Pink Pickled Turnips Recipe

Easy turnip recipes

Make the most of this root vegetable with our easy turnip recipes – from simple side dishes to elegant starters

Looking for some easy turnip recipes? Want the best vegetable side dishes? Celebrate this winter root vegetable with our easy turnip recipes. They make a great addition to a Sunday roast or a simple traybake. 


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What are turnips?

Turnips are creamy white in colour with a lovely purple, red or greenish upper part where the taproot has been exposed to sunlight. Like swedes, turnips are a root vegetable and member of the cabbage family. They’re a good source of vitamin C and, before the arrival of the potato, turnips were one of the main sources of sustenance for the English peasantry.

When are turnips in season?

Peak season for baby turnips is June to July. You can buy winter turnips all year round, although peak season is from October to February. 

Turnip recipes

Turnip and bacon hasselbacks

Make turnips the hero in these indulgent hasselbacks. Use turnips instead of traditional potatoes, stuff with streaky bacon and top with shredded parmesan cheese.

Salt-baked turnips with wholegrain mustard cream

Make veg the star with these impressive salt-baked turnips. Cover the turnips with a salty dough and bake to infuse with flavour. Serve with a rich sauce made from white wine, chicken stock, cream and wholegrain mustard.

Tamworth chop, white beans and turnip tops

Jackson Boxer serves this impressive pork dish at his Hebrides-inspired Notting Hill restaurant, Orasay. Here’s how to make it at home for an elegant dinner.

Pork with turnips

The humble turnip gets a starring role in this easy one-pot, pork chop roast with zingy orange and sage flavours. Serve some simple buttered greens on the side for a family meal without the fuss.

Pink pickled turnips

These pink pickled turnips look stunning and make a great, easy-to-make addition to any lunch table or mezze spread.

Pig’s cheeks, turnip purée, pickled cherries

Check out this impressive pig’s cheeks recipe with pickled cherries and a creamy turnip purée. This easy recipe comes from Islington restaurant, Linden Stores.

Braised chicken with hazelnut and chilli paste with a turnip and wild mushroom bake

Olia Hercules takes the rich, colourful pickings of an autumn harvest and adds an Eastern European twist to create this warming chicken dish.

Braised short ribs with turnips

Bring gastro-pub style cooking to your kitchen with these tender beef ribs: slow cooking makes them so good, especially when served with turnips and a side of mash.

Bacon jam-glazed ox cheek, charred cauliflower, turnips & leaves

This recipe for bacon jam-glazed ox cheek with charred cauliflower, turnips & leaves comes from Duck & Waffle and makes a great sophisticated main.

Duck legs with turnips and red wine

Roast duck legs on a bed of turnips and shallots to infuse them with rich, savoury flavour. Turnips are the perfect veg to accompany this elegant roast dinner.