Baked figs

October recipes

Be inspired to make the most of October's best ingredients, from creamy butternut squash to soft, chewy figs and dark, earthy kale

Want to know what’s in season in September? Looking for September recipe ideas? Use creamy, nutty butternut squash, chewy figs and dark green kale from your local greengrocer to make these seasonal dishes and bakes. We’ve included plenty of tips for how to shop for particular varieties, prepping guides and useful ideas for using leftovers.


Butternut squash

A butternut squash is a long, fleshy gourd with creamy, nutty orange flesh. It’s extremely versatile and works well across many cuisines. Try it roasted in wedges in a warm salad or blended into soups and risottos. See more of our butternut squash recipes here.

Squash mac ‘n’ cheese

Add cubes of roasted butternut squash to creamy macaroni cheese for an autumnal twist on this comforting, crowd-pleasing pasta bake.