Looking for swede recipes? Want the best vegetarian side dishes for Sunday roast? We have plenty of comforting recipes for this root veg in the colder months. Try our ideas below, then try our leftover veg recipes, celeriac recipes and parsnip recipes.


Developed in Sweden in the 17th century, a swede is a cross between a cabbage and a turnip. Store them in a brown paper bag in the fridge to keep them fresh for at least a week.

You’re not imagining it – root veg tastes sweeter in the winter months. And it’s all in the starch. During the growing season swede, as well as vegetables such as turnips and parsnips, store up energy in the form of starches, and as the temperature drops, it converts into sugars. This is especially true with carrots, which taste just as good as part of a roast dinner as they do in a cake.

When is swede in season?

UK swede season starts in October and ends in February.

What are the benefits of swede?

Our nutritionist, Tracey Raye, says, "Swede, also referred to as rutabaga or Swedish turnip, is a type of root vegetable that belongs to the brassica genus of plants (also known as the cruciferous family). Swede is an extremely nutritious vegetable, providing a great source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and E. Similar to its cruciferous cousins kale and cabbage, swede is also naturally high in insoluble fibre which not only promotes healthy bowel movements, but feeds your beneficial bacteria, thus supporting your broader gut health."

Easy swede recipes

Curried swede soup

Use up a glut of swede in this warming vegan soup, made creamy with coconut milk. Best served with baked crusty bread.

Two bowls of curried swede soup topped with coconut milk and coriander next to a plate with ripped crusty bread

Parmesan and rosemary swede

This moreish swede side dish is a healthy alternative to chips, and we think they're tastier too! Topped with parmesan and rosemary they are ideal served with fish.

Parmesan and rosemary swede

Mustard-crusted pork with carrot and swede mash

This mustard-crusted pork with carrot and swede mash is an easy, healthy way to feed the family.

Mustard-crusted pork with carrot and swede mash

Neeps and tatties

Mash swede with potatoes and butter to make these neeps and tatties. This regional side dish can accompany a variety of meals – mince, roast chicken, even Christmas dinner!

A bowl of neeps and tatties with a spoon

Classic Cornish pasties

A true Cornish pasty will only contain onion, swede, potato and skirt steak. Make sure you season the filling really well with pepper to get the characteristic flavour.

Three Cornish pasties in a picnic-style box

Lamb hotpot with swede topping

Our hotpot recipe is quite soupy, the gravy produced is broth-like and there should be plenty to spoon over each serving. Topping with swede instead of potato makes for a delicious twist on this British classic.

Lamb Hotpot Recipe with Swede Topping

Irish stew

Try this warming one-pot of lamb shoulder slow-cooked in stout with swede and potatoes for a wholesome family meal.

Irish Stew Recipe

Swede, kale and sweet potato gratin

This creamy gratin is the perfect side dish or veggie main for the colder months. It takes a little time but is really easy to make.

Sweet Potato Gratin Recipe With Swede and Kale

Honey, cumin and swede singaras

Swede, combined with honey and cumin, has just the right texture for filling these north Indian snacks. They pair perfectly with fresh coriander chutney.

Swede Singaras Recipe with Honey and Cumin

Winter veg tian

Impress friends and family over the Christmas season with our stunning vegetable tian recipe. We love the look of golden and candy beetroots, but if you can’t find them, simply replace with extra purple beetroots, celeriac and swede.

Vegetable Tian Recipe

Haggis with swede

You can’t have a Burn's Night celebration without roast haggis. Luckily, you can buy haggis ready-made, but do try and make the accompaniment, roast swede or neeps (turnips). Serve with a shot of whisky.

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Lamb and roots stew with herb dumplings

Stew and dumplings: best-ever comfort food. This recipe uses lamb, parsnips, swede and carrots for a filling and good-value family one pot. Homemade dumplings make all the difference.

Lamb and roots stew with herb dumplings


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