g portion of sweet potato counts as one of your five-a-day, while regular potato doesn't. They are high in fibre, which is known to support a healthy digestive system, and contain protective antioxidants which help to combat inflammation in the body. The bright orange flesh indicates sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene, meaning they are good for eye health.

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How to cook sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a brilliantly versatile veg. They can be cooked in lots of different ways. The simplest way is to bake in the oven whole in their skin, as you would a regular potato, and then split and fill. They can also be peeled and steamed, then mashed with butter and flavourings, or peeled and added stews, curries and soups.

How do you make sweet potato fries?

Sweet potato fries have become really popular. To make them you’ll need to cut sweet potatoes into thin french fry shapes, then deep-fry at 180C until crisp. Alternatively you can cut them into long wedges, toss in olive oil and then bake until crisp. See our recipes below for steak accompaniments and more.

Are sweet potatoes better for you than regular potatoes?

They are a great source of the antioxidant beta carotene, which is necessary to make Vitamin A, and also have more fibre than regular potatoes. However, normal spuds contain more Vitamin C and potassium, and less sugar, so on balance sweet potatoes aren’t strictly a healthier choice.

Sweet potato recipes

One-pot winter warmer

A vegan one-pot packed with plenty of ginger, garlic and turmeric to support your immune system, plus sweet potatoes rich with beta-carotene for vitamin A and eye health.

See more vegan meal ideas.

A hearty one-pot in a yellow broth with vegetables and spinach

Sweet potato and lentil curry

A vibrant, low-calorie, vegan dinner made with sweet potatoes, red split lentils, coconut milk and plenty of spices.

We've got more vegetarian curry recipes.

Sweet potato and lentil curry

Sweet potato and coconut tray curry

This easy vegan one-pot sweet potato curry makes for a hassle-free dinner. The toasted coconut and coriander topping takes the flavours up a notch.

Next up, healthy chicken pilaf traybake.

Sweet potato coconut tray bake curry in a baking dish

Sweet potato soup

Turn a glut of sweet potatoes into this silky smooth veggie soup, perfect for a midweek dinner or warming lunch.

See more vegetarian soup recipes.

A pan and bowl of sweet potato soup next to an empty bowl with spoons

Sweet potato and brie galette

An elegant French tart, flavoured with sweet potato and brie. The perfect vegetarian centrepiece for a lazy weekend lunch.

Find more like this in our effortless entertaining recipes.

Sweet potato and brie galette

Sweet potato and miso soup

Sweet potato is at the heart of this recipe, with plenty of umami flavour from white miso. This vegan soup is simple to make and low in calories.

Add umami to your meals with our miso recipes.

Sweet Potato Soup Recipe with White Miso

Sweet potato chilli

This recipe for sweet potato and quinoa chilli makes a great veggie alternative to the traditional chilli. It's under 500 calories and is packed with flavour, so you won't even miss the meat.

Try our best ever chilli con carne.

Sweet Potato Chilli Recipe

Roast vegetable salad with kale pesto

Sweet potatoes, peppers and lentils form the base of this veggie salad, paired with a nutty kale pesto dressing drizzled over the top.

For more like this see our vegetarian salad recipes.

A grey background with a white platter, topped with roasted vegetables, grains and a green dressing

Curried swede soup

Sweet potato is flavoured with curry powder in this warming vegan soup. It’s the perfect winter warmer to enjoy with freshly baked crusty bread.

See more seasonal ways with swede.

Two bowls of curried swede soup topped with coconut milk and coriander next to a plate with ripped crusty bread

Sweet potato and kohlrabi fries with wasabi mayo

Oven cook these sweet potato and kohlrabi fries for an easy alternative to your everyday potato fries.

Find more ideas in our kohlrabi recipes.

Baking tray of sweet potato and kohlrabi fries with a ramekin of wasabi mayonnaise.

Sweet potato melts with rosemary, garlic and chilli

Top your baked sweet potatoes with gruyère, cheddar and rosemary for a comforting winter warmer.

Check out our best jacket potato fillings.

Sweet Potato Jacket Potato Recipe with Rosemary, Garlic and Chilli

Gochujang roast sweet potato with mixed grain salad

Pack plenty of texture into this low-calorie vegetarian salad with roast sweet potatoes, mixed grains, radishes and cucumber, and lift with a punchy Korean dressing.

See more Korean recipes.

Sweet Potato Salad Recipe With Mixed Grains

Sweet potato linguine with vegan lentil ragu

Sweet potato linguine is more robust than courgetti, so can withstand a bit more cooking. Served with a warming vegan bolognese-style ragu, this gluten-free low-calorie main is perfect for the start of the cooler months.

Have a look at our healthy pasta recipes.

Sweet Potato Noodles With Vegetarian Bolognese Recipe

Sweet potato burgers

A vegetarian's dream, this mile-high burger is stuffed with paprika-spiced sweet potato patties, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

We've got more vegetarian burgers to keep you happy.

Sweet potato burgers

Baked sweet potatoes with smoky beans

This recipe for baked sweet potatoes with smoky beans makes for a great easy veggie meal for two. Plus, it's under 500 calories – perfect for midweek.

See all our cannellini bean recipes.

Baked sweet potato

Carrot and sweet potato soup

Make our simple vegan soup with sweet potato, carrot and fiery ginger. This warming soup recipe is ideal for a quick and easy wintery lunch, plus it's low in calories, too.

See more healthy lunch ideas for enjoying at home or packing up to take to work.

Sweet Potato, Carrot and Ginger Soup Recipe

Sweet potato toad-in-the-hole with mustard gravy

Give this classic comfort food an upgrade with sweet potato wedges, thyme and red onion, and mustard gravy.

Keep it simple with our ultimate toad-in-the-hole.

Toad in The Hole Recipe with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato and black bean tacos

Turn your tacos meat-free with spiced sweet potatoes and black beans topped with a zingy coriander salsa.

Enjoy budget-friendly black beans with our recipes.

Tacos featuring sweet potato, black beans and coriander salsa

Roasted sweet potato and freekeh salad

Check out our low-calorie sweet potato recipe. This veggie dish with freekeh salad is easy to prepare and can be made for a filling midweek meal.

Alternatively, go for this warm freekeh salad.

Roasted Sweet Potato Recipe with Freekeh Grain Salad

Roast sweet potato enchiladas

Check out our enchiladas recipe with sweet potato. This veggie Mexican recipe is packed with peppers, onions and plenty of cheese – an easy midweek meal for the whole family.

You've got to try these vegan enchiladas, too.

Sweet Potato Enchiladas Recipe

Sweet potato soup

Check out this easy vegan soup recipe with sweet potato and groundnut. Packed with punchy chilli and smooth peanut butter this flavoursome soup is super creamy, and it's low in calories.

Use up your jar with our peanut butter recipes.

Sweet Potato Peanut Soup Recipe

Sweet potato and ginger soup

We love this bright and warming soup with a hit of lime and ginger. Orange sweet potatoes are full of flavour and nutrients, and make a good alternative to the great British potato. This recipe is mildly spicy and exotic. A swirl of cream works a treat. Add crusty bread on the side, if you like.

Baked sweet potatoes with succotash

Succotash is an American sweetcorn side dish. We've added our take on it to crispy sweet potato jackets for a herby twist on the midweek classic.

Try our healthy jacket potato for lunch.

Baked Sweet Potato Recipe with Succotash

Roast sweet potatoes with zhoug

Check out these roasted sweet potatoes topped with crumbly feta, juicy tomatoes and zhoug – a spicy herb sauce. This veggie recipe is easy to make, packed with plenty of flavour and low in calories.

This cauliflower couscous salad also has a punchy zhoug dressing.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Garlic and Herb Sauce

Stroganoff steak and sweet potato wedges

Slather your steak in a creamy, paprika-laced stroganoff sauce and serve with homemade sweet potato wedges for a quick midweek meal for two.

We've got enough midweek meal ideas to keep you going for a while.

Steak Recipe with Stroganoff Steak Sauce and Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet potato gnudi, lemony cavolo nero, crispy sage and parmesan

Check out this pillowy sweet potato gnudi recipe with lemony cavolo nero and crispy sage. This impressive dish comes from chef Jess Elliott Dennison's Edinburgh restaurant, 27 Elliott's.

For a lovely date night dish, or if you're having dinner with friends, try cheesy ricotta gnudi with sage butter.

Sweet Potato Gnudi Recipe with Cavolo Nero and Crispy Sage

Cajun salmon with rosemary sweet potato wedges

Make our easy salmon recipe with spicy cajun seasoning. Serve this flavour-packed salmon with rosemary sweet potato fries, a simple midweek meal for two.

See more healthy salmon ideas.

Cajun salmon with rosemary sweet potato wedges

Sweet potato 'pizza' with olives and serrano ham

Check out this simple, low-calorie pizza using sweet potato. This easy recipe is a great way to make midweek family meals more exciting, yet still healthy.

For another light supper, try our healthy pizza.

Sweet Potato Pizza Crust Recipe with Ham and Olives

West African-style curry with chicken and sweet potato

Inspired by the peanut-based curries of West African cooking, this recipe is a simplified version, using peanut butter as a quick shortcut. It also freezes really well if you fancy making a double batch.

Check out our best curry recipes.

African Chicken Curry Recipe With Sweet Potato and Peanuts

Sweet potato fishcakes

Check out these punchy fishcakes with ginger, sweet potato and cod. These fishcakes are easy to make and low in calories, too.

Go for budget-friendly tuna fishcakes.

Cod Fish Cake Recipe with Sweet Potato and Ginger

Spiced sweet potato cakes

Traditionally cooked in Indian households as a snack, these potato cakes are packed with warming spice and served with a fresh, crunchy kachumber salad. Using sweet potato keeps them lighter.

Be inspired by our Indian recipes.

Spiced sweet potato cakes

Swede, kale and sweet potato gratin

This recipe for swede, kale and sweet potato gratin is the perfect side dish or veggie main for the colder months. It takes a little time but is really easy.

Find more nutritious kale recipes.

Swede, kale and sweet potato gratin

Air-fryer sweet potato fries

Use your air-fryer to create irresistibly crispy sweet potato fries – an easy and delicious way to achieve one of your five-a-day.

Discover more air-fryer recipes.

Plate of sweet potato fries next to a dip

Sweet potato falafel with coriander chutney and carrot salad

Our recipe for sweet potato falafel with coriander chutney and carrot salad is vegan, low-calorie and gluten-free. Plus, it's ready in under an hour – perfect for midweek.


Find more gluten-free recipes.

Sweet Potato Falafel Recipe With Coriander Chutney and Carrot Salad served with flatbread on a silver tray

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